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  • mirlariba 10w

    Mirlariba ��

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    Three (3) Things I Can't Control:

    1-Smile On My Face
    When I See Uh☺️

    2-Tears In My Eyes
    When I Miss Uh

    3-Jealousy When I See Uh
    With Anyone Else.


  • mirlariba 11w


    Three (3) Things Girls Can't Control.




  • mirlariba 11w

    I Don't Respect Those

    Who Don't Respect Me

    Uh Col It Ego

    I Col It Self-Respect


  • mirlariba 11w

    There Is No Boy
    On This Earth
    Who Is Texting Only One Girl


  • mirlariba 11w

    Mujhse Rooz Baat Krne Ki
    Abh Usko Aadat Nhi Rhi,

    Lekin Phir B Yeh Dil
    Intizaar Rooz Krta Hai,
    Do Pal Usey Sunne Ko.!!


  • mirlariba 11w

    No One Can Change Me

    Bcoz This Is My Latest Version

    Mir laribah

  • mirlariba 11w

    I Always Act Like I'm Fine

    And Everyone Thinks I'm Ok

    But When The Lights Are Off

    And I'm All Alone

    Thats When My Tears

    Starts To Fall

    @ mirlariba ❤️