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  • missthakur 49w

    Hum apne pyaar par amal the,
    Isiliye ja kar bhi na ja paye..

    Wo ye soch baithe ki wo unka pyaar tha,
    Ki hum wapas aa baithe..

    Par galib kaun samajhaye unhe..
    Ki gar wo apne pyaar par amal hote,
    Toh beete waqt ke sath na unke pyaar ki hadd badalti, na wo badalte..

  • missthakur 49w

    Reasons-Part 2

    You smile for the same reason,
    You use to make me cry once for..

    You want me to understand those things,
    Which you never understood..

    You get irritated and annoyed for the same tears,
    Which shed through your eyes once too, for the same reasons it's rolling down here today..

    The women who stood by your all odds, helped through and patiently tolerated everything,
    Doesn't feel right today cause she is broken too..

    You use to judge me for my life, my way, my family, my priorities, my friends,
    Inspite of the fact that I loved you to same extent you did..

    The one you are hiding today from people,
    Use to be your pride possession..

    The thoughts that you use to have, which I tried to explain and make you calm in the past.,
    Now you don't want me to even think about those things, when I am experiencing it the otherwise., and when I utter a word, you shhhoo and shout at me like my existence is worthless..

    You don't feel the same love,
    Which you use to do at some point of time..

    When you were having nothing and all you had was me.. And I use to respect the fact that I have to the one for him, if he does so much for me..

    It might seem like a complain,
    But all I am saying is either you shouldn't have loved me so much..
    Or you shouldn't have changed with time and when you feel ur well being..

    With love from,
    The love that you don't need anymore

  • missthakur 49w

    Love again

    Wake from my slumber, i wish I could call you up
    Miss how you'd put your love on me,
    Boy, you've got my number, wish I could feel your touch,
    Wish you could follow up on me,
    If you can take my hand, I promise we'll find love again, love again..

    You don't even say what's up, Round your boys you act so tough,
    Like you've never been in love, if you don't quit acting up,
    Alone is where you're gon' end up, I promise
    You may think that I'm crazy, You should ask around 'bout me,
    Put your trust in me, baby...

    Hold on until the end, hold on until you can't extend,
    I'll be clinging on to you, And then we get again, All waiting around,
    And then circle back around to you, I'm coming back around,
    And even on your worst day, Love you in the worst way,
    Circling around for eternity, Going through the motions you're turning me, internally,
    Drifting on my own again, Reaching out to hold your hand..

    I want to be alone with you
    Can I be alone with you?
    If you can take my hand
    I promise we'll find love again, love again, oh ever..

  • missthakur 50w


    Of all the reasons you portrayed about me,
    All the blames you put on me,
    Whatever you thought about me,
    I kept on saying the actual reasons
    And you kept on ignoring
    Instead you accepted your convenient reasons,
    I would just say one thing
    If any of that was correct, would I have been in the situation where I am today..
    Would I have came back fearing that I will loose you for life..
    Would I have been crying my heart out to be exactly the same with you..
    Just rethink and accept the fact that, the reason you accepted as per your convenience was never the actual reason..

  • missthakur 50w

    To the one I thought to be "The True Love"..

    There is nothing such as true love or the love of the life these days. Not saying generically for everyone, there are some lucky people who might have actually experienced that or have that. But the truth is it's all situational, conditional, depended on circumstances, state of mind, attitude and ego. Even when you think it's true love or was true love, eventually you get to know that it was situational either by the same individual or with time. Truly all my faith in love have lost, because where I believed it was true love and that I did find it and even if I was unable to see it for a while, I had that faith burning inside me. Now when everything has been made clear, I was told that all that I was given and experienced was only because he lacked self worth and not because he loved me truly and emmensly, because after a month when he gained his worth a little he showed me his true colors and the true treatment that he could have offered me. It was that point where I felt that I have fooling around myself to have found the love of my life or the so called true love of my life. Inspite of all the odds and compromises I always felt, it's that love that's most important for me, which ultimately turned out to be nothing more than a situational thing...

  • missthakur 50w

    A letter to "Self"

    For an average looking girl like me, it was really hard to make my identity visible. In a world so profound of good looking face and worthy of the same, in the time of these mentality my dad made me realize at an early stage of my life, that all I had was my knowledge and intellectual beauty, and you will make your identity with the same. I believed that and it took a lot to engross the same, to make myself comfortable in myself and be proud. Until I faced life alone and fell in love. The years I worked upon myself to be proud of myself, was all shattered in a moment when the love of my life made me feel worthless. All that the world said to him was easy for him to accept and acknowledge, never had it been easy for him to acknowledge my intellect or ever agree to it, even if it was so just and fair to appreciate it. In words it was easy for him to say, you are the "KA" and I had accepted it long back, but in reality it was only till the time he thought he didn't had any value. Cause as soon as he achived some value in his own eyes, it was so difficult for him to obey his own words and act the same as before, and for the man I was so proud to have didn't took a moment to behave like the other men in this world.

  • missthakur 53w

    Can memories be materialistic?

    It bothered me when he said,
    "I suffocates in that house where we lived our most beautiful days with his parents on weekends, because i miss you the most there"

    Not that we dont have any memories at his friends place where he is currently living, but he confirmed he doesn't miss me at all there.. I mean doesn't get that suffocated feeling, to be precise!!

    And I remember what i said to him,
    Was that i keep missing you irrespective of the places, time and incidences we had..
    I miss you when I am alone or with people,
    I miss you when I am traveling in bus, although we never travelled in bus..
    I miss you whenever I go to a new place, city where we never went together..

    And he said.. Do you know I am talking in office hours..!! And all I could say was even I was talking in official hours..!!

    Inspite of the fact that I wanted to actually say was..I feel preveledge of the fact that my love, memories, feelings aren't materialistic and limited to the places.. And how can it be? If you have really loved a person and you miss that person, that feeling.. It cannot be limited to time, place or any thing.. If it is, then it's materialistic.. And I am glad mine is not..

  • missthakur 57w

    Broken to beautiful..

    They say in Japan,
    the broken bowl are recreated
    by rejoining the pieces of broken bowl,
    with melted gold,
    to make it more beautiful..
    They believe the same in relationships..
    I wish this was practiced in India as well,
    at least for relationships..

  • missthakur 59w

    Koti koti dhanyavaad.. ����

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    Aadarniya Shushmaji

    Jane kitne dilo ko chuu gai aap..
    Jane kitne sawalo ko suljha gai aap..
    Jane kitno ki akhiri ummeed rahi aap..
    Hindustan ka chehra rahi aap..
    Jane kitni ladkiyon ko prerna de gai aap..
    Afsos to ye hai ki jane toh hum na the, kab , kaise, kaha achanak chali gyi aap..

  • missthakur 60w

    तुम्हारी यादें

    सोचा था, आदतो की तरह तुम्हारी यादें भी छूठं जाऐगी
    पर शायद ये यादें धड़कनों के साथ ही छूटेगी।।