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  • mirakee_words 3w

    I am sitting at the terrace of a place where I am staying. It’s the evening hour where darkness is omnipresent. However, the string lights are adorning the walls and the yellow dim light is adding to the delight. The place is lit with fervour. There are vintage songs been played somewhere nearby which is indeed pleasant, it takes me back to 1980’s era. The contour of the magnificent Taj Mahal is fairly visible from here as a hint of silver light in hindsight is defining the wondrous monument. The saga of love is oozing out every instant, the one written in history from time immemorial.

    The slight breeze flowing by, on this valentines day is indeed noteworthy, weaving the strings of romance. The red roses wrapped in plastic sheet is tingling the senses and flashing the moments of poise and passion, the ones spent together with my lover, the intricacies of a relationship and yet the simplicity that is in the moment. The days when a red rose was carefully placed between the pages of a book, or safely stored away in a wardrobe to never be found to be discarded by a family member if known of this clandestine affair. The countless red roses defined our relationship then, and today as well where the fresh drops of water and the whiff of love still paints the zephyr in a subtle crimson, the one that’s endless and redefines it.

    Another guy, well indulged in his partner, playing a guitar - strings of guitar are tracing the heart and racing the heartbeat of every other person who is listening to it and reminiscing or living the feeling called ‘love’. The iconic Taj being the witness of a plethora of feelings flushing around, is indeed rejoicing the sight as well.

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  • mirakee_words 6w


    “Take me home, take me home to the place I belong”, the song by John Denver was playing in background as I was resting on a seaside bed gaping at the waves gurgling in front of me. Parallel thoughts were invading my mind. I was soon to visit my hometown and my home again. So, mind began co-relating with the idea of returning back. But, is home really a shelter, a place you stay for work or home is where your heart belongs? There where you’re loved and you feel a sense of belonging the most. No wonder, home is family and security and togetherness as well. Most of all, it is about what shelters your heart and mind and secures your present. It is what gives you identity and connection. It’s where you leave a piece of you, every time you leave.

    While the dawn to dusk lounging through the ocean, with nature basking in air and joys lurking everywhere became my home for a while - It dawned upon me that the idea of home for me was where the utmost contentment and happiness lies. Perhaps, where you discover and rediscover yourself.
    There is a nice saying, “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”.

  • mirakee_words 6w


    I sit here, watching the sea and the river meet and embrace at this point. The morning is as fresh as a dew drop. There are fishermen sailing by, dragging boats or carrying fishnets. There also are people taking a dip, swimming or cherishing the tranquility of water and peaceful mornings. There are birds flying in the sky either in flock or thronging somewhere onto the sand - Birds like seagulls, sandpipers or crows. I hear the distant murmur of waves and faintly audible musical notes a fifty feet away. A small notorious black and white puppy is hopping peppily hither tither barking intermittently. The naivety and innocence of a toddler - be it an animal or a human makes the aura so animated. It’s as strange as ever that this day feels like never before. I mull over ample possibilities and opportunities that awaits for the day and beyond.

    There is a saying by Mario Testino, “My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then when you open the doors, you create possibilities “

  • mirakee_words 6w


    Nothingness is a special feeling. It comes at unusual times, but makes you feel bestowed. It’s like the thoughts and worries evade your mind slowly. You feel complete and content. You rejoice at your being. The happenings of the day and the anxiousness of the coming day are at bay.

    For instance, you look at the ocean and search for the horizon and lose yourself instantly. Your mind is indulged in a feeling called ‘healing’. Your solitude is not loneliness but the nudge of the waves and the the whiff of breeze. The eternal skies, the zenith make you feel so diminutive in this entire divine universe. None of you matters at that moment. Why is it so important to live this? It not only appeases you, but also rejuvenates your spirit. The essence of living is to detach yourself from the anticipation of happiness and instead embrace real happiness.

    There is a famous saying by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Among the greatest things to be found, the being of nothingness is by far the greatest.” And there is another one by Rumi, “We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”

  • mirakee_words 7w

    Words of wisdom - Day 1

    I lost them, all of my family members in the ravaging earthquake that occurred in Nepal in year 2015. Besides, I lost the entire building that I had set up where I taught art to kids and exhibited my art and paintings. It was an immense loss to my business. It felt like mother nature had chastised me severely for my past sins. I lost my hopes and motivation to continue living. It was so appalling to me that I stopped talking to anyone. There was much more destruction that happened in my neighbourhood. The bereavement of families was beyond repair. I used to gape at the ceiling and all around blankly, bereft of happiness. I had no reason to continue and have any hopes whatsoever.
    Months passed. The healer called time caressed me, just like healing me stealthily. I decided to look beyond and start afresh. But, it wouldn’t be at the same place. It would be someplace else where I can see things clearly and things further.
    I went to Manali and started looking for jobs. I did part time jobs during the days and painted keenly by the night. The landscapes and the lush greenery was heartwarming and inspiring. I was pampered in the lap of this unfathomable beauty. And it so happened that many more months passed like this. I started finding out ways to exhibit my art so that I reach to people and find the meaning of life again. The lost purpose was on its way of amelioration.
    I changed places and met new people, made them happy, shared stories of life and lived it simplistically. It helped me heal everyday as the dawn to dusk ensued. I wandered endlessly to an unknown destination, reviving my dream and faith in life.
    I travelled to Goa and worked with Russians and Indians. When I felt lonely, I would walk by the beach and find solace in the crashing waves. It turned my solitude into a bliss. I learnt management while working in beach restaurants. I also exhibited some of my artwork on Sundays. Life was in shards but my art was giving an extraordinary meaning by putting the broken pieces together and carving a joy. A joy to bear and to spread, love to linger in heart and a way to dream and embrace life once again.

  • mirakee_words 18w

    The time is fluttering in fragments,
    All around rushing by the breeze,
    It’s pale in colour, some colourless,
    They appear like dried, perished leaves,
    Randomly waving and swaying around,
    As if syncing by the endless thoughts,
    The sound is high, unknown and unbound,
    Thus the silence invades the moment,
    The visible time, oh so timeless,
    The moment halts, breathes so sharp,
    The leaves caresses the cheek slightly,
    Giving a sheer essence of presence,
    Of life and mindfulness and present,
    The emotions are painless and indifferent,
    Like unknown joys, unfelt feelings,
    It is just like transiting to a dimension,
    Strange, intriguing and unknown,
    The breathes are paced and unique,
    The skin feels cold gradually,
    It’s a trance, a realisation,
    Of higher self and presence of a spirit ,
    Perhaps there ain’t any body along,
    All I am left with is a departed soul.


  • mirakee_words 23w

    It was like each day was revolving agitatedly along the girth of a circle of expectations, redefining anguish, with the slow diminish of inner joy and a deliberate slaughter of love, a tamper of tranquility. The conscience defined and compelled, like enforced and empty beliefs of the world, pushing an identity to crisis, attempting the brutality of agonising another soul.

  • mirakee_words 35w

    The evening ensued aesthetically,
    Blending the hues in sheer elation,
    With a tinge of crimson anguish,
    Mingling in the aura seamlessly,
    Like the shades of deep feelings,
    Dormant, lingering, dwelling upon,
    The fluttering smiles and guffaws,
    The engrained thoughts waving,
    As if the mind unleashed stealthily,
    As the skies turned crimson to blue,
    The wavering trees left their imprint,
    Like a remarkable silhouette,
    Of synergy and a silent conversation,
    With the nature and it's marvel,
    The eyes closed, the mind uttered,
    Slumber, healing, mindfulness.

  • mirakee_words 35w

    So far away!?

    She was sinking in the abyss of her own thoughts,
    The thoughts, the feelings, the memories, the desires were manipulating her,
    Slowly triggering her evil intent, making her a different persona,
    She shed tears to fight herself, her conscience battling it,
    She harnessed the hatred she could never take,
    It was a strange poignant feeling of love and hate in disguise,
    As if striving for self-love, acceptance and peace,
    She perhaps had lost her awareness and direction,
    Or the struggle to lead to the right path was real,
    She knew she had to beat the blues of her life consistently,
    She knew she could be a better human with the passing sunset,
    She knew her sunrise afterall, wasn't so far away.

  • mirakee_words 37w

    Be with someone who talks about stars, planets, universe, romance, philosophy, creativity, travel, life, dreams,

    Else pursue it yourself.

    Life has it's own ways of telling the truth.