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  • mikerylander 9w

    her Love was like her Beauty;


    Two distinct magnetic forces,
    neither won easily,
    nor quickly,

    yet both prone to disappear,
    and abruptly,

    leaving you holding your Heart,
    gutted and gasping for air,
    yet always yearning for more...

    which is why,
    her Love was like her Beauty;

    the most wonderful and painful treasure you will never truly have but can never live without.


  • mikerylander 10w


    Quarantines and Curfews
    Pandemic into Protest

    Social Distancing Injustice
    Unemployed Civil Unrest

    Facemasks Fighting Fascism
    From Facetime to Facebook

    To Trump Tweeting Tyranny
    Toilet Tirades of Gobbledygook

    Privileged Whites
    Posting Black Lives Matter

    Colorblind Corona
    Killing All Lives No Matter

    So This November
    Please Speak With Your Pen

    And Cast Your Vote
    To Make America Great Again

    © mikerylander

  • mikerylander 10w

    from this darkness
    may we create light


  • mikerylander 10w

    what if you spent your whole life
    looking to feel love
    like you had before?

    what if you looked back on your life
    and saw love like that
    happened only the once?

    only after your life was lived
    and other loves were felt
    would you know

    unless you are me
    and she is your love
    then you know.


  • mikerylander 14w

    love/hate relationship

    when love turns into hate,
    love doesn't turn into hate.


    hate is stacked on top of love,
    and love and hate exist together,

    making the love more complex,
    and the hate less harsh.

    but remember;

    the love came first,
    the hate fades first,

    and true love conquers all,
    especially hate.

    © mikerylander

  • mikerylander 15w

    Always The Most

    No matter what happens,
    Just know,
    I will always love you,
    The Most.

    © mikerylander

  • mikerylander 16w

    How can I miss someone I've never met?
    How can I desire a touch I've never felt?
    How can I yearn for a kiss I've yet to get?

    How can I adore a face I've never seen?
    How can I long for a hug I've never had?
    How can I even explain what I mean?

    I can't comprehend it.
    I can't articulate it.
    I can't even attempt to understand it.

    But I know what I feel,
    And I know it feels real,
    I miss someone I've never met.


  • mikerylander 29w


    she receives it
    and she gives it
    in a way that most cannot,

    and it's just one reason
    of the one million reasons
    that i love her.

  • mikerylander 29w

    I don't know our destination;

    but I do know,
    I don't want to make this journey,

    with anyone but you.

  • mikerylander 30w

    I don't want you-
    ...I need you.