"every word , every line that I write , you are the muse at the back of my mind"

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  • midoriy_writes 2d

    Testing waters

    You're a curious one,
    Said you're here to get the right things done.
    If you wish to keep exploring this undiscovered sea,
    Grab my hand , we can get in real deep.

    If you let me open up to you,
    I might let you take a look inside,
    Show you my secrets of all kind,
    The ones this world never ought to find.
    I want to see you try figuring me out,
    With a conscience like the clear waters, get rid of all your doubts.
    Are you ready for all my mind games?
    Prepped with all the strategy, ready to take the blame?

    Can you hold your boat?
    Make it safely to the shore?
    Even if the water tests you,
    Can you simply rely on me?
    We could be more than the eye meets,
    If you're willing to keep exploring this undiscovered sea .

    What if you meet harsh winds?
    Wreck yourself and your boat still sinks...?
    Will you give it another try, give yourself one more chance to think?
    I still believe you can make it through the harsh waves,
    Cause I'm pining my hopes on you, just waiting to be discovered and saved.

  • midoriy_writes 1w

    The Growing flame

    Once I was someone who had a future planned out in my head,
    Then came along you and changed everything that was supposed to come ahead.
    With a look so innocent your forced your way in,
    Ignited a passion so large, I could no longer keep it within.
    It only takes one spark to light a fire Inside of you,
    Never knew the only triggered I needed was no one else but you.

    A single gaze and you had me,
    For you , I was ready to stop at nothing.
    Playing with my emotions, you pull away,
    You always leave me guessing , with no signs to my dismay.
    I was doing fine on my own,
    I didn't need you to be there for me...
    But now that you've set this heart on fire,
    Why are you hesitant to take any responsibility?

  • midoriy_writes 3w


    Had my eyes on you the first time I saw you,
    I liked that smile, that uniform brand new.
    A single gaze and you had me,
    You said I didn't need to change, you just let me be.

    I had a lot to call my bros,
    But none to call my baby.
    When I wasn't feeling it at all,
    They others always tried to come and get me.
    They weren't that bad,
    But they weren't that worthy.

    It was lunchtime, when you came up to me,
    Stared talking, I was glad out of all you only chose me.
    You'd come to pick me up before every tuition,
    That silly grin you had, as though you had fulfilled a mission.

    Two weeks passed by in a bliss,
    Everytime we met up, you'd ask for a silly kiss.
    Then on your 16th birthday you finally asked me out,
    I said , "Yes ofcourse ", without a doubt.

    Remember when we first held hands under the desk?
    We got caught and kicked out for making the period a mess.
    None of them had a clue,
    I enjoyed being detained, as long as it was just with you.

    Funny how you'd always get fed up,
    When I'd talk to the other guys, but somehow we made up.
    Such a caring little man,
    For me, you'd pick up a fight whenever you can.

    Sadly some things have to come to an end,
    Had to leave the town once I passed out of ten.
    Didn't mean to leave you all alone,
    But we had to learn someday that without eachother, we have to grow.
    In their eyes, we were best friends,
    But deep inside, you and I both know we were more than that.

  • midoriy_writes 4w


    Should've listened to mama when she said try to make some friends,
    But I ended up knowing people with whom I needed to make amends.
    Why can't I look at someone straight in the eye?
    Why do I always think they're talking about me, when people walk by?
    I constantly feel like I'm being watched,
    Every single move, every word, every touch.

    It's so hard trying to fit in,
    Because I always keep everything to myself, deep within.
    Is it me whom they're laughing at?
    Everytime I try to stand up for something, I just can't.
    I just want someone to come approach me,
    Know that I'm not all quiet and sulky like the others see.
    Someone please come find me,
    I feel like the chances I had are slipping away before me.

    My arms are tired reaching out for a hand no one is willing to extend,
    I feel so unheard, maybe it's just me and myself in the end .
    Is anyone there?
    Or are you just pretending you can't hear me?
    Will someone get me out if this hell? Just set me free.

  • midoriy_writes 4w


    "Are you okay?", you say...
    Haven't been feeling like myself these days.
    Been a while since I left the room...
    It's been a while since I last felt so blue,
    The last time I was happy , my eyes were gazing at you.

    It's not so easy,
    Seeing you so into someone else...
    It's been so lonely,
    I've concealed this grief in, hoping you can't look and tell.
    I'm reading through my old posts, they said we were pretty cute,
    It hurts to even hear your voice, so I keep my phone on mute.

    The past few months without you have been rough,
    But for your sake, I'll pretend for now, I'm tough.
    All these memories scattered across my room,
    The pictures, the presents, they all remind me of you.
    I see you're doing good without me,
    Your smile in the photograph is all I can see.

  • midoriy_writes 4w


    Didn't you say you were nobody else's?
    Another one of your cheap tricks to get over those exes.
    What about all the things I did for you?
    You weren't supposed to be like that boo.

    I knew you were bad for me,
    But you know I love challenges, fell into this catastrophe.
    He could get any girl with that classy little wink,
    Replace her before you can even blink.

    You only hit me up when you're bored,
    Go on, lie to the boys you just scored.
    With the last one, he only used her,
    Never saw the red flags, such a damn loser.

    Boy ,why do you say you're sorry?
    Always the reason behind all of my worries.
    Saw you out with another one,
    When I look at you, can't help but think , "Liar".
    Save your "I'm so sorry's",
    Don't want anything to do with you anymore,
    End of story.

  • midoriy_writes 4w

    All in My Head

    Why do I always put my hopes on you when it's only her that's on your mind?
    I've been trying too hard , but you can't seem to leave her behind.
    Yeah I fall to fast,
    And on my mind, I pray it forever lasts.

    I've put out every love song,
    But you never sing along.
    What's the point of doing all this,
    When you know you're gonna go over her place and simply ruin it.

    Admit it you're just too proud,
    You never say how you feel out loud.
    You always got me hanging by a thread,
    I'm starting to think by now my feelings for you are already dead.
    How can you say you've taken a fall,
    When you're too afraid to make a step forward at all?

  • midoriy_writes 5w

    With You

    I want you to be the first thing I see,
    That'll be the best day that'll ever be.
    When "you & I", turns to "us",
    And I can finally have your hard earned trust.
    I'll never let you out of my sight,
    Wanna share this moment with only you tonight.
    Promise me you'll never leave me,
    Cause I love the way you smile when you tease me.

    Honey, just give me a sign,
    Hold my hand , we'll be just fine.
    My heart was enclosed and broken,
    But you came along, offered your love as a token.
    The world had always shun me out, kept me rejected,
    But in you I found a place , somewhere I can finally feel accepted.
    Let's turn two years into forever,
    Promise , we'll get through this together.

  • midoriy_writes 5w

    Do It My Way

    Pretty in pink,
    Don't care what you think.
    Put on as much makeup as I please,
    Side note, it ain't for people to be appeased.
    Sometimes you need a little extra highlight to brighten up the day,
    Let them naysayers know to get out of the way.
    I do what I want to ,
    Don't tell me how to.
    In a world that's already full of restrictions,
    I don't give a damn, got no diction.

    "Too loud! Too opinionated!",
    I ain't sorry about expressing myself the way I was created.
    Always conscious, occassionally daring...
    Sometimes I don't give a damn about what I'm wearing.
    I can be annoying, I can be rude,
    Constantly trying to settle an inner dispute.
    I'm human too , I too have flaws...
    But I don't complain about what I am not, show what's real and what's raw.

    Every new beginning, every new day...
    I face the challenges in every possible way.
    Who says I can't just cause I'm in pink?
    I'm here getting the job done, while all you do is think.

  • midoriy_writes 6w


    Said you ain't close with your daddy,
    Nevertheless , with your ignorance you proceeded with me gladly.
    You just needed another one to fill the void,
    Who this time too we'd end up to avoid.

    Mama had to work hard in the store all day long,
    Your sister distracted herself from the pain with some songs.
    Been a while since you last saw her,
    She was doing your friend in the locker.
    I know you're angry, I know you're sad...
    You thought numbing your emotions was all you could do to cover the problems you had.

    It's been a while since I gave you a call,
    As for you, you weren't able to forget us at all.
    Red Redemption on your screen, hitting the console with frustration on repeat,
    Wondering when can all the bullshit can take a backseat.

    You wouldn't talk very much,
    Whenever I'd ask if something's on your mind , you'd say , "No problem as such",
    Although my presence did make you open up,
    It's funny how you'd always start a conversation with , "sup?".

    One day I couldn't do it anymore,
    Filled with agony I showed you the way out the door.
    Does it feel sad and lonely,
    Now that you got nobody to call your one and only?

    Months have gone by , I hope life is a little less harsh on you...
    For I too tried to be the one for you...
    But y'know some things aren't meant to be forever...
    And just like the others one day ,
    To help you grow, I had to work out of your life too.