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  • missmichellelee_ 4w

    You have to sit
    Inside it
    Let it linger
    And marinate,
    And sizzle
    Around the edges,
    The only way
    To heal
    Is to let yourself
    Feel it
    Smell it
    Devour it whole
    And then purge
    The bones

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 6w

    I am growing so much in this last year that unfortunately the moments of struggle are far more prevalent in my mind. Because growth hurts and it typically occurs within battles and periods of pain and suffering. It is within discomfort that true growth takes place. I want to become comfortable with discomfort. I want to wake up and seize the day regardless of feeling discomfort. And I want to do it with a smile. This is where the spurts occur. This is where I grow so tall that I can see above the mountain. I can see the fruits upon the hills. They are ripe and fresh and they wait for me.

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 7w

    Red lights
    Tend to reset
    My racing mind
    As it rushes
    Through existence,
    I am learning,
    Profoundly expanding
    With each step,
    Superstitions have me
    Stepping over cracks
    In the cement
    And as new life grows
    Through fissures
    I fill with hope
    For the rain may come,
    But the sky will catch fire
    And I’ll admire
    Blossoms upon
    The branches again,
    I’ll admire how
    I continue to bloom
    Through all precipitation

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 9w

    Oh, Phoenix
    Of the ashes
    Rest your head
    Upon the debris
    Of an old life
    For a new one
    Has emerged
    And you will
    Truly soar
    Into the sky,
    Be patient soul
    Take in the sight,
    For this flight
    Is divine

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 11w

    I am grateful for
    Late morning bathing
    When the sun shines
    Perfectly through
    The tiny window
    In my shower,
    Healah Dancing
    Carries on gracefully
    In the background
    And I slow dance
    With the sun,
    With the breeze,
    Hold hands with
    The scent of the sea
    That creeps between
    The open crack
    Of the tiny window
    In my shower

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 13w

    Shit can get dark,
    Silence is just
    Another word
    For pain,
    I chase butterflies
    And they remind me
    To come up for air
    As I slay demons
    Down under the sea,
    I’ve come so far
    You see,
    I’m almost free,
    It feels like
    I’m almost there,
    Almost me,

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 16w

    Life is really
    Just about getting
    Out of your head
    Most days,
    No questions
    Of what’s next
    And who really cares
    Because you are here,
    You are here, now
    As the October wind
    Cleanses dull skin
    Reviving weak spirits
    Just let go and heal,
    The leaf falls,
    But another will grow,
    So stare at the sky
    For some time,
    Feel the shower water
    Trickle down your spine
    Along with pain
    Into the drain,
    Just let go and heal

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 17w

    This is my journey
    And no one else’s,
    I may walk with others,
    But I am alone
    In a world within
    Where I tame monsters
    With self-love,
    Starving them of
    Undivided attention
    And my own sanity,
    As they sleep
    I place one foot
    In front of the other
    In pursuit of escape,
    Never do I plant
    Two feet for long,
    But I walk the path
    Where the soil is rich
    And blessed with
    Abundant sunlight
    So I’ve grown taller
    And now I can see
    Over the mountain,
    This is my journey
    And no one else’s

    Michelle Lee ⁣

  • missmichellelee_ 19w

    Supernova me,
    A stellar explosion
    Into massive evolution
    As I illuminate the sky,
    Oh, astronomical soul
    Powerful is she,
    Bleeding cosmic rays
    She collapses into herself,
    Forged and born again
    This is not the end,
    But the blazing rebirth

    Michelle Lee

  • missmichellelee_ 20w

    And so they say
    Don’t live in the past,
    But reminiscing
    Is exactly what
    I’ve been missing,
    A fire burned wildly
    Far inside of me
    Not that long ago
    And this nostalgia
    May instigate a tear,
    But I can assure you
    I’m smiling ear to ear
    Because far inside of me
    I can feel the intensity,
    She’s still there
    After all this time

    Michelle Lee