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  • molish 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Insecure

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    I'm not insecure, my hard work speaks

  • molish 22w

    Every day is a bliss,
    Embrace it.


  • molish 25w

    Heart - What was the first thing you did, when u felt I'm broken.

    Me - I put my hands over you to make you realise that, I am with you.


  • molish 46w

    Pardo me dhak si gayi,
    Lehro me simat si gayi Hai
    ye zindagi..

    Baithi hui Muskura Rahi hai
    Balkha Rahi hai,
    Khwabo se Khawabo me
    ye zindagi

    Khayalo se bekhayali tq
    Baato se mulaakato tq
    Murjha Rahi hai Khilkhila Rahi hai,
    Ye zindagi

    Sapne hai, Apne hai
    Tod marod jod
    Rahi hai ye zindagi...

    Nazdeekhiyan h, Faasle hai
    Agar kabhi naraaz to kabhi pyaar h
    ye zindagi
    Kabhi bharosa to kabhi vishwash hai ye zindagi

    Intezaar hai Aitraaz hai
    Usko paa lene hi ikhitiyaar hai ?
    Tu to tera hi hamraz hai..
    Tu hi tere alfaaz hai,
    Umeed hai Ehsaas hai
    Andaaz hai Aaghaaz hai
    Iftitah hai to kabhi Raaz hai
    Tu kal alag tha
    Toh aj bhi imteaaz hai
    Ranj-0-khushi hi iska saaz hai
    Ranj-O-khushi hi iska saaz h...
    Or ye hi zindagi ka Andaaz hai..


  • molish 52w

    Life would toy with you sometimes, all you must believe in is

    "Possiblities are Endless".


  • molish 59w

    Eradicating you from my thoughts,
    Has not only opened eyes up,
    But has also made me
    To invade my self and
    Has encouraged me to lead my life
    With my own ways and at my own pace.

  • molish 65w

    Yes, Letting everything go was sad,
    But reviving them
    in retention is yet more miserable.


  • molish 67w

    Yes, I want
    To let everything
    Out of myself,
    But, I'm failing to
    Find a way to win the battle,
    That my mind and my heart does.


  • molish 67w

    Sometimes All I need is,
    To move rhythmically to an
    Adoring hymn,
    In the drizzle,
    Wafting with the breeze.
    Holding your hands into mine,
    Feeling the essence of
    Love and Fondness
    Setting a path To the heart of yours
    And asking it To be mine forever.

  • molish 68w

    Sitting at the window
    Glimpsing at the stars

    I realised,
    I'm the ocean of Memories,
    some happy & some scars.
    I'm the sea of emotions,
    Love, faith & trust are it's part.
    I'm the Rivers of thoughts,
    Which doesn't holds back no matter what.
    I'm the lake of tranquility,
    Which doesn't lets calmness & unity to fall apart..

    I'm vision of my own self,
    Apace and still,
    Straight and tilt.
    I'm a being,
    Brooding and musing are my thing.

    No scopes No Bounds,
    It's only the exuberance that surrounds.
    The way to happiness is no more Confound,
    Yes !! It's only the exuberance that surrounds.