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  • mjha258 9w


    Mai hu bhartiya sena ka ek chota sa jaban
    Kabhi na jhukne dunga yeh lahrate tiranga ka ye saan
    Jab tak rahega mera jaan
    Krunga Raksha apna bharat ka dekar
    Apni jaan
    Mera bharat h sbse mahaan
    Jai hind

  • mjha258 10w


    Wo Buri nhi hai ,
    par usko Bura bta Diya jaata hai .
    Wo roti bhi hai par sabko apna hasta hua chehera dikha Diya karti hai .
    Wo bhi kabhi kamzorr pad jati hai par khud ko mazboot dikha Diya karti hai ,.
    Wo sabka bhaar utha ke thak gyi hai ,
    par sbko ek jhooti muskan dikha Diya karti hai ... Wo ladki hai na esliye dardo ko Dil me Daba liya karti hai , ..
    Zakham bhi hai dard bhi hai Dawa ki vo taalash karti hai ,
    Kahi kisi ko pta naa chal jae esliye chup rehe liya karti hai
    Ek galt to , sabko glat therra Diya jata hai ... Wo Buri nhi hai jitna bura usse bta Diya jaata hai !!


  • mjha258 10w

    GF dhundne Mai chala
    GF mila na koi

    Bhaiya bhaiya sab kahe
    Saiyan kahe na koi


  • mjha258 11w

    I'm not going to name names because they're private things, but I know when he reads this, he’ll know this is about him.

    When we got the biopsy results, I was with him. When he got in the car, I thought it was negative for he was calm and collected.. Then he whispered, it is positive. I couldn't believe it. Tears welled in my eyes; he asked me not to cry. Calmly he whispered, “God is with me.”

    How brave you are, my favorite warrior. I will always love you! Definitely, in the most difficult moments it is that you know who your real friends are or the people who truly appreciate you.

    Unfortunately most friends abandon you, and only send you "good vibrations," but by far... I decided to post this message in support of a very special person for me who fought firmly and good energy. Taught me to live every day as the best day!

    Now I'm looking at those who will have time to read this post until the end. This is a small test, just to see who reads and shares this! If you read everything, select "like" so I can put a thank you on your profile.

    Cancer is very invasive and destructive to our body. Even after finishing treatment her body continues to fight with herself trying to rebuild all the damage caused by radiation and chemotherapy. It's a very long process.

    Please in honor of someone who died or is fighting cancer, or even had cancer but healed ; copy and paste.

    Everyone says,"if you need anything, don't doubt it, I'll be there for you. "So I'm going to make a challenge, I think less than half of my friends will put this on their wall. You just have to copy (not share).

    I want to know who I can count on. As soon as you do, write "done" in the comments.

    Done for our friend who was more than family in his loving memory.❤️

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  • mjha258 11w

    I still waiting for

    Your Messages


  • mjha258 12w

    तू ही मिल जाये मुझे ये ही काफ़ी है;

    मेरी हर साँस ने बस यही दुआ माँगी है;

    जाने क्यों दिल खींचा जाता है तेरी तरफ़;

    क्या तुमने भी मुझे पाने की कोई दुआ माँगी है।

  • mjha258 12w


    A huge thanks to all the doctors for being on the frontline in this fight against #COVID19. Your hard work, dedication and courage are truly appreciated.

    #SwasthaBharat #HealthForAll

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  • mjha258 13w

    हँसी तो फंसी
    ये योजना
    लड़कियों ने बन्द कर दिया है क्या..


  • mjha258 13w

    इश्क़ ने हमे बेनाम कर दिया,

    हर खुशी से हमे अंजान कर दिया,

    हमने तो कभी नही चाहा की

    हमे भी मोहब्बत हो,

    लेकिन आप की एक नज़र ने हमे

    नीलाम कर दिया

  • mjha258 13w


    Thanku mere sabhi post ko like krne ke liye