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  • moon_child01 5w

    First serious editing ��️‍��
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #moon #music #moonlight #beauty #alliteration

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  • moon_child01 6w

    I really want to take a break from this busy life and want to response to the 'Call of the Wild'����❤️
    #cees_cw_chall Thanks for this opportunity! The topic is really amazing!! ����❤️❤️
    ( #alliteration )

    If a day like this come to my life, I'll go surely to this wild adventure with @dev_yash @childauthor_345 @lovesmessenger @zoya_charmz @wailingmage962 ❤️❤️❤️(jk)

    I'm a big fan of Bear Grylls and his 'Man vs Wild' ����

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    Call of the Wild

    Adventures adhere altogether with adore;
    Busy bee blissfully is believing to book a break.

    Creature under the comfy clouds capture the conscience;
    Deep inside the depression is dashingly dominated.

    Entertaining the entity of eternity of evolution and existence,
    Feel free from the flashbacks in this faithful firmament.

    Graceful green garment of grass gives glorious glad;
    Hunting Hawk howls from the horizon, happily.

    Implicit insects interfere in the intimate imaginations;
    Joy of the journey is jubilant in the jungle.

    Keeping the keen knowledge is not keyless for the kiddie;
    Leaves leak lullabies in the lost labyrinth, with love.

    Meditation under the mesmerizing Moon, mending the melancholy;
    Nature's nest neutralizes nostalgia with nourishment.

    Obsession of opportunities obliges the owl to be optimistic;
    Pumping poetry from the profound peace of purity.

    Quietness quietly quenches with its quality quip;
    Relaxation and rejuvenation are restored by the ranger.

    Some soothing scenarios can be scary in this symphony of serenity;
    Trees are tender toward a tired traveller.

    Unity of the universe is the umbrella underneath;
    Variation of visions are valour and vast.

    Wood is a wonder for the wanderer, we are;
    Xpectations from this xpedition is xciting and xcellent.

    Youthfully you yourself yell — yes!
    Zest of this zeal and zinnia are in the zephyr.


  • moon_child01 6w

    The Sojourner

    Why moments come in a life
    If they are meant not to last long?
    Only leave some shimmering strands of lie,
    In the blue veins of ongoing prolong.

    Spells of love, witchcraft of sorrows;
    Seasons are celebrated in chests' red hollows.
    Awakening of the sleep of Earthly life and narrows;
    Realisation of sojourner, the pen of a soul follows.

    (Inked by a soul)

    The era is never ending for the people like us.
    How can one deny the truth?
    Every portrait is made on our canvas.
    Otherwise the mechanical future stops it's growth.

    Money? I never feel the peace in my life!
    Black men, white men, women, children—
    Our sweat produces products, we work knowing die.
    I'm a sojourner— the pen of a worker writes down.

    (Inked by a worker)

    Battles and wars, many times we protect the scars;
    Can we say ourselves the travelling sufferers?
    Staying alive may be a mirage when a bomb blasts,
    Happy family are the most unfamiliar words in camps.

    Since the beginning of civilizations, young members
    Have been protecting everyone by being martyrs.
    We are the true and gallant lovers of nations;
    I'm a selfless sojourner — the pen of a soldier commands.

    (Inked by a soldier)

    The lifetime labyrinth of lullabies and lies;
    Religion, racism, subordination— where does the Humanity live?
    The happiness can be found where the togetherness grows;
    The Dove of peace with love wants to arouse.

    The harmony is fading day by day.
    Isn't it something to worry about?
    People should promise to make a better world of obey.
    Am I a sojourner?— the pen of Humanity can't sort out.

    (Inked by the Humanity)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    The picture cradit goes to the rightful owner ��.

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  • moon_child01 8w

    Masquerade Ball

    Shades of emotions, colours washed out;
    Invisible sides of your are hidden for reasons.
    Hey! Under your loose mask you are burnt out;
    Although mask is an essential comodity nowadays!

    The party is organized, the known is unknown
    And the unknown is known in many cases.
    The Organizer Himself hide above the horizon;
    Random people enter with colourful faces and dresses.

    All enjoy the dance with their choosen partners;
    The one night will turn into thousand memories and flaws.
    The eyes with questions try to peep into the souls
    Amidst the symphony of happiness,suspensions,sorrows.

    Everyone is a talented participant but with mask,
    Food, drinks and formalities are just to accomplish a purpose.
    Only a few true couples win each other's trust;
    Others ask themselves— Will there be a chance?

    The loneliness lies silently, nobody reveals
    Layers under layers make a face's inside ruin.
    The cloud of feelings pull above certain intentions.
    Alas! Still all are hidden behind the masks' celebration.

    Inside there the handcuffs of insecurities
    Playing chase in a reliable manner in the darkness
    We just put on the masks and make busy ourselves
    To avoid this madness of sadness which stays unexpressed.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Masquerade Ball


  • moon_child01 9w


    1st January, 2021

    Everytime you think that everything is falling apart always remember that whenever there is a huge trouble arrives, your beloved people are there to protect you and whenever there is nobody beside you, your soul produces the present better version of yourself.

    Everytime a negetive thought comes into my mind, I try to replace it like this way:
    ( In this new beginning I'll be happy to share the hidden meanings of those negetive words to my Mirakee Family )

    Disabilities = Different Abilities
    Fear = Free like a bird in the air

    Hopeless = Hope not for the less
    Weak = Wake up for the best

    Failure = Fighting against my errors
    Sick = Seeking for not being seek

    Mistakes = My version upgrades
    Hate = Hats off to congratulate

    As we all know, END = Effort Never Dies
    And I want to greet myself like this everytime I fall.

    *No more tears, no more pains
    I'll be happy if you all fulfill your dreams.

    Have a prosperous new year ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @childauthor_345 #newyearwish ❤️

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    Happy 2021


  • moon_child01 10w

    Merry Christmas to all...❤️❤️❤️������⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄��������������������������������������
    Take my love, respect and best wishes!!!❤️❤️❤️


    May all your dreams and wishes come true!!!

    A new year, new beginning is on the way!!!��������������❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Stay blessed, safe and happy... ⛄��❤️✨✨✨��������


    The people I'm tagging are so precious for me������

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  • moon_child01 11w

    My(stic) Manifest

    Wanderer I am, restless.
    A silent wood is full of soulful sequences.
    Banished myself from the urban life.
    The spectre is seeking for her soul's sound.

    Intuition feels that stillness
    I'm inhaling all of these.
    PEACEFUL! Mind remarks.
    The misty cold breeze heals.
    The dawn, the bright new sun rays
    Amidst the fog; no dealing with vengeance.
    DIVINE! I hear sudden burbles,
    And finds the nature's white music of ripples.

    The heaven comes to me,
    As a celestial being.
    The spectrum reflects, the water
    Bubbles over rocks and brunches.

    The tiny and hurrying ripples,
    Only glides and trickles,
    The bubbles, the blowing winds on water,
    The waterfall is wearing it's day's garment.
    The greenary is so mesmerising,
    The water's continuous pourin';
    I can't hold myself, take a deep breath,
    Take my bag pack of, and come closer!

    The cold water makes me fresh,
    I stand bottom and look up!
    The SPLASH!
    I'm rejuvenated!

    Today I'll play with water
    I'm feeling happy from inside.
    My stresses are bewildered.
    This graceful Majesty's earth's heaven!
    I've never seen such an alluring essence.
    The pleasant beauty delights me;
    The fall's song is the glee of finding me.
    And suddenly the rainbow appears!

    #creativearena #mirakee #writersnetwork #waterfall
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    My(stic) Manifest


  • moon_child01 11w

    Symphonic Ode

    Her piano knows her pain, high and low the keys obtain.
    The mellifluous hymen she is continuously conductin',
    Gives her strength to shine to fight her war of life.
    The bless of her rhythm, her aura, her love.
    She is waiting for something for the rest of her life.
    Her luminosity of tattered though tranquil thoughts,
    The enriched effulgence of enchanting enigma.
    She is silently gliding and waving her soulful sorrows.
    Does he forget the couple of chirping swallows?
    She never persues , she is waiting.
    Is she waiting for him?
    No. She is waiting to relish her verse of love.
    That's why she is singing , tuning and chanting
    Her enormous empathetic memories of love
    Are not for bottling up in the jar,
    She is her butterfly of hope,
    She knows her melodious misery once provoked.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #music #lessons #life

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    Symphonic Ode


  • moon_child01 13w

    Cosmic Mystery

    Gigantic, formative Nebula,
    The cloud of particles, gasses and rays;
    The light, itself dark at there,
    Traveling light-years in that vast maze.

    Million billion galaxies with their
    Uncountable stars and black holes;
    Never count the stars after their death,
    Because they know those thousand-year-olds,
    Can take rest also, after completing
    Their duties by burning their souls.

    Largest blue stars, big white stars,
    Small yellows and smallest reds—
    That's it. But all are individual,
    Formidable and boastful alchemists.

    Thousands of comets with high electromagnetic
    Radiations, asteroids and meteoroids
    In planetary orbits; space is just
    Containing low density of particles.
    Predominantly, a plasma of
    Hydrogen and helium itself is.

    At the mystical journey into the impossible,
    Here is a question Science remains;
    If the human brain cells and the universe
    Have similar structures, what giant's brain cells
    The universe itself forms!
    And the journey goes on~

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    Cosmic Mystery


  • moon_child01 13w


    You are not lonely. You are just going with me to the next level where most people can't even go. I know your effort. I trust you.

    ~The Cosmos