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  • mikerafferty 12m

    Weird ......

    I have really not liked many other people throughout my life, I have always looked for the truth in people, Mostly disappointed or disgusted with What I found in them, what I saw in them, most people put on a front, a show for others, so as not to be revealed who they really are, I have seen some love, and kindness, but for the most part I have witnessed in other people, hatred discomfort anxiety, disappointment, theft, lies, rebellion, obnoxiousness, scamming, cheating, animosity, wildness, craziness, despair, misery, selfishness, loathing, and atrocity, evil, And so much sadness, I often wonder why people Or how people became that way, why people just don’t show their true feelings, Your true character, why must they always deceive everyone ? Why are people afraid to show their true feelings ? Why are people so deceiptful and greedy and hateful ? I really dont understand it ! Why do people cheat and lie to one another, is it really so hard to be kind, understanding, loving, sharing ? I never could understand Why people go out of their way to be so hateful ? Is it not just as easy to help, love, share, smile, care ? This world and the people in it truely dissapoint me having no reguard for one another, people just dont care for others !

  • mikerafferty 3h


    When you have no love in your heart, it’s an awful waste of space !

  • mikerafferty 4d

    It is what it is, and shall be !

  • mikerafferty 4d


    Ever jingle the change in your pocket ? Go home and throw it on the counter, did you ever stop to think, that change could feed another ? So many children would love a warm bowl of rice to give their tummy Lovin, probably hasn’t eaten for days, so hot outside like an oven, next time you jingle the change in your pocket, I hope that you feed another brother !

  • mikerafferty 4d


    Sometimes we ask for things we need, and we get them, but did you forget to thank him for them ?

  • mikerafferty 4d

    I am destroyed by your love !

  • mikerafferty 4d

    The Search

    Waitin on a sunami of love, i got scars from ware ive been, not had much luck, they all miss me so, im in a life of imagination, its so hard to disarm some one from the hell they keep, cant steal the love from your hearts, ill keep wandering searching for the one who sets me free !

  • mikerafferty 4d

    Every one knows

    I feel rays from the lord, in the suns early morn. Good to rise to the occation when he steps forward, im his servant of course, god loves us all, He will destroy all the wicked, set the world ah fire to burn ! Were in the days of fear, as i hear his voice command, heres your matches and the gas can ! I hope you remember my name, and bring me up out of the world of burning flames !

  • mikerafferty 4d


    I come from arizona, in the desert my friends , i climb big mountains i met some rattle snakes, theirs lots of cactus, stuck in my leg, every one likes to party, their all my friends, we meet up on week ends, i ride a harley, on roads that dont end, some times i take my girl, which ever one wants to ride, their all so pretty, it never ends, theirs gold in the valleys, and in the hills, some in the mountains, ware secrets live, its hot in the desert, its ware i live, you can come visit, any time my friend !

  • mikerafferty 4d


    It seems it breaks me, i know no doubt dont love the world any more, it leaves me out and hates me any how ! It wont even share, dont care any more. I dont go out side, theirs some thing in the rain, you can feel it in the weather, i feel it in my brain, save me im still in your plan, swimming in the currants of a promised land, im in to deep treading thin in my stench as i weap, im fine gasping as i sink, its always so deep in the roughest fears of your soul, i keep looking to find it, but not sure what im after any more !