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  • mindtrips 4w


    Never forget the real mathafucker's who help you get it first. Compare to your new friend's who don't care what your going through. It's always good to go back and show your appreciation to the real one's. I bet they'll be proud to see you again. Without hate they'll continue to extend there hand the most rarest soul's never saw it as a good thing but for who you were within back then for them.. Friend's don't exist and the real one's are dieing or dead. But who do you became.

  • mindtrips 5w

    Life to live

    Chilling with the pain, I'ma take this moment and captivate the beuty from within, to understand what I'm dealing with. That way I know how to live with it. So I could continue to focuse in the future, I'm forming.. I dont want to waste all my time just thinking about it, I'm smarter then this move on and carry on. I got a life to live.

  • mindtrips 5w

    Death on the side of me

    Everything in life got to end. So I live it the best I can. My enemis don't even get a chance to reflex. Living life like I should trying to be as happy as I can with whatever I could. Never fear of death everybody will tell you that's life and what the heck. It's the last enemy we all gotta face at the end. Know this it only end's two way's either in hell or in heaven. And in time of war all I need is my shield and my sore.

  • mindtrips 7w

    Poem cry

    Love in pain make the tear's softly drop, feeling's end up dead. My heart break's, so I had to make this poem cry.
    Pain was my regret, the saddest tear's I ever shed. Hard time's I can't forget. Missing them better day's, i share next to my love life. We hug tite through them cold knight's. Struggling broke for year's. We were soppose to get it together. You left me alone. Wishing you were still here. Tommarow is your funeral. I love you even though you died. Tear's softly drop, my heart break's, poem cry.

  • mindtrips 10w


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    The loneliest moment in someone life is knowing you don't need help from noone when you could walk it alone, and the pain don't hurt nomore, my pain dont hurt nomore, the pain don't hurt nomore.

  • mindtrips 14w

    Nothing to say

    I dont want to bother you anymore. Seeing me without you and far away it's been a great journey through life that I promise you I'll be okay this time by myslef. I dont think I should cry, cuase you force me not to love you. Leave is olrite I'm not going to stop you, I set you free in the middle of nowhere. Going through a straight road theres an exit and another one up front. Then going through a road that curves only. Thanks for not calling or answering cuase I've forgot about you aswell. I wish I could tell you something, cuase I'm looseing you. But theres nothing to say.

  • mindtrips 15w

    New to this.

    Keep improving, keep it moving. Wining and we looseing but still I ball and never fall before you walk learn to crawl. Before you talk learn to knot. Listen and learn but ask yourself if your truly listening cuase most people think there above all when we all rot the same at the end of the fall. The only thing we take is the person who we are, who you are is who you be. And what you stand for is what you bleed and die for like your own belief. Never scare fear nothing, i went through sucide, you and I aren't ready to die but that's not the only thing we have in common we have a purpose in life. We share the same struggle, we hold it tite through the good and bad time's that's why I love you. Cuase even in my weakest days I find a little streangth in me to get me through the day. I take it step by step my mind thought pattern change I'm going out with respect so fuck what y'all think. And seeing is believing thank god I'm still breathing for whatever reason. When I felt trap I had to escape the fake. When I heard the ghetto bird, I had to shake the place. Your trying hard to getting shackle and chain. While inmate's are trying hard to free the pain. You tell me to lead the way and I tell you out here I'm the same. Live your life to the coolest is to easy being foolish I'm still new to this.

  • mindtrips 15w


    In my mind the thought of loving you goes to thinking with a feeling like breathing is believing. In my heart being in love with you, I learn life is nothing but a real sense, a dreamer able to flip the script with the cherry on top to create more positive, empowering calming outcomes. You taught me to see life in a different form, and the one to loose, is who be more comfortable. When the time seem hopeless, keeping the faith somehow seem to be working. Lost in confusion love in pain only made my heart hurt. Born broke my poor love got my heart broke but I dont think she could ever fully understand just how special she really is. Cuase other love try but can't reach my level, so she'll remember me in memory that is. Emotion's following a realer pain. pay attention try to see this vision. I'll tell you now your the reason I'm the man I am today i now know love do exist. I learn love come's from the heart not from a feeling in your head. I never thought what love is capable of makeing in life untill it got real for me that is. I dont want to sound heart breaking but the tear is overflowing of pure joy. Your the best that ever happend to me in life I swear, I'm a lost soul if you ain't by my side. When I came to realization my regretion was my past pain. Accepting, it ain't worth it now became the reflection of my motivation everday that I awake just to face it. Moving forward i lay down a new foundation for a beautiful future.

  • mindtrips 18w

    Tell me

    There's a certain vibe when I write that finds feeling's inside, catching you by surprise. You see my talent a secret in my poetry running deeply . I let my creativity think I'm not an artist but listen to the rythum that it flinch. inside my mind in my thought's im consume by the theme. I can't help you see but you notice is sore of unique cuase here feeling's ain't weak, inspired in the way that you think. And motivate in the way that you be. I try to relax and dream about a good life. Pain is to be control by the brain to know joy you gotta sustain and maintain calabaration. Life is planet earth out of the darkness death emerge.

  • mindtrips 19w


    When our ghetto dream's only goes as far as we can see. When poets rush to shoot for the star's and miss and shoot for the moon. We come so far and yet we got nothing to loose. When the unimaginable burstest into action and become's mind blowing to see. Mind picture Poets among the star's on top of the world like powerful creator's in this dark ass galaxy where there's no gravity thinking freely and become the spark that sparkle's as a cloud of stardust floated downward and lay glimmering on the present moment. Open your eye's what was once a stardust now become's that spark of life inside your heartbeat in living memory.