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  • moon_child 40w

    The color of Goodbye!

    Mustard colored clouds
    Waving goodbye
    To the long dull Sun
    Hiding behind the horizon
    Split second of magic
    Turning sky into
    A canvas of a mad painter

    Wind whistled to the trees
    Birds sang their symphony
    You made me believe
    Endings are not always sad
    But why am I feeling blue?

    Did you ever wonder?
    What made setting of the sun
    More beautiful? Was it the farewell?
    Or was it the scattering of colors?

    Scattered lights are beautiful
    Then why am I so blue, my beautiful?
    You were the sunshine in my life
    And all I'm left now is
    Scattered colors of confetti
    Reflecting each hue, you gave me

    Sitting quietly, I wonder
    How the heart gets warm
    Was it the soul I surrendered?
    I meant no harm for you love,
    But do you remember?

  • moon_child 55w

    Fallen leaves on
    Fallen places
    Fallen hopes on
    fallen faces

  • moon_child 151w

    Color me purple and I'll show you a tinge of blue

    Emotion shrugged and heart smiled over the crowded few

    Eyes had grown and joy was over due

    Finding the one that the warmest heart knew.


  • moon_child 202w

    She gathers rain
    Palm of her smile.

  • moon_child 204w

    Encumbered emotions
    Wrapped up
    In silence
    Sinking in the abyss.

    Disguised for a while
    Chimeric eyes
    Lost and bewildered mind
    Finds its way back.

    Unsettling thoughts
    Provoking tenderness

    Let thee by my side
    I'll fall upon that abyss
    Unwrap the silence
    Unfold thy self.

  • moon_child 206w

    In a silent corner
    Of my sardined heart
    String orchestra
    Harmonizes symphony
    Of me and you.


  • moon_child 209w

    And these feelings
    Pour again
    On this heart
    Like drizzling rain.

  • moon_child 211w

    I might scream
    But you won't shout
    All your words
    Revolve around


  • moon_child 212w

    We fall in
    We fall out
    Running in circles

    We twist
    And we turn
    Entangling the feelings
    Refuse to shout


  • moon_child 212w

    Like the flipping of tide
    Your effortless smile
    Carries me away.