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  • miss_bonkers 79w


  • miss_bonkers 80w

    Just a drawing and a poem to go with it....
    #mirakee #talents #trying

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    A talent that was lost,
    A fire that burnt out,
    Ignites again,
    Slowly melting off the frost...

  • miss_bonkers 86w

    Last bench...

    "Hey last bench, do u miss us the way we miss u?
    All our best times and all our worst times happened with u,
    All the punishments and all the jokes happened with u,
    All the silent conversations and loud sorts happened with u,
    All the mid-class food eating and all the turning backs happened with u,
    Do u miss us the way we miss u?"

  • miss_bonkers 103w

    A new start

    You: Why are you crying? Your starting a new life, isn't this what you always wanted?
    Me: Yes, but that was before I met you and found out that some people are worth going through hell for...

    74th day

  • miss_bonkers 103w


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    Today I am leaving it all behind,
    Today I won't shed a single tear,
    Today I will be brave,
    Today gone will be pain I bear,
    Today I will make it all right,
    Today I will not care,
    Today everything will be alright,
    Today I start a new life,
    Today is the day,
    Today I won't live at the edge of a knife...

    I think all this because I want to belive it but my moron of a brain just won't set this in and don't get me started on my heart. That lil fella' has been crying non stop for 73 days. I don't know how I will make it to 1461...
    I love you and u will always be in my heart... Even after the world is no more. Cause we r the bestest of friends till the world ends...

  • miss_bonkers 106w

    I'll meet you where the orchid stands...

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  • miss_bonkers 111w


    The world turns and we grow old,
    The coke bottles turn into cups of tea,
    The crazy singing turns into lullabys,
    The secret conversations fade away,
    The chasing around turns into yoga poses,
    The junk food turns into green veggies,
    The beauty creams turn into wrinkle removing creams,
    The cool hair pins turn into old clutches,
    The class gossip turns into discussion of kid's future,
    But the love in our heart never changes, it never fades away
    We still remain the bestest of friends...

  • miss_bonkers 113w


    You think you left me stranded on my island of misery being isolated and lonely, calling for help?
    I cut down my trees of sorrow and took my ropes of pain to construct a boat and now let's see for how long you can run and hide from the wrath of my soul...

  • miss_bonkers 113w

    For those who have been through this and those who are going through this jut remember that your true power lies inside of you and only you are the one who can figure it out.
    #survivors #life

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    They asked me-"You have lost everything yet you have that silver of pride in your eyes, why?"
    I replied-"Because I have made in, in the list of survivors of God."
    "Survivors aren't only the ones who have been through a natural calamity or a gunfight. Physical injury can be cured but when you are scarred mentally...It is very hard to get over, especially when you are in it all alone. It is like am endless painful void. But I made it out of that and that is the reason for the silver of pride you now see in my eyes and that is what keeps me going and help me fight through the challenges."

  • miss_bonkers 113w

    Rising above all hurt and pain....
    Showing them that all their efforts in keeping you down were worthless and useless and defeat those who hurt you.
    @fighting_back @rising_above

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    Flames of life

    Life is beautiful so are flames.
    Have you ever just stared at burning fire and thought of your life? Try it. It will show you the way. The way to life...A better one.
    Life is always changing, bending, moving, turning and twisting in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Just like flames of fire you cannot possibly imagine in which way it will go next.
    The fire is hot yet beautiful. Take inspiration from it, show people around you, those who mean to hurt you, that you aren't just a pretty face. Show them that you are not one of those who admit defeat and are left broken down. No, you will rise up, like the flames of the fire, and burn them. Make them loose in their own game....
    Just think about it....