A happy soul ✨

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  • minds_eye 4d

    I am a kind of person who believe in vibes more than words!

  • minds_eye 5d

    The whole book is about you!
    But, you can start a new chapter with new you,
    Start the best chapters of your life right now!!!

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    I didn't know I would miss you this much till you left us,
    I know that you loved me so much and I was your first priority all the time!!
    I love you soo much and I am sorry for getting irritated sometimes,
    All I can say is nobody can replace your place and I know that you always be there looking after us!!
    Tears are rolling down my heart whenever I remind of you,
    Your memories stay with me forever!!
    Chitti gharelu evar tiskostharu ippudu naaku
    Happy undu mamayya, may your soul rest in peace❤️
    P.S : Mi chelli ninnu chala miss avtundi, annaya aina ninnu oka kodukula chuskundi.. Paina nunchi thanani jagratha ga chusko!
    - Ni muddula kodalu

  • minds_eye 1w

    When I feel empty,

    When I feel empty,
    I go out for a walk,
    Paint something,
    Cook my favourite dish,
    Write or read what I love..
    Spend quality time with loved ones!!
    Do whatever makes your heart happy
    Most importantly take a break from social media.
    It may help you too, just try it.

  • minds_eye 5w

    Your mood shouldn't get affected by others!
    Smile and spread smiless!!
    Keep shiningg darling!!!
    You deserve all the happiness in the world❤️

  • minds_eye 6w

    I always get this doubt
    Do you only come to ruin my mood or what‍♀️?

  • minds_eye 10w


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    When I feel low,

    Sometimes I feel like blocking everybody from my life!
    On a serious note,
    Does atleast 1 person be there when I need them the most?(ofcourse parents excluded)
    I just want a person who encourages, supports and inspires me,
    with whom I can be myself,
    with whom I can talk without any second thought!

  • minds_eye 13w

    Deeply hurt?
    Cry, suffer, heal
    And start a new life!
    It's never too late!!

  • minds_eye 13w


    There may be a beast behind that innocent face,
    Be careful girl!

  • minds_eye 14w


    When you don't expect anything you get everything!