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  • midna57 6w

    Let me live the life like it goes,
    May be that i wanted to be is seeking me too.

  • midna57 6w

    Drag me to the Moon to catch a star and seize its brilliance as I'm swept up in amorphous dust.

  • midna57 9w


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    'Ishrat-e-qatra hai dariya mai fanaa ho jana
    dard ka hadh se guzarna hai dawa ho jana'.
    "The ecstasy of the drop is to become extinct in the ocean,
    The pain going beyond the limits is it's turning into panacea".

  • midna57 9w

    All i am left with are

    Reminiscing some beautiful memories because memories are the only constant we get from the beautiful moments we spent.
    People are going to change,time that is spent would be never spent again like that time.
    we can't stop the time neither can go back into that time to enjoy those beautiful moments again.
    what we can do is to cherish the memories and those memories are going to be there with you
    not letting you to regret the fact of never going to live that time again
    Ps: memories are the only constant and I'm going to cherish them all my life

  • midna57 11w

    Pata nahi sabko mout se itna dar kyun lagta hain,
    Hume tou mout se zyada yeh dikhawe ki zindagi darati hain.
    Mout aajaye tou sukoon de jati hain
    Par yeh zindagi jeete jeete,sukoon tak ki mout hojati hain.

  • midna57 11w


    Whether Moon is ugly,
    Or it's beautiful.
    Whether it has black spots,
    Or it has crystal clear dots.
    Whether liked by everyone,
    Or is disliked by some.
    Whether it's crescent,
    Or it's full.
    Stars are always going to accompany the moon,
    Through all the odds till the noon.
    They will never abondon it,
    Even for a little bit.
    Even if the moon wishes to be alone for a while,
    They will never allow it to suffer alone and be with her with a smile.
    No matter how hard it is to go along with the moon,
    They will bear it all without frown.
    They are always there with the moon,not getting so far,
    I wonder how amazing and loyal they are.


  • midna57 11w

    Let me be like those shining stars that are wanted and liked by everyone but no one is able to reach and get them

  • midna57 11w

    The peace that she was longing for only came to her when she finally died

  • midna57 11w

    Ek faryaad ab bhi hai

    Dil mein teri woh yaad ab bhi hai,
    Ek faryaad ab bhi hai,
    Tum milo ya na milo humse,
    Par tumse milne ki chaha ab bhi hai.

    Menay socha tha k bhool jao tujhe,
    Par tu mjhe yaad ab bhi hai,
    Ek faryaad ab bhi hai,
    Dil mein teri woh yaad ab bhi hai,
    Tujh sang jeene ki chaha ab bhi hai.

    Socha na tha k yoon khafa hoge tum,
    Ab chodh bhi dou beeti batoon ko,
    Dena chaho tou dou koi bhi saza tum,
    Yoon na betho ab humse hokay khafa tum,
    Kyunki dil mai teri woh yaad ab bhi hai,
    Ek faryaad ab bhi hai,
    Tum sang jeene ki chaha ab bhi hai,
    Ek faryaad ab bhi hai.

  • midna57 11w

    The shooting star Silently wished for the long lasting peace