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  • misperanza 16w

    Your happiness is my only concern,
    Even if that meant sacrificing my own;
    I would do absolutely anything just to make you smile;
    Even if that meant, me without being by your side.
    My love, i just want you to be the happiest.

  • misperanza 16w

    I adore every little thing about you,
    You think you're the worst;
    But i think you're the best;
    You always questioned your worth,
    But to me, you are the most beautiful thing here on earth.
    I can tell you things that i can't even tell myself.
    Others will tell you they loved you;
    But unlike them, i can only show you.
    Don't ask me why i love you,
    Just accept the fact that i do.
    And i can only choose to hold you in my dreams,
    For in my dreams, we have no end.
    There will always me and you.

  • misperanza 37w

    Your Hands

    Like a magnet, our hands automatically touched;
    The void was filled,
    Your hold takes me to a million places;
    My heart races a little bit,
    Let me hold your hand, let me walk with you, I am yours to hold.
    So please don't let go.

  • misperanza 37w

    Your Smile

    I love your lips and the way it stretched;
    I love the laughter that comes from it,
    The way you giggled in your talk;
    When i see your face smiling and shining,
    I can feel my heart fastly beating;
    Oh, how i love your smile.

  • misperanza 37w

    Your Eyes

    Those beautiful eyes, it shines;
    I could stare at it all day long.
    So pretty as can be;
    Along with your personality
    I always wonder, what are your thoughts when those eye locks with mine.
    Oh, girl your eyes so stunning for those I would die.

  • misperanza 40w


    Every moment without you is just unbearable;
    Going on with my day without you is super terrible.
    But you are as far as I have never wanted you to be;
    Why you have to be so far away?
    Looking forward to spend my 24/7 with you someday.

  • misperanza 40w

    Missing You

    I’m sad that we’re so far apart,
    I am missing you so bad and it's tearing me apart;
    Each day I spent without you makes me miss you so very much.
    I guess the only thing i can do is to wait and watch.
    So please wait for me my love and keep in touch?

  • misperanza 40w

    I Miss You

    All these days and nights without you here,
    It's a little bit more than I can bear.
    With your picture in my hand, the only thing i can do is to stare.
    I wanna hold you in my arms so bad;
    My nights and days are so lonely and sad.
    My love, though we’re miles apart,
    You’re forever in my heart.

  • misperanza 41w


    Words I say don’t always come out right,
    and they always seem to start a fight.
    Because I can’t control myself,
    when I get mad;
    This restless feeling I have,
    It’s so making me sad.
    I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough.

  • misperanza 41w


    I don’t know what to do,
    I try so hard to be a better person to you;
    I screw up a lot and I ignore you too.
    I know you’re getting sick of me,
    I’m getting sick of myself too.
    I don’t know how many times,
    I can say sorry to you.
    But my love, please find in your heart to forgive this fool.
    Please choose me over your pride and anger?
    I love you, I really do and I am so sorry.