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  • miss_8teen 9w


    Yes, she's my birth mother.
    I'm a young woman struggling with a mental health disorder - anxiety and depression.
    I can't talk to her because well religion. Apparently I'm depressed because I don't "pray enough".
    Now imagine this :
    a broke woman dependent on her father's sponsorship to basically live,
    Emotionally abused time and time again and expected to move past it because 'I'm the eldest child' while at the same time I'm expected to keep my grades up and smile through it all.
    Sounds like a Cinderella story yes?

  • miss_8teen 11w


    Alas pain!
    A familiar friend.

  • miss_8teen 11w

    The Steel's Kiss

    Do you think about it?
    the kiss of the steel I mean.
    Do you ever wonder - would the tears my wrist cry be warm,
    the way your palms felt on my skin?
    Or cool, like my heart after you walked away?

    It still calls me you know,
    The reaper.
    It's harvest and the yield is my kiss of death.
    So, do you think about it?
    The kiss of the steel I mean.

  • miss_8teen 11w


    Sweet girl,
    It wouldn't always feel like this.
    The lump in your throat when another one leaves,
    The smile on your lips as he tells you he's found another-
    because you absolutely cannot afford to cry
    The constant need for a reminder of his love,
    The uncertainty of who you are .

    You've lost so much finding love
    And gotten so little compensation.
    But sweet girl, it wouldn't always be like this -
    One day you'll be in love,
    One day, you'll love you.
    My sweet , sweet , girl

  • miss_8teen 92w


    Once upon a time,
    On a cool rainy noon.
    A tale of friendship,
    perfidy, scathe.
    Once upon a time,
    The glued bits finally crumbled.

    Once upon a time,
    On a cool winter noon,
    Two hearts halting.
    The tale I bring before you,
    Might leave you a wailful muss.

    Once upon a time,
    On a cool rainy noon,
    Shouts, halting hearts -
    Lies from time past.
    Once upon a time,
    A seed of discord
    seeded between friends.

  • miss_8teen 95w

    Now upon a time

    Once upon a time you were my Peace.
    My world, all I knew.
    Once upon a time I almost gave myself 'cos I didn't have you.
    Once upon a time there thought of getting over you was foreign.
    Yesterday I saw you.
    The pain hasn't gone away but it's numb.
    It's barely noticeable.
    Yesterday I saw you and for the first time in a long time It felt good getting rid of the burden of you.
    Now upon a time, I just want you to be happy.