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  • mira_2004 72w

    The comfort of my home

    Now feels like a prison

    My thoughts lacking reason

    I lie cause I'm shameful.

    A complete loss of control.


    Your fear is only your feeling,

    but it's painful.

    Why is it painful?

  • mira_2004 72w


    You are nothing, you are a failure

    Killing yourself you'll be doing us a favor

    You have to leave there is no space

    For such a fucking disgrace

    wonder what you feel when you look at your face

    Do you see what we all see

    A creature less than a human being

    All those things you can never be

    I wonder how you feel

    Do you still feel free


  • mira_2004 75w

    Its sad how we can waste our life trying to forget a couple of minutes from childhood


  • mira_2004 75w

    I'm not the kind of person who wants to fly

    Cause i am usually high


  • mira_2004 78w

    Dont hide your pain, embrace it, it makes you who you are

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    When were u using your brain ?

    When u chose silence and hid your pain


  • mira_2004 78w

    You cant break

    What's already broken

    And if you tried, You cant fix

    What no longer exist


  • mira_2004 81w

    With you i love growing old

    Ignoring every rule we were told


  • mira_2004 82w

    Memorys & pain have came back like a thread

    I wonder alone with scars in my head

    All the abuse and the violence i was fed

    I cant help wonder I would be better off dead

    Memorys & pain have came back like a thread


  • mira_2004 83w

    In Our Time

    When no body dares

    To show how he cares

    When no body see

    What you're capable to be

    If that is were we existed

    Its normal to turn out sick and twisted


  • mira_2004 83w

    alone and scared i feel your fright

    Baby girl i know what hunts you at night

    Resist, pretend and struggle as you might

    But dont lie and pretend things are alright

    You are a survivor come out to the daylight

    Someday people will be inspired by your fight

    You are a survivor u dont need to hide