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  • mohammedazaruddinj 1w

    The last wish,
    Dreaming for the first kiss,

    Preparing to be loud and clear about your feelings,

    Looking at her during the farewell eve,
    Makes me feel is this eve gonna last or will it just be the goodbye hours...

    I’m just lost and not ready for a handshake and conveying best wishes with a subtle goodbye,
    But I realised this is what farewell is meant for,

    Where you meet and greet and then take your own paths which separates you and makes you hold your memories that will only last....


  • mohammedazaruddinj 1w

    After seeing her I got attracted to her super quick,
    I did out of the box things for her,

    Thinking that I could really make her feel special and naturally build a bond with that person whom I started liking within the duration of listening my favourite couple of songs,

    I being super vocal and my gestures giving fast hints ruined everything super quick,

    I make a nice impression at first and then I myself assassinate my own original side which is just being truthful to the feelings I have for her who is super sweet and fab,

    I feel like stupid now,
    I hide myself nowadays,

    Earlier I used to find reasons to be next to her,
    Now I’m pursuing reasons for being away from her,

    I find myself thinking a lot about what I did wrong,
    I agree I joked around by claiming I had 12gfs in past, I thought my sayings were sounding cool the other day but it really didn’t last😂

    Was my fault being straight forward of being single or was it my actions which were meant to go wrong.

    I guess I’m not the right part of her puzzle which is so beautiful but still incomplete.

    I just want to wish her all the luck and happiness,

    Even if I ever meet her I will just lower my gaze for sure as I’m afraid of falling for her once again😅

    - Romeo next door


  • mohammedazaruddinj 1w

    I don’t know how it will feel when I touch you or hold your hand...

    But I’m sure it will be magical 💫


  • mohammedazaruddinj 1w

    Pehle bahane dhoondta tha tere pass aaneke,

    Ab bahane dhoondta hoon tujhse door jaane ke...


  • mohammedazaruddinj 2w

    Jab sabne tha thukraya, sirf baarish ne tha mujhe apnayaa......


  • mohammedazaruddinj 2w

    Chaar bundh kya gire the mere aakhon se,

    Kudhrath ne kardi boonda-baandhi mere haathon main....


  • mohammedazaruddinj 2w

    I want to write something crazy and at the same time I don’t want to sound cheesy 😅

    I just want to say how I find you,

    Then I realise if I start saying the truth I can just not stop writing..I’m sure I will end up writing a book 🌹

    Just in a simple and a short way,

    I find you the most beautiful person who makes me smile always by just being infront of me you fill my rainbow arc with your soulful talks and laughter and yes of course your eyes which shines super bright and you being the butterfly 🦋

    I have more to say but I want you to turn the page every day...

    So this is the column for today:)

  • mohammedazaruddinj 2w

    Kuch badla badla sa lagta hai,

    Aajkal Meri din shuru hoti hai tere khayaalon se,

    Darwaaze ki aur nazrein taake bewarpaa intazaar hota hai tera,

    Phir kuch hulchal hoti,

    Phir dil ke darwaaze par mere daskat hoti hai,

    Tu aajaati hai toh mera din ban jataa hai,

    Na koi lafz Kahe Aur na koi boli,

    Teri nazron se hi baatein karleta hoon main😬

    Tere hone se mausam badal jaataa hai bus ♥️

    Phir kahin khojaata hoon tujh main,

    Phiche se ek aawaaz aati hai......,

    Oye nalayak paani ka can refill kar jaldi tabhi khana milega tujhe 😂😂

  • mohammedazaruddinj 2w

    Haath badaya toh kya paya?

    Kudrath ka sayaa jo baarish ki roop main tha aayaa....: )


  • mohammedazaruddinj 2w

    Kudrath ka anmol taufaa,

    Haan baarish wahi baarish jo saare gham bhula deta hai,

    Zindagi main ek nayi meethi Khushboo mila deta hai,

    Har pyaase ki pyaas bhi bhooja deta hai,