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  • mokshaa18 2d

    Down the depths of realities,
    Were kept aside few grudges
    That weighed her down more
    than her efforts would let her fly...

    Till one day,
    When the demons were faced,
    Released and thus tamed
    To a joyous tranquility.

    And thus,
    Fears transformed into friends,
    Grudges became gifts,
    Tears connected her to life's flow...

    And she feels alive,
    Much more than ever before...
    In sync with the melody
    That her heart longs to sing.

  • mokshaa18 1w

    It felt like a war, battle after battle...!
    When a savior turned into a challenger,
    It was becoming hard to know..!

    Love and gentleness were at the stake,
    And self-loving lords came in to partake
    One after another, with rare intentions to stay..!

    Why so ? What designs did God had in mind ?
    For a believer of light to be taken through
    The over extended dark nights of the soul ?

    What was she being prepared for ?
    What elixir of resilience and life was bestowed?
    On her as she tip-toed the dangerous territories !

    With the treasure of selfless love,
    With the willingness and courage
    To be there, to give and also know...

    With a tremendous rebellion within her too,
    As she tasted joys which fired and fuelled her
    So much so that she wouldn't want to go back...

    With Every encounter and everytime she yielded,
    She was blessed and equipped with the ways
    Of being and loving herself more deeply... !

  • mokshaa18 1w

    It felt then that you had lost a lot,
    And were left out in utter confusion..!

    Well,the distress had come in just to reveal
    What awareness your blind love would steal..!

    What was held beneath those layers
    Which love wouldn't let you find out..!

    And even when that would show up repeatedly,
    Love wouldn't let you consider it enough and for long..!

    Nevertheless, the losses that teased your sensibility
    Get resolved and gains emerge from them surprisingly..!


  • mokshaa18 2w

    He confessed that
    he fought with himself
    Not to have her...

    She confessed that
    she would not be able to resist him...

    Both lost ! Both won !


  • mokshaa18 2w

    There is a time of the strength
    Of every energetic bonding...
    And now it serves both of you well.

    It's not beyond wonder,
    That you know and understand
    What either one desires and feels.

    Words, they emerge, tease and ease,
    When the need be...
    In several other ways too, their energies connect...!

    Imagination, dreams,thoughts and prayers,
    The meaningful silences,wishful glances and gestures...

    They pick up on the cues subconsciously delivered...
    Strange are the ways in which their exchanges occur.

    They want each other to experience,
    know and also grow,
    But the only feasible way is through the flow...


  • mokshaa18 2w

    In His Name...

    I fear people's unpredictability,
    But I trust the Divine...

    To protect my interests,
    And the truth of the moments lived.

    I trust God and keep faith
    In his miraculous grace..

    To protect the sanctity of this assurance
    That has finally liberated me...

    My fear is valid but the power
    Of Grace is greater than any human frailty.

    My journey is of acceptance and letting go,
    I need not fight...

    God makes a way,
    God prepares the way...

    And accomodates it all
    In Harmony...

    The turmoils are but ways
    To teach us the necessary lessons.

    At the end, Peace, purity and love prevails.
    His power protects and upholds the trust .

    Relax, and remember God's name.


  • mokshaa18 2w

    We cannot choose and control...

    When the other person would Want to be
    With some other person of their choice...

    Or what they would want to choose
    Between Love and convenience...

    But certainly we can choose,
    What to give, how to be...

    And in what ways to live
    With honour, acceptance and dignity...

    And To love fiercely with
    Truth, freedom and integrity...


  • mokshaa18 2w

    The confusion is fading...
    And love is setting in renewed.

    The pain and anger melts
    And turn into respect and gratitude.

    The dawn of peace and acceptance
    Gave them both that emotional freedom..

    With an aware surrender sans expectation came,
    The deeply needed recognition of their bond.

    Trust restored, honour assured and thus
    Righteousness harmonised with their soul's growth.

    The miracle of faith thus transforms,
    Lovingly heals and respectfully resolves...

    Strength, Success and blessings
    For their journey...

    Layers of individual resistance got clarity
    With the gentle power of their vulnerability...


  • mokshaa18 2w

    Halt ! She has over grown those
    Self defeating and restricting patterns...

    The mist of resistance need not be...
    Love and light to her whole authentic being !

    She is strong and now able to face
    The blinding power of her magnetism...

    Without feeling any disgrace,
    She is willing to handle her dynamism...


  • mokshaa18 2w

    Something within her was trying to say,

    Love genuinely, care fiercely,
    Accept innocently as you would.

    Serve willingly, support diligently,
    Communicate openly as you should.

    Treat regally, respect deeply,
    Stay loyal and devoted as you would.

    Be as gentle and have the purest intentions
    And even more of what love could be !

    And You may not ask, even if you want,
    You may also express and be then denied,
    Or you may be given only shreds...

    Accept graciously and let it be...

    But do not for a moment cheat on yourself,
    By discounting on the belief of what you duly deserve !
    Stay firm and rooted in faith of the ultimate Provider.