Loves to write as it makes me happy.

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  • mighty_pen23 9w

    तकलीफ़ होती है जब दर्द देने वाला कोई अपना होता है।


  • mighty_pen23 10w

    Love is something that will either make you the happiest person alive, or break you to the point that there is no coming back.


  • mighty_pen23 10w

    Sometimes I want to fall, hoping someone would catch me.


  • mighty_pen23 10w

    Karma is a Bitch.
    Saves me from being one.


  • mighty_pen23 11w

    Some people will continue poking in your life, even if their own is falling deep in hell.


  • mighty_pen23 11w

    ज़ख्म इतने मिले ज़िंदगी में,
    की अब दर्द का एहसास भी फीका पड़ गया।


  • mighty_pen23 11w

    You Will Survive

    You fell deep down searching for your existence.
    The pressure of being known and being accepted gave you the biggest stress.

    You ran, you hid
    You tried hard to hold a grip.

    Don't let people be hard on you.
    Try and learn to be just you.

    Learn to accept the way you are.
    Or else you won't go too far.

    Why to hide your true self?
    Why to force to be accepted by others?
    The 'others' won't take you high.
    The 'others' won't let you fly.

    It's hard to survive, I know
    But you have to feel the pain to grow.

    You know you will survive.
    You have to survive.


  • mighty_pen23 11w

    Ready To Fly

    I watched you playing guitar that fine day.
    There was something that pulled me towards you.
    It was just a normal day, nothing special, nothing new.

    I was gazing out of the window and I had this view.
    A cute guy with a guitar.
    I could feel the music even though I watched it from afar.

    That honey like sweet voice brought a smile to my face.
    I wondered why it made my heart race.

    I started noticing you.
    But you never noticed me.
    I knew there was no chance of becoming a WE.

    Then came a day when we finally had a conversation.
    It made my heart flutter and brought life to motion.

    That was the start of a new friendship.
    I even dreamed of sailing this ship.

    You were caring, you were sweet.
    The most genuine person I thought I could ever meet.

    But there was a change in you so sudden.
    As if, for you I was a burden.

    You were sweet one time, and then cold.
    I couldn't ask you why as I wasn't bold.

    Finally I had the courage to confront.
    The words you used were like affront.

    I was insulted, I was crushed.
    You played with my feelings and my heart was crushed.

    But I didn't broke.
    I didn't choke.
    It was a lesson for me.
    A blessing for me.

    I am still standing with my head held high.
    Spreading my wings, ready to fly.


  • mighty_pen23 11w

    Silence - That's all I feel now.
    Emptiness - That's all I have now.

    Love - Is a far gone feeling for me.
    Hatred - Is all that's left with me.

    Life - Couldn't figure it out yet.
    Death - A slight chance that we could have met.

    Peace - Do I even remember what it means?
    Violence - Wish didn't have to experience.

    Beautiful - People see my life as.
    Destroyed - I see my life as.

    Goner - I refer it to my soul.
    Loner - I refer it to my heart.

    Wish - To have my life back.
    Hope - Is still somewhere intact.


  • mighty_pen23 11w

    Let Me Go

    Let me go.
    Even if you hold me tight, the pain won't go.

    You have hurt me much, I can't let you ruin me.
    Leave my side and just let me be.

    You trapped me in the dark.
    You stabbed me with your vicious words.

    I swallowed all those insults without blinking twice.
    You know why?
    Because of the pure love I had for you which, I never got in return.
    Instead you pushed me to hell and left me to burn.

    What made you think I will come back in your arms?
    You don't deserve me, you have caused enough harm.

    I was blinded by love.
    But, now the curtains are down, I know the real you.

    I loved you but not anymore.
    I was blinded, couldn't see the demon beneath.
    Just let me go, let me breathe.