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  • misty_2004 1w

    @farheen_dreams HAPPY BIRTHDAY ��
    *Many many happy returns of the day ❤️

    ��Sry for late post!

    We love u ��

    Chaliye sbse pehle ek acchi si smile chahiye��


    Wo foolon se sundar, aur khushbu jaisi mohak hai...
    Unse apne pan ka kya puchna,
    Wo apne ap ne Mohabbat hai !



    You are the poetry that speaks of love,
    The lines of autumn that glorify the sun,
    The eloquence of joy that comes with days,
    The rose that blooms on dewy hazy days....

    The soothe that bothers every aching heart,
    The lesson of love that none can impart.
    The sweetness of honey, and the glaze of stars..
    You are the beuty that wins all hearts. ��

    Once again happy birthday �� love u loads

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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    Happy Birthday

  • misty_2004 1w

    I befriend the solitude,
    For chaos never lets me sleep.
    nd within the dark , dreary rooms,
    I overthink and my voice in my head screams!!

    A hollow rush of epinephrine
    Subtly pricks my hide.
    I gulp down my melancholy,
    For I have none to share what's mine.

    And the darkness tides and splashes.
    On my skin, I discover patches.
    Patches that remind me of what I had been
    And those that tell me there's the approaching grim.

    And within the gloom,the cerecloth gleems,
    The white shines and the softness beams.
    A lucid draping covers me like
    A dream that veils the hollow plights.

    And the slow yet steady pain surfeits.
    The eloquence of joy loses heed.
    And in the mere presence, my sounds disappear.
    I fall for silence and in love with despair.

    #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #poetry #longform #overthinking #death #pain #gloom #darkness #silence #surrender #end #lame


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    And the dark nights have witnessed the burns that overthinkers impose on their skin. And they know they are hurt. Yet they try to rise.
    The heaviness settles and the breaths fasten. The blood warms up and then cools down. A meek flow flows down the chins and then it's the dawn. And the night ends.

  • misty_2004 1w

    Learn to read the silence...
    More than a million screams will be heard then....

  • misty_2004 4w

    I praised the marmoris and the shuffling waves.
    But forgot what depth lied within.
    That there was gloom within the light,
    Which could not otherwise be seen.
    I stepped a few steps further...
    And the depth gulped me clean.

    I gleamed at the beauty of the rose.
    But the decorum of thorns was forgotten.
    That there was blood in the love,
    That was heard yet not spoken.
    I embraced the rose, deeper to the soul,
    Just to soak the love begotten.

    I stared at the twinkling stars,
    And the brightly lit moon out there.
    But forgot that the other side was dark and scarred,
    Like the smile veiling despairs.
    I gazed and gazed and lost the daylight,
    And for love, I nurtured fear.

    I was overwhelmed by the colours of the caelum,
    Those scintillating auroras over the snow.
    But little did I remember what pains it took,
    To burn and refract and paint the blues.
    I wondered what beauty lied out there,
    Of mine,I lost the hues.

    I spoke with a smile and shining eyes,
    But forgot to write the silence.
    I draped myself with the lengths of youth,
    And within folds,I lost my innocence.
    Still I tried to petrify my posture and smile alike,
    I won the world but for me ,I bathed with ignorance.



    @writersnetwork thanks for the kind like ����
    @mirakee @writersbay a read??

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    I felt the mightiest heights of the curve,
    And then fell within the infringement.

  • misty_2004 7w

    The social beauty standards often lead to people hating themselves. A lil bit fairer and they call you anaemic...a shade more turn out to be a bitch . A few sizes lower and your family isn't providing food...a few sizes over and you are too heavy to look good!! And colours and dresses then haunt them straight... taunts and stress Fill the vacant space...they question themselves and to their mothers... numerous remedies used...from this to that ...half the kitchen stuff plunged on the skin...nd still no shade up???oops!! We need a dermatologist. May be a cosmetic surgeon ??
    Then numerous pills and creams and lotions and this and that...yet the melanin remains intact ! Poor chap!! You don't fit the societal beauty standards!!



    @writersnetwork thanks for the kind like and repost ❤️❤️


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    As a little kid, I chose that dress,
    Little did I know my choice was a mess!
    Someone beside me cried,"that colour isn't for you".
    Someone asked my mum aside," Try these remedies to lighten her hues".

    And then my chubby cheeks
    And extra flaunting flesh on the waist,
    A face with a pimple and hair not so long to be braided.

    They looked on my thighs and oh my gosh!!
    There was so much flesh,
    " lower your diet,you will have sexy steps".
    My friends at a party made a mock,
    " Damn dark lipstick!! doesn't suit you black dog" .

    There was another friend of mine,
    So fair to be our snow white!
    "A little like anaemic patient" ,they said she looked,
    She was thinner,
    " don't your mother get you food".

    Back to my backless, strapless dress.
    They said my flaunting fat poised the rate.
    "You could have tried something loose and brighter".
    " At least your weight could be apparently lighter" .

    Clocks turned round and I grew darker.
    And they over-weighed my melanin stock.
    And I started questing myself
    " Why don't I fit the standards they lock?"

    Every party and every wear.
    There is always someone to leave me bare.
    They whisper slow in a corner,
    But that haunts my mind that they stare.

    "So dark and so fat...
    How will they get her a lad?"
    "No lip gloss is pretty on her hues.."
    To fit the standards,GET ME SOME CLUES!


  • misty_2004 9w

    100% #random
    ��Ise haqiqat k sath jodne ki galti na kre....��
    ��Wo durghatna ka karan bn skti h ��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee a read?????

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    You feel like the shivers and chills,
    In the bleak and frigid winters...
    Like the drooping afternoon naps,
    In sun-kissed autumnal pleasures...
    Like the breathing periwinkles,
    In the spring's royal bloom,
    Like the unseen untold tale,
    When the sun ardently kisses the moon....

    You feel like the insisting essence,
    When a new book turns to be read...
    You feel like the magical spells,
    That exist but are barely said..
    Like the archaic love in bouquets and pearls,
    Like the wind entered me after having you spared....

    You feel like the salted wounds...
    That do not ooze blood but pain...
    Like the frequent visionary dream,
    That has an end but never ends...
    Like the dizziness after making a long and longed love....
    Like the avon that have fabricated the coffins of the doves...

    And like the poetries that say a lot but not the intended,
    That speak of memories and offences....
    That treasure you but rarely says....
    I confess...I love you and will be yours always.....

  • misty_2004 9w

    She: propose me in a unique way��
    He: mai alpha ki kasam khakr kehta hu beta is duniya s extinct v ho gya fir v mera pyar tumhare liye kam ni hoga��

    [ Kisi khaas dost ki likhi lines�� Ab to beta ladki tumhari]

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    Chahat hui kisi se to fir beintehaan hui,
    Chaha to chahato ki hadd se guzar gaye...
    Humne khuda se kuch bhi na manga magar use,
    Manga to siskiyo ki bhi hadd se guzar gyi..

  • misty_2004 9w

    Am sry...late ho gyi kuch zada hi!��


    Happiest Birthday @aarti_singh di
    Many many happy returns of the day �� Stay blessed ��
    Keep smiling ��

    Wish u happy years ahead��
    I wish ur smile is treasured and spread!!
    A long healthy life is yet to come!
    And I hope u win whatever comes��

    Happy Birthday ��


    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️



    Once again , Happiest Birthday ����������

    Let's party ��������



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  • misty_2004 10w

    Before you say something, please think twice....your words can tear someone's world apart.��

    When you love someone,you don't love the person for the sake of society or someone else. You just love the person for love sake. Society plays antagonistic role within the very play and paints the colourful world of the lovers with dark black paints of caste, religion, tradition , region, language and so on. And a happy tale often ends.

    This is absolutely random !!

    @gunjit_jain @sparkling_ @blayder_ @tia_2005 @few_unspoken_words @farheen_dreams @rani_shri @the_stori_ @platipoem @harshithsavanth what do you people think?

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    To every lover, (whosoever it may concern)

    If you love , love for love sake. Be friends. Measure your words. If you feel the commitment of the other person, do respect the feeling of the other person. If your presence, heals someone and relieves someone's aching heart, do gift your time and existence for the love sake. The world lacks loyal commitment. If someone value your words, accepts your instincts, understands your part, stays by your side, give reverence to their loyalty and consistency. If someone treasures your words and actions, and suspend their ego and attitude, remember,the person has fallen for you and can even sacrifice the only life for your sake. Human ego is gloomy. If someone is ready to break it for ur sake, do accept that . If u r someone's diary to write in,one who knows every little detail of someone's life, do feel the trust that comes from the other person's heart. If someone puts efforts in staying with you, learn to help the person hold the relationship in a way stronger. If u can't,at least don't break hearts.

    Love comes.sometimes it stays and at other times it fades away...maybe because of disloyalty, mistrust, or mis-comprehension of infatuation as love. But if love comes to you in its true form , do not veil it with deception. Do endure what comes to u with a smile. Do value ,if u r more valuable than someone's tears. Do assure your consistency and the wish for the stay, if you feel loved for someone who claims to love you and does.

  • misty_2004 10w

    And it feels like there's some sort of ambiguity freezing my blood.I surfeit. I surrender. I find my ties worthless and may be unworthy of end . There's some sort of aching that's not letting me breathe. Yes! Am unworthy of someone's cause of loving. Am unworthy of someone's craving. I give up... I give it all.....

    #random 100%

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    Kuch mohlat hume v dete jana..
    Kbhi palko ki yaadon me hume v yaad krlena...
    Kuch pal theher k kbhi guzre lamho ki yaad me
    Tumbhi ek raat bitalena...
    Hum dur kahi chandni ki roshni s milne ayenge tumhe...
    Tum hawa k jhoke me humari khusboo pehchan lena...