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  • miss_vampire 20h

    Never make your girl cry because there are lot of idiots waiting to wipe her tears

  • miss_vampire 1d

    3 AM

    Chatting under blanket till 3am
    Crying under blanket till 3am

    If u love.. be ready to feel pain of being ignored

  • miss_vampire 2d

    The saddest part in our life is to say GOODBYE to the person you wish to spend your life time with...

  • miss_vampire 4d

    Every time my phone vibrates...
    I hope it's a text from you

  • miss_vampire 4d

    True love never needs perfect beauty...

  • miss_vampire 5d

    If every boy feels other girl as his sister then we will find a place where no rapes no acid raids and only peace exist there..
    Happy rakshabandhan

  • miss_vampire 1w

    Don't care for those who are ignoring you..
    Care for those who ignore others for you❤️

  • miss_vampire 1w

    Happiness is when u call by yourself without seeing my missed calls

  • miss_vampire 1w

    Tears come from eyes
    When pain enters heart ❤️

  • miss_vampire 1w

    I can't promise to fix all of your problems
    But I promise u won't face them alone...