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  • mockingbird7 1d

    In over my head

    I have come to this place in my life
    I'm full but I've not satisfied
    This longing to have more of You
    And I can feel it my heart is convinced
    I'm thirsty my soul can't be quenched
    You already know this but still
    Come and do whatever You want to

    I'm standing knee-deep but I'm out where I've never been
    I feel You coming and I hear Your voice on the wind

    Would you come and tear down the boxes
    that I have tried to put You in
    Let love come teach me who You are again
    Would you take me back to the place
    where my heart was only about You
    And all I wanted was just to be with You
    Come and do whatever You want to

    And further and further my heart moves away from the shore
    Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours

    Then You crash over me and I've lost control but I'm free
    I'm going under, I'm in over my head
    And You crash over me, I'm where You want me to be
    I'm going under, I'm in over my head

    Whether I sink, whether I swim
    Oh it makes no difference
    when I'm beautifully in over my head
    Beautifully in over my head

  • mockingbird7 2d

    Moment of eternity

    The green grass and blue sky
    The chirping sound while birds playing around their nest
    Shimmering light on the sea and colourful dusk
    The lights of the night ruling the space
    Constellation and moon, gleaming darkness
    The smoke rings from the tree as cold gradually taking it's the hold
    Leaves are falling it's autumn on roll
    What they calling is beauty above all
    But the fading and arising is what we've known
    Nothing is permanent and nothing is own
    Let's live this moment of eternity together and alone
    From the nil we arise and into nil we dive
    Everything is just a phase
    &Everything's alright even if it's bad
    'Cause time does change.
    Like grass of field and wildflower
    We are here today and gone tomorrow
    No matter what we have got or what we've lost
    Every fruit has a season
    Does living really need any reason
    When there's so much to explore and so much to know
    For some time, you are here and someday somewhere
    So live as if you were living already for the second time
    & as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now

  • mockingbird7 3d

    Wildest dream

    Someone take me home
    & burry me alone
    Show me a way as a guide
    &Feed me from the light

    Breathe in me the life
    I wanna be revive

    Take me into your loving arm
    Save me from the harm

    Teach me how to fight
    When I can't see your light

    And I will fall into your arm
    When the darkness arise
    Cause you showed me the way
    Which lead me to your arm
    You are my light and you are my life
    &i am alive
    I have found peace in your divine love
    That brought to my knees
    To serve and to love you as my Queen/King

    Take me away
    Where rivers meet the ocean
    &sun approaching the horizon
    Where birds fly over the rainbow
    Somewhere, where you and I exist as real
    But not as dream

  • mockingbird7 5d


    I changed in step after step
    This life did not change at all

    & oh this lack of words

    I kept sliding here and there
    This mind never rests

    I am hidden in memories

    how colourful is this evening
    Flying kites, above and below
    I'm stuck in tomorrow
    &time too has forgotten me

    I was oblivious to the clock
    What is the secret hidden in my heart
    &What is my name?

    Why? I got a wave of questions
    I'm melted by the fire of time
    Oh I dissolved and lost

    Why are these paths so different
    the choices I made take me to low
    I'm hiding in the breath of tomorrow
    & even time has forgotten me

    I changed in step after step
    but life did not change at all

  • mockingbird7 1w

    Killer Queen

    You are the goddess of hell
    And I am your greatest worshipper
    You are the river of mountains and valleys
    Which flow furiously
    And I heard your voice in the waterfalls
    Like a lioness roaring in wild
    You are the storm of oceans
    Unstoppable and powerful
    And I am a valiant sailor
    You are the fire of the sun
    Invincible and immortal
    And I am a moon, waiting for your touch every night
    You are the galaxy
    Tremendous and marvellous
    And I am the eye
    Which speaks about your greatness day and night
    You are a tree
    Selfless and mighty
    And I am a bird
    A Mockingbird
    Who is singing for you
    Before anything comes to existence
    It was only you and I
    Until you created humans
    And left me in the wild like an animal
    But you are a hunter
    Clever and sensible
    And I am your prey running
    Hopping and dodging
    Like deer from his predator
    You are me and I am in you
    You make me complete
    Without you, my existence is worthless
    It's you and that's why it's I

  • mockingbird7 1w

    SHE - 3: GIVING UP

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    Giving up

    She hides it
    Because nobody has an answer
    To satisfy her poor heart
    She is alive
    But dying from within
    Living with all lies
    Hoping everything will be fine
    Trying to distract herself from thinking
    All the pains and suffering
    But no matter how hard she tries
    Again on another day
    Everything comes back
    With much force and power
    To break her in pieces
    She cries, she screams
    She falls apart
    But patiently she fixes herself again
    And again and again
    Still, she is trying
    And trying and trying
    Yet surviving
    Life is so unfair: she said
    It took away everything she loved
    Her dreams are also somebody's else dream
    Fulfilling expectations of the world
    She is bearing much more than she can
    She is waiting and hoping
    Everyday encouraging herself
    To move a bit more further
    Falling and crawling
    But still trying

  • mockingbird7 1w


    "Tears from the depth of some divine despair
    Rise in the heart and gather to the eyes
    In looking on the happy Autumn-fields
    And thinking of the days that are no more"

  • mockingbird7 1w


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    Unreal ease

    She wants others to be happy.
    But herself dying within

    Trying hard to find the way home
    But don't know which way is true
    Every step she puts up with faith
    Makes her more disappointing
    Cause she was worried
    Maybe she isn't too alone
    To think for herself
    And to take own decisions alone
    But has to justify the thoughts of many
    To decide her own

    She divided herself into pieces
    To keep everyone happy
    And it's tragic
    That she waited for the magic
    To happen
    To change the world into
    A living place

    But the more she tries
    The more she found herself in a maze
    Her soul is in ablaze

    She gazes within-
    A girl sitting at the corner
    Crying alone
    Seems like her freedom is gone
    She is broken and torn
    She spent all night in mourn
    The girl is grown
    Her dreams are gone

    All she asked was nothing
    But what all she got was most of the pain
    And not a little sleep of peace
    She still trying
    Hiding all her scars and memories
    Holding a smiling face with ease
    & moving on and on
    Waiting for the day
    When she will be free

  • mockingbird7 2w

    All I see is, shattered pieces
    I can't keep it, hidden like a secret
    I can't look away
    From all this pain, in the world we've made
    Every day you need, a bulletproof vest
    To save yourself, from what you could never guess
    Am I safe today?
    When I step outside, in the wars we wage

    Like a hand grenade, thrown in a hurricane
    Spinning in chaos, trying to escape the flame
    Yesterday is gone
    Faster than the blast of a car bomb
    And when the scars heal, the pain passes
    As hope burns, we rise from the ashes
    Darkness fades away
    And the light shines on a brave new day

    Our future's here and now
    Here comes the countdown
    Sound it off, this is our call
    Rise and Revolution
    It's our time to change it all
    Rise and Revolution
    Unite, and Fight
    To make a better life


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    In a world gone mad
    In a voice so sad

    Sometimes it's crazy
    To fight for what you believe
    But you can't give up (no)

    If you want to keep what you love
    (keep what you love)

    Never give up, (no)

  • mockingbird7 2w

    "This is a moment of suffering,
    suffering is part of life.
    Let me be kind to myself in this moment.
    Let me give myself the compassion I need
    Kristin Neff"

    "You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing, and dance, and write poems, and suffer, and understand, for all that is life."
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

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    Inexplicable vigour

    Don't be so harsh to yourself.
    Take a moment
    Sit back
    Just look at you,
    Oh, How lovely is your soul

    How marvellous is to even exist
    Don't slay it don't annihilate it

    Just because your decision stings you
    Doesn't mean it was the erroneous decision
    Don't agree on anything so quickly

    Just because you can't see it now
    Doesn't mean it isn't real.

    Life may be down to the grave
    & wind might be drifting against you
    Don't quite
    This isn't the ending of the show
    Open your arm and embrace it
    Cause this is what life is

    You can't decide anything so early
    As what you saw was the little part of life
    The show is still running
    Sit back and experience every moment of life
    Let the show must go on