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  • moodyboy1998 12w

    I found you again
    In the corners of my eyes
    Where your images still hidden

  • moodyboy1998 16w

    These days are so cold
    As your picture getting black and white
    Now I'm dancing with your memories
    To keeping your rhythm
    Running in my heart

  • moodyboy1998 16w

    A Dream Girl

    Those long Hair
    Her Sweet Ample smile
    The Lightning Eyes
    Her essence sound
    The deep Conversations
    Still beautiful To be Remembered

  • moodyboy1998 43w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear love

    Your memories are still there,
    In the most beautiful places of my life
    I loved to explore it
    Your igniting magic,
    Still stole my heart everytime
    Always loves you
    In a different way

  • moodyboy1998 44w

    #Happy birthday

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    Dear friend

    We met at the crossroads of our life,
    Never realized you are gonna be part of my story
    The reader in you always surprised me
    You're so beautiful and generous person
    Always pleasure to be your friend
    You're gonna stay forever in my heart no matter what


  • moodyboy1998 47w

    Like seasons changes
    Your love will disappears
    Your scent in my mind
    Your colours in my sky
    Your voices in the nature
    Never fade away
    As your memories are like
    Ticking sound of my heart

  • moodyboy1998 48w


    We share love, not feelings
    We share path,not dreams
    We share stories,not past
    We share bodies,not soul
    In the end
    We're just strangers

  • moodyboy1998 50w

    Poetry is the solitude of mankind
    To express undefined
    thoughts and feelings

  • moodyboy1998 50w

    Before we fall apart
    In the illusion of time
    Let myself surrender to you
    It's worth dying In your arms
    Because distance felt were hurting
    Life without you
    Just an oblivion

  • moodyboy1998 50w

    After I met you
    My Heart beats in your rhythm
    But I found missing your lyrics
    In My love song