Hello dear, can i sing a song for you! I mean, can i try...

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  • monotonic_non_decreasing 19h

    Could you pls take me back to the time, hmm please?

    I want that moment again, wanna cry again, want that hug again, I want to travel back in time and want to live those moments again.


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  • monotonic_non_decreasing 1d

    Pata hai?

    It takes time to understand the fact that if you do some good for someone, then it gets multiplied and comes back to you with a lot more good stuff!

  • monotonic_non_decreasing 5d

    You can hurt a heart only till it loves you!

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  • monotonic_non_decreasing 1w


    Is insaan ki chaahte to dekho.
    Kuch bhi chaahta hai.

    Sochte-samajte huye bhi, kuch bhi chaahta hai.

    Koi paisa to koi gaadi, koi exam me number lana chahta hai..

    Koi kambakht to pyar chahta hai, or koi to do pal ki muskaan chaahta hai..

    Koi sukoon chahta hai to koi khushi chahta hai.. ☮️️

    Vo sab samaj paata hai, par khudko sambhalne ke liye kisi or ko chaahta hai..

    Koi kisiko khud ki zindagi me chahta hai to koi usi zindagi ko chodna chaahta hai..⚰️

    Koi rona chahta hai to koi hasna chahta hai...

    Ha mai likhna bahot chahta hoo✍, par is kalam me itne shabd nahi jo muje bayaan kar sake...

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  • monotonic_non_decreasing 1w

    Patterns in life!

    Today I got to understand or I noticed a thing, if u wanna change ur habit, or u wanna do something like a fresh start in ur life then you need to change the pattern from the beginning, from beginning I am referring to the routine you start when you wake up, like wake up early a bit, then usual, if u exercise, instead of exercise, do some yoga, or just simple stretching...U know what u did, u just changed, u a bit in the beginning, i think it can help us do whatever we wanna do like from stoping an addiction to starting new habits... don't repeat the same stuff, do things differently, u will not be the same, I hope u are getting me!

  • monotonic_non_decreasing 1w

    Jokes with Teachers

    I was in IP class, there were only 4 students there!
    My frnd: Sir pata hai, Sagar ghar par pocha lagata hai...

    Me: Are kya! Bai nahi aati kisi din to me mumma ki help karta hoo!

    Teacher: (Laughingly)Koi nahi, help karna achhi baat hai...

    Teacher: Aaj hamari BMW sasuraal gayi hai!

    Me: Sir Rakhi par gayi hogi?

    Teacher: hmm, rakhi par gayi thi, badi dikkat hai ab...

    Me(mere dimag me pata nahi kya aaya, kaha se itni himmat aagayi, laughingly, i asked): Sir dahej me mili hogi BMW?

    Teacher: BMW bole to Bartan Manjhne wali!

    And we all laughed aloud... including teacher...

    My frnd(Whispering): Beta bach gaya tu pata nahi kaise, koi or hota to, buri wali daat khata sir se, hmm, sir dahej me mili thi, kaha se himmat aa rahi h itni lol

  • monotonic_non_decreasing 1w


    Bro, sometimes it happens like, you want to leave ur addiction or stop, but aap itne andar aa chuke ho ki baaahr nikalna bahot mushkil hota hai, u wanna stop, but it seems like there is no way out...aap inhe chodna bhi chahte ho but aap bahar nahi aa pate hai...

  • monotonic_non_decreasing 2w

    I wish I could be a kid!
    I would be able to express to the fullest, the deepest.
    I would be happy then to unmask my emotions.
    I would be happy to cry in front of all...
    I would be happy to love everyone.
    I would be happy that I would have no fear of being judged then...
    Everyone would have loved me then...
    I wish I could be a kid again!
    I would be happy that I won't be able to lie to anyone...
    I would be happy that people would ignore me on my mistakes, they will teach me again and again..
    I wish I could be a kid again, will be happy to cry, to be stubborn!
    I would be happy to hug anyone for no reason...
    I would be happy to be loved and to love all then...
    The childhood was precious and I know, nobody could buy me that again...
    I wish I could be akid again!
    I would be happy to talk to everyone's true selves then....
    I would be happy to have care, love and affection.
    I would be happy by making others happy...
    I want that kindness back!
    I wish I could be a kid again

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    I wish I could be a kid again!

    I have a lot to write, but nobody's gonna read

  • monotonic_non_decreasing 3w


    Why do I always need a person in my life who can listen my stuff and things, why, I can't manage myself alone?