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  • mistywins15 6h

    You say

    You say I never cared.
    That's not true...
    I cared too much about you.

    You say I never listened.
    I did...I listened to every word.
    I just couldn't believe them.

    You say you are giving up...
    That no one cares if you live...
    That's not true either.

    I can give you a list of people who cares.
    But that's not enough to make you stay.

  • mistywins15 1w

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Two people holding hands.
    Notes of love sung by a band.
    Chocolate treats with sweet kisses.
    A married couple; Mr. And Mrs.
    "I love you" is what they say
    More than once on this special day.
    A secret date away from the kids...
    A pocket where a diamond ring is hid.
    I hope that all love lasts forever,
    And that every bond may never sever.

  • mistywins15 1w

    Even in my dreams,

    I can't stop judging myself.

  • mistywins15 2w

    One Year

    One year will soon be here.
    But you are gone now, I fear.
    Lost are our memories of us.
    Broken battles and a silent fuss.
    Rapid heartbeats nothing anymore.
    A hollow ache in my core.
    Are you drowning too in this water?
    My love I couldn't just give or barter.

    One year will soon be gone.
    Remember sleepless nights till dawn?
    The laughter and the pain.
    What in the hell did we both gain?
    Drained mentally from our fights.
    The non-solutions were such a blight.
    We tried to work it all out.
    But there was a crack that spread about.

    One year. It was our last.
    The relationship faded fast.
    It was the fault of one in the end.
    This wasn't something that could mend.
    I tried to love but I just could not.
    I pursued a war and I lost a lot.
    You don't know how far I had gone.
    You will never know all the things I had to pawn.

  • mistywins15 2w


    Blackmail material stapled to my door.
    Your words biting, like a bullet in the gut.
    Guilt stricken, I'm wounded by your touch.
    Poisoned my brain with the things I've never done.
    Ransacked my home, tearing the place apart.
    Tore down my walls while watching me cry in the middle.
    I clawed at your stony exterior, begging you to stop.
    A wolfish grin painted your lips as you swung the hammer.
    The names you called me still make me shiver.
    I regret the day we met sometimes.

  • mistywins15 2w

    Let me Go

    You care and loved me too much.
    But I could never give you such.
    Goodbye, I whispered before I left.
    Lock me up and convict me for theft.

    Say goodbye,
    Don't you cry.
    Let me go.

    Take my hand.
    Make amends.
    Please, let me go.

    You deserve the best.
    Like all of the rest.
    Don't you see?
    We just weren't meant to be.

    Let me go, please.

  • mistywins15 2w

    A collaboration with @timedrifter
    (I couldn't not mention you!)

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    Run Away

    Lets run away from all that we know.
    Run away to a place where they won't go.
    Somewhere where the tears will never show.
    A quite serene place where time itself is slow.
    Just you and me in our own little flow.
    Under the night sky where the star always glow.
    Come with me, lets explore the world below.
    You're all I need in this world of foes.
    Let's run away to a place we can lie low.
    A place where nobody can tell us no.

    Just you and me as wander and roam.
    Finally coming to a stop where we start to live and call home.

  • mistywins15 2w

    One More Kiss

    One more kiss and we will slip away.
    One last word, begging you to stay.
    Tied down with a few vows and a golden ring.
    Can't you see that you make my heart sing?
    Years went by with nothing to prove.
    But now with you, mountains I would move.
    Losing you would equal my death.
    I love you, Darling, with each and every breath.
    Struggles may come along the years.
    With you, I will conquer and not fear.
    The sun rose and when it sets,
    I promise to be there, I won't forget.
    I love you, I hope you always know.
    I'll hold you tight once more before you go.
    One more kiss and we will slip away.
    One last word, begging you to always stay.

  • mistywins15 3w

    Give me a Reason to Stay

    Block my way;
    Lock the door.
    Push me against the wall.
    Hold me near.
    Kiss away the pain.
    Talk with your hands.
    Show me something I will miss.
    Tell me you love me.
    That you don't want me to leave.
    Tell me anything;
    But show me you mean it.
    Cut the distance between us short.
    Take me by surprise.
    Leave no second to waste.
    Clothing tossed to the floor,
    Lead the way and I'll follow.
    Give me a reason to stay.
    A reason that won't fade away.
    Keep the promises you made.
    Make me regret my decision to leave.
    Promise the world and show me heaven.
    Say that I'm enough and will always be.

  • mistywins15 3w

    A collaboration with my sister...(even though I wrote 99.9% of it. She nodded her head and stared at the screen the majority do the time.)

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    In a Good Story

    A wondrous world awaits inside.
    An author and a reader's imagination collides.
    Plot twists where the hero is brought down.
    Where the villain sits on the throne, wearing a crown.
    Triangles filled with love and despair.
    It makes the reader wonder why they should care.
    Characters come and then they go.
    Where they went, only the author would know.
    Tears along with laughter, the words can bring.
    The reader's imagination the story will cling.
    The ink on the pages fresh, but unique.
    Anticipation and excitement reaches its peak.
    The opening paragraph goes by as you read.
    But as the story nears its end, the reader's plead.
    Just one more moment is all they beg for.
    Though the cliffhanger leaves them wanting more.
    Oh a wonderous world awaits inside.
    Where the author and reader's imagination collide.