" I'm no bird, no net ensnares me" - C. Bronte

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  • millstwt 11w

    Words about me dampen the pages of her diary
    She'll never know she drenches in my mind too
    I look into her eyes when I need new direction,
    She's my journey,
    My destination too.

    Words about me cover the strings of her guitar,
    She'll never know how she hums in my brain
    Her hand fit in mine like a glove
    On the 3rd of December in the rain.

    Words about me like memory on her tongue
    When she told me only I could feel her hurt
    She'll never know she kept me up that night
    She'll never know she was the only one who ever felt right.


  • millstwt 11w

    That day,
    He prayed upon a shooting star,
    To arrange words in way he felt about them,
    To have them strung just how it rubbed against the lump in his throat,
    like the noose tightening.
    A plethora of phrases looped every little ridge of the many knots in his chest.
    He was a tangled mass.
    Not knowing how to set straight the workings of his own being.

    And with the strings of words about his body
    He wished to read himself out
    To figure out
    the alliterations of his own misery,
    The lexicon of his trouble,
    The tongue in which his pain muttered against his gullet.

    " Figure me out, figure me out "
    He pleaded his own sorry self,
    " Figure me out so we can comb me true,
    Figure me out, through and through
    Future me out, every part u must
    Figure me out before I rot from rust"

    Figure him out.
    Figure him out.

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  • millstwt 11w

    My hearts a fragile thing

    My hearts a fragile thing,
    it twists and it churns.
    My hearts a fragile thing,
    It bends and it twists.
    My hearts a fragile thing,
    It's made of ceramic,
    My hearts a fragile thing,
    When it breaks into sonorous pieces.

    But sometimes,
    My heart has a mould of rubber,
    As it stretches like elastic,
    My veins tangle up,
    I lose my sanity,
    A rubber heart,
    it's a painful thing,
    So strong,
    so harsh, it hurts

    My hearts a fragile thing
    In a way, that it hurts itself
    My hearts still learning
    My hearts still learning

    Learning the rhythem it takes,
    To caress enough blood and to let it go when the time is right.
    it's still learning, you see

    My hearts a fragile thing.
    I'll fix the pace I breathe.


  • millstwt 11w

    I miss you

    Sometimes I miss you terribly
    Sometimes I miss you lots

    I wonder if it's something I did
    Or we just weren't meant to last very long.

    When my mother is calling me a mistake
    And when I'm fondling with my past

    I think about how u were with me that one day ,
    Somehow that's enough to make me calm


  • millstwt 11w

    Will I? Part two

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    No fine lines

    U were a good thing that ended too quickly
    A high, I didn't wanna get off of
    But whatever happens, happens for the best
    Or so we like to believe

    The words about you wrapped along my pen
    This newfound love blossoming from within
    I hate you and I love u all the very same
    It's not a fine line.
    It's never a fine line.
    U were good to me
    U were a good time.

  • millstwt 11w

    Here to heartbreaks and mistakes!

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    Will I?

    Will my name ever enter your mind again?
    Will you sing my tunes in your head?
    Will I ever be an afterthought ?
    Will I ?
    Will I ?

    Will you think about me on a lazy Sunday ?
    Will you count me in as a stupid mistake?
    Will I even make the list of lovers?
    Will I?
    Will I?

    Was I just a waste of time?
    Will I ever be on your mind ?
    On a lazy Sunday night
    Will you ever think about me ?
    I was ur stupid blondie.

  • millstwt 11w

    " If you leave, just let me know, so I won't look dumb when you move on. Losing interest"

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    I'll keep you in my memory
    I'll savour your taste
    You felt like so many flavours
    Blend in a haste
    Mostly I tasted sweet, so overly addicting
    Then you became sour
    Left me wanting

    You're so bittersweet,
    So you feel like a tragedy
    Inbuilt with the nevermore
    But a hope nevertheless
    Ur ingredients so complex
    I wish I knew
    Ur essence leaving me for more

    The best thing about u
    Is how u make me feel
    Like warm golden light
    Like I can finally breathe

    You're a relish
    Through and through
    From every bite to every kiss
    You're a treat to my taste buds
    A kaleidoscope of flavor I miss

  • millstwt 11w

    By unknown writer

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    Sonnets and young love

    Though your spectacles are immense,
    They complement your bold brown eyes quite well
    Our conversations intense
    Sometimes question if we'll go to hell

    Even all the way across the world
    I connect so good with you
    One day you see my hair curled
    With a live action view

    Many movies we will watch
    And many memories to be shared
    Perhaps over a bottle of scotch
    And terrible jokes to be bared

    I doubt that you slept great
    Because we talk so very late

    By tnt

  • millstwt 11w

    Young love

    I know this boy who lives far away
    Without him my days are grey
    He's so sweet
    And he's so nice
    He wrote me poetry
    And I'll forever be obliged
    He's such a sweetheart
    And he's a tender guy
    I'll bring him flowers
    And he better not deny

    Someday we'll meet
    And I'll buy him ice cream
    Until then I'll stay up all night
    And he'll dream.

  • millstwt 65w


    As i stood on the rock,
    About to give up,
    A plight of gulls,
    Barged in,

    And i knew then
    What was better