Free from iron shackles yet chained by silver.

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  • mirakee_words 1d

    By unknown writer #love

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    The words penned by a hurt poet are just like a stem of thorns engraving through heart.

  • mirakee_words 1w


    Whenever I am losing it, it asks me to stand up for myself,
    Whenever I feel i am at my worst, it tells me to think of what can be better,
    Whenever I feel I am lost, I am indeservant, it asks me to introspect,
    It's slowly asking me questions that lead me to a better me,
    A version of me that can be better every passing day!

    It's a big blessing in disguise, Thanks Aarohan!

  • mirakee_words 4w


    Have you ever felt as though the morning freshness is like coming and emanating from somewhere else, perhaps a memory, perhaps a string of happiness, catapulting you to a place very dear and beautiful.
    It is just like knowing that the present vibe is connected to every place else, just that the consciousness should be aware and should feel the presence.The energy wave is always connected in the auspicious aura of the nature.

  • mirakee_words 5w

    At the end of the day, what matters is,
    That which feeds your soul more than the body.

  • mirakee_words 5w

    A small feeling of motivation, like a flickering flame in a dark room was what made her day brighter than yesterday.

    The other days she would endlessly watch the flame swaying by the unpredictable wind, letting it flow away, burgeoning it's own tale of life.It had weaved a possibility to revive and rebuild herself.Perhaps, like believing the possibility of finding the dormant sense of joy deep within.There were unknown days among them, when the dazzling reflections were more powerful and elated, making her eyes wet in disbelief.All it needed was time, to unleash the tranquility within her turbulent self.

  • mirakee_words 6w

    So far away!?

    She was sinking in the abyss of her own thoughts,
    The thoughts, the feelings, the memories, the desires were manipulating her,
    Slowly triggering her evil intent, making her a different persona,
    She shed tears to fight herself, her conscience battling it,
    She harnessed the hatred she could never take,
    It was a strange poignant feeling of love and hate in disguise,
    As if striving for self-love, acceptance and peace,
    She perhaps had lost her awareness and direction,
    Or the struggle to lead to the right path was real,
    She knew she had to beat the blues of her life consistently,
    She knew she could be a better human with the passing sunset,
    She knew her sunrise afterall, wasn't so far away.

  • mirakee_words 6w


    She was walking just like a damsel in pista green attire.Her eyes had a strange kind of happy glint and a tinge of gloominess.Her footsteps were calm, steady and patient.Her face was just tilted and mind indulged in a plethora of wild thoughts.
    Thoughts like - the worries of her tomorrow, the guilt crawling inside her brought in from her past.And then, this silent evening, melancholic yet peaceful.This peace had something to do with her realisation, her decision and want of letting go of her past.Her mind was coming in terms with it, gradually her hopes had paved a way in front of her.The way her future was scary to her, it also had hopes, opportunities and change.Most of all it had forgiveness.

  • mirakee_words 7w

    Love conquers

    I was feeling down and ill, it was one of the bad days, grumpiness took over me.Well, I shouted on him, i was angry and fighting over petty things at home.

    And then, he walked out of home.I knew he would get rid of me as I am acting like this.I stayed silent and just gave in to silence.I was crying silently, with good hidden pangs of frustration.

    After a good amount of time, when i was carelessly sitting in my room, he came over with a 'Cowboy Hat' carelessly placed on his head.I couldn't comprehend this, but i commented, "What is this?I guess it ain't even fitting".He just smiled and left the room.

    I followed him after a while to see him cutting Vegetables and nicely placing the utensils to do a grandeur session of cooking.Moreover, he played some nice romantic music over the speaker.
    Well, I smiled, hugged him from back and kissed him.How couldn't I understand this was a gesture to make me feel better, a feeling just to accomplish over a slight disgust and pain.

    Love are little actions.

    Love conquers.Isn't it?

  • mirakee_words 8w

    Where is Peace?

    The groggy eyes was beaming when the sky turned pale orange and then deep orange blending the navy blue.It was the special evening, the wind ringing the chimes and swaying the bells on the string curtain rod.The peace is not attained, it's seen around, felt and rejoiced.

  • mirakee_words 8w

    A new bud

    The wind is unfathomable, yet soothing as ever.
    The charming turbulence of the ocean is creating the fervour,
    The sun is hot, the rays are scorching, the wind creates the cool effect,
    The silence is speaking a lot, just like stealthily healing,
    The affect is on everyone, some are rocking with it and some reflecting,
    The breaking bonds, the fading relationships are mending,
    Through realisation, through introspection, through deep thoughts,
    Perhaps, life needs a silent break, just like this,
    The agonies of the past, the worries of the future are melting away,
    Just to realise that life has a bigger meaning and a greater perspective,
    There are no tragedies, no problems,
    There are only solutions and opportunities and learning,
    To pave a greater meaning and purpose to life,
    To get the strength to be better, to share more joys and love,
    Let the hope, the life thrive and spread across,
    Let the fresh beginnings be there every morning.