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  • misslittlecow 7w


    Soy de la Huasteca Mexicana
    Sangre indígena corre entre mis venas
    Soy de piel Morena
    Cabellera negra y lacia

    Sangre de guerreros y talentosos artesanos
    Mi gente conquistada pero el corazón libre

    Tenemos raíces más profundas que varias
    De otras personas
    Nuestros antepasados orgullosos
    De nuestro futuro

    Nuestra cultura libre y poderosa
    Nos quisieron conquistar pero
    No pudieron quitar nuestro espíritu

    Soy de sangre indígena y orgullosa

  • misslittlecow 7w

    An Extraordinary Queen

    I came so far
    Traveled across various lands
    Traveled from realm to realm

    I have never felt so proud
    Of my own self before
    But the journey was not easy

    I've fought demons
    Even Angels
    I fought many battles
    In the end I came out with a crown
    I came out with a Royal title

    A Queen is not built in a day
    Instead it is made from the most
    precious metals any land could offer
    She is forged it the deepest of hells
    In the scorching flames of prejudice
    Inside the lakes of self doubt

    At the end she comes out victorious

    She is no ordinary Royal
    She is a Warrior with a Crown
    Never falling down
    Head held high
    Armor ready for yet another battle

    She is ready to conquer

    She is a Warrior and a Queen


  • misslittlecow 7w

    Mental health

    My anxiety and depression are the imbalance
    Of already existing chemicals

    An imbalance that is detrimental to ones
    own health

    Do we fix it?
    Do we cure it?
    We simply just suppress it
    We ignore it

    There is no match for lack of motivation
    There is no match constant isolation

    I've been trying to get better
    I have been trying to overcome it

    Sadly I shall bear this till the grave
    This is not a call for help
    May I digressed

    Just a simple explanation of my mental health
    And behaviors
    Nothing more than what is going on in my life

  • misslittlecow 8w


    I can not do this or that
    I'm limited in the things I can do
    I live in a country where public transportation
    Is not a thought in someone's mind

    My time is at the hands of others
    My time is not mine unless I find a way
    To make it so

    Its ludicrous that at the age that I'm at
    I'm still relying on my parents
    I get treated differently than my brother

    I get told what to wear and what not to
    Get told How to act and how to behave
    I can not be me
    I can not be free

    People say just get a job
    Just move out
    Just do this and that



    it's not as easy as move and go
    It's not as easy as 1 2 3 GO

    Getting out requires skillful preparation
    One that I have been trying to do for years
    One wrong move and you get tossed around


  • misslittlecow 8w

    Ancestor Papa Abuelito

    I may have never met you
    But I saw you in my dreams
    I know that you are watching me
    The great grand daughter you couldn't meet

    I feel your presence
    I feel your embrace
    Even if I only saw you in a dream
    I know that you have always been there for me

    Papa abuelito te quiero y te amo

    When I saw you
    You were dressed like a warrior
    With your war paint on
    You gave this little brujita some joy and wisdom

    I may have never met you
    I know you are watching from heaven above
    Knowing that makes me feel special

    Now that mama abuelita is gone
    I know that she too is watching over me
    I hope to one day see y'all both in my dreams
    I know that she was mean to you but she repayed all of that in this plane

    I can not wait to see you again in my dreams
    My querido papá abuelito

  • misslittlecow 9w


    As a witch I work within the shadows
    I educate
    I learn
    I practice

    As a witch it is my duty to help out
    It is my duty to help those that are in the light

    I may not be out in the frontlines
    But I am in the shadows giving my help

    I came to realize
    that my spells are to be kept hidden
    I educate those who I can

    In public I am sharing information
    I'm signing petitions
    I'm amplifying those that need to be heard

    I work in the shadows
    I do my best
    I find my energy at its strongest
    when its hidden

  • misslittlecow 9w

    This is America

    I live in an unjust world
    Where the victim is called the aggressor
    And the aggressor is called a victim

    They like to change the narrative
    To fit their own agenda

    Those that don't speak out
    Will never let our voices be heard

    Compliance is malicious
    Deviance is justified
    When the people are oppressed
    We rise and they do not like that

    Some of us can not fight in the frontlines
    But we do what we must
    We educate
    We spread the word
    We organized
    Because together as one
    No one can stop us

    Police are against us
    Even potus wants us dead
    The military is deployed to put us to an end
    They are just following orders
    But the military (at least some of them)
    Stand with us

    The police are supposed to protect us
    The potus should unite us
    But sadly in this day and age
    They are here to divide us

    To many have died
    Those deaths were unjustified
    Even our good cops have died
    For being black

  • misslittlecow 9w


    I may not be black
    But I am brown

    I may not share your injustices
    But I do have my own

    Me and you against the world
    My brothers and sisters
    Together we are strong

    We both face discrimination
    That is why I yell so bodly
    We may not be the same
    But we share each others pain

    They don't want us united
    They want us apart

    I say who gives a damn

    We have history together
    We are not so far apart

  • misslittlecow 13w


    Time is the 4th dimension
    It cannot be controlled
    We humans have harnessed it but only to let it
    Become measurable
    We haven't discovered it's full potential

    The age of Aquarius is upon us
    The age of enlightenment and spirituality

    I started my journey at a young age
    Got lost on the way
    But now I'm back on my path again

    Past lives
    Future self's
    Everything is happening at the same time
    Time is not linear
    Time is here and it's there
    It exist and it ceases to do so

    It's a wave
    A tidal wave
    A tsunami

    We have yet to control once we do
    Humans shall cease to exist
    We are selfish
    All we want is power and are full of greed

    We shall transcend past these four walls
    To truly believe in the wonders
    If the fourth dimension


  • misslittlecow 14w

    Female Body

    We suffer from a beautiful curse
    Beautiful because we have the ability to bring life into the world
    A curse because some of us suffer all week long

    Sleepless tired nights
    I lay awake wishing for it to end
    Wishing for the pain to go away

    I know what I'm going through is not
    "Normal" but alas I must endure

    Can not concentrate
    Can not move
    Can not sleep

    Fatigue sets in
    Constant state of hunger
    Constant state of fatigue