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  • mmk_22 2d

    We put in a lot of effort trying to make something happen but we don't realize how that something can be lost in one day.

  • mmk_22 1w

    My cup

    Paint me a smile
    Fill my cup up with poison
    I'm tired of existing
    No more promises

    I live for a purpose
    One I can't find
    Could you help?
    No, your too selfish inside

    I stand alone like a fallen dollar
    But the same thing happens with a hundred that can't rise
    Your worth matters but not if it's invisible to you, don't compare to others

    When I hand you my cup,
    Fill it with poison
    I'm tired of existing
    Death is more important

  • mmk_22 4w

    Should I call this secrets or no where is safe?

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    I keep my treasure chest hidden
    In a dark place
    underneath unforgivin
    The lid close
    Inside are secrets
    I have no room to pray
    I'm on a mission to find a place
    A certain place on a map
    Located where no people is at
    I'm Hopin'!
    Yeah, I'm hoping for these secrets to disappear
    What am I supposed to do, write them on paper, and sell the truth?
    No, There's consequences.

    If I share my secrets with you, will you expose them to world, not giving me a chance to?
    If it drags you down likes it's doing to me, will you promise to stay commited?
    Sorry for being desperate
    I'm just looking for a place
    But no where,
    No where,
    No where is safe.

    These secrets I hold,
    I'm too ashamed to keep
    Just take my chest,
    I'll hold out the key,
    Unlock my heart,
    And listen to me speak
    There's a map
    I want you to follow my lead
    But first, Are these secrets safe with you to keep?
    If you say yes, my chest will remain shut
    It's of matter of trust not who won't tell
    Once one secret is leaked,
    next will be twenty.
    I ain't about that life.
    I repeat, i just want to dump these secrets off where no one can receive.

    If I share my secrets with you, will you expose them to the world, not giving me a chance to?
    If it drags you down likes it's doing to me, will you promise to stay commited?
    Sorry for being desperate
    I'm just looking for a place
    But no where,
    No where,
    No where is safe.

    Beyond secrets, lies the truth
    The truth about surprise parties,
    And cheatin' too
    There nothing but secrets.
    Secrets that are dangerous enough to distory a person or two
    We're too quick to believe
    I mean, these rumors we hear, how would you feel if they were about you?
    We all have secrets and in this world there's no one safe to open up to.

  • mmk_22 5w

    A mother's love

    "What is that?"

    It's a tear drop.

    "What's it mean, mommy?"

    Different things. Happiness, sadness..

    "Yours is happiness though, right? Cause mommy can't be sads. Daddy's here!"
    A mother's love for a child is something no one can replace
    A good parent, with a good heart;
    She'll save a life someday.
    A gun held by the father, only did he knew 911 was on it's way.
    She did everything she could do to keep the child away.
    Distractions with a little time to spare, she kept the child safe and secured.
    She knew she wouldn't be able to keep it up long and placed a blind fold over the child's head.
    It draped over his eyes and her arms tighten around him, holding on for dear life.
    Muttering a grace, she close her eyes waiting for the trigger to be pulled, when the cops showed up ordering the father to put down the gun.
    A little hope filled in her hoping she'll have a chance to see her baby grow up.
    But she didn't pray for herself, she prayed for her child like a mother would..

  • mmk_22 5w

    Dear diary,

    I feel alone. I know I have people who care about me but I question it a lot during those 'fuck life's stages. My friends and family knows the pain I go through, but yet they don't understand it. They expect me to be okay. But am I really okay? No. I'm not okay. I go through this pain alone. I go through this pain alone. Yeah, I said it twice. I'll say again, and again. Because the same thing happens over and over. I'm tired of it. I'm trying to be strong. I'm trying to keep this smile and laugh. I really am trying. Just that the smile is already faded and I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm sorry. I'm trying...alone..

  • mmk_22 5w

    Until We Learn

    We feed off of lies our hearts wants to hear,
    We sacrifice our love for something that was never there,
    We hold onto false hope in order to live
    But In the end, We die facing our fears
    It's us who are manipulated into an alarming state by our own selves.
    Our minds is powerful; that we feel what we believe, what truly isn't there.
    Nothing anyone can say or do will change the actions of us.
    We grow thinking, what we think is true.
    So until we learn or thoughts change, we will continue to live the same way before as if there's no issue to understand

  • mmk_22 6w


    You're existence to live is just as important as the sun's reason to shine. Don't stop, or the light in someone's world will burn out. Keep going! It's okay, even the moon lives through different phases. Someday everything will change and you'll smile to yourself knowing you made it through proving the wrong in your first thought, "I can't".

  • mmk_22 6w

    Ticket booth

    There's a ticket booth on the other side.
    Where I wait patiently in line.
    Five dollars a ticket, wasn't too bad.
    Especially, when it causes people to smile.
    Kids faces light up with excitement,
    It's the greatest part of it all.
    Not the hour of invisible pain, that a comedy movie replaced.

    There's a ticket booth on the other side.
    Where I wait patiently in line.
    Ten dollars a ticket.
    Okay, that's fine.
    Money exchange of happiness,
    it's something we're all guilty of.
    I sit in the very back where I can observe,
    Nothing too different,
    Just new faces and a show.

    There was a ticket booth on the other side.
    Where I used to wait patiently in line.
    A sign "close" shown on the old wooden door.
    The top blown off from a storm.
    There's buildings around it now, leaving it left to be forgotten.
    The memories is what I miss though,
    not the hope it feeds to the happiness I never received.
    What was once a peaceful place has now turned into busy roads, and money to spend.
    Why is it so important?
    It's just temporary happiness that will soon fade away
    But people still come and go to fill other desires rather than live thier own dreams and create memories like this old ticket booth once did.

  • mmk_22 6w

    Don't hate. Forgive. Do it for your own self. You'll live much happier if you did. :)

  • mmk_22 6w

    Dark and Hallow

    I give out signals but no one knows
    I stay silent upon an open window
    Watching the stars as if I wanted to be one
    But the light was too bright for my darken world
    Blinding my eyes so I could only see so far, they travel towards the ground wanting to mimic these tear drops that keep falling gently, nonstop.
    Thoughts, that's all it is.
    Thoughts that come from the emotions I feel.
    Emotions that were cut open and left to bleed out.
    That's all it is.
    But like I said, I gave out signals but still no one seem to knew the help I needed to persist.
    To survive nights like these..
    Dark, and hallow.
    Just wishing I would save us all by jumping right onto my shadow that lies underneath me and this old window
    Maybe then a star above I could be.
    To brighten up the world, when it's dark and hallow, you'll see.