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  • miss_lyra 5w

    Water Color Kisses

    I want to kiss you like water color.
    I want our lips to blend together
    like a sunset over the sea.
    To fall into your arms, and forget
    that a monochrome world surrounds us.


  • miss_lyra 8w

    Sequestered Love

    He was the Moon, surrounded by billions of stars... but who he longed for was the Sun.
    The Sun who never hung around the gaggle of stars.
    And those stars tried so hard to illuminate his life like she did,
    but the Moon was only full when the sun was around.
    Without her full attention, he was incomplete, shaded, and lonely.

  • miss_lyra 13w

    Artist @ Heart

    When did you find out you are an artist?

    Was it when in preschool you actually made macaroni art,
    instead of eating it?

    Or perhaps in elementary school, littering the refrigerator with your artwork,
    hiding your report card.

    Was it when you felt the electricity after performing at a middle school talent show?

    Or had too much fun playing with mother's makeup, or your sister's hair, even though
    "that's not a boy thing".

    Or did it dawn on you after composition class, when you felt such pride in turning in
    a fictional essay assignment?

    We didn't choose this creative life,
    it was born in us.
    Some realize it sooner than others,
    some don't find it until they retire,
    crafting a life we want to live
    by the beauty we create.

    When did you find your creative side?
    Are you still searching?


  • miss_lyra 14w


    Pustules populate my pink face
    From a young age
    Their army gets stronger
    50 caliber Zits show up,
    creating havoc on the
    plains of my complexion
    I've conduct chemical warfare,
    Tretinoin, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid
    Nothing stops them!
    Slowly, some leave lasting battle scars on my cheeks
    from battles lost to my pudgy fingers.

    What will heal this no man's land from the years of destruction but time?

  • miss_lyra 14w

    In Visibility

    In the public eye,
    Even when we feel most transparent,
    someone notices the glint of our cloaks.
    There is no hiding.
    Ostriches with our heads in our phones,
    if we would only look up more often-
    maybe we would see others looking back.
    Maybe we would notice the other
    Invisible people.
    If you feel alone, trust me,
    you're not the only one.

  • miss_lyra 14w

    To the man who's soul is made of the same material as mine~

    #Love #Soulmates #Broken

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    Same Ceramics

    Why do you stick with me?
    I am so broken.

    Because I recognize your shards
    as my own.
    The cracks and chips
    in the ceramics of our soul,
    made by the same Artist.
    My hands may be scarred from
    holding onto your
    rough edges too firmly,
    but I promise you,
    I will never let go.
    When I fall off the shelf again,
    you'll be there to pick me up.
    I may be in millions of pieces,
    but I know you'll strive to find
    every one of them.
    We are the molten gold
    that fuses each other back together.