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  • milktart1601 4w

    Tik Tok banned!!

  • milktart1601 4w

    Tik Tok banned!!

  • milktart1601 5w

    Artist's paint pictures on canvas
    But musicians paint on silence!

  • milktart1601 7w

    A legendary saying

    A legend once said.
    A man with a arrow is more worthy than a man with a bow.
    But if the man with only a bow has faith and knowledge,
    He surely will be successful

  • milktart1601 9w

    Paralyzed and dead

    I'm paralyzed.where are my feelings!
    I know should feel things
    I can't see,it's like my head's filled with black puss.
    Oh! I see looks like a light.wait! Oh it's a angel
    Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddddd I'm in soil.☠️☠️r.i.p

  • milktart1601 9w

    Whatever I want

    I do want and I want what want

  • milktart1601 9w

    Why? CUZ I can

    I took a nap on the roof,why?why not!
    I broke a window with my hand,why?why not!
    I fished in my pool,why?why not!
    What else?what more!

  • milktart1601 9w


    All I need is me myself and I.
    Nothing knowone but myself.

  • milktart1601 12w

    Winning without loss

    There's no fight without bloodshed!
    There's no work without sweat!
    There's no win without sacrificing and risking it all
    Tears ain't gonna help!
    If you've ever won without any of these conditions,
    You're no winner your just a cheating loser
    With undeserved luck!


  • milktart1601 13w

    The responsibilities of a big brother protect your sibs from harm Bullys.
    2.beat the shit out of those bullies.
    3.inspire them with trash talk.
    4look good while doing it.