This is where I come to bleed

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  • moonxchild 75w


    I'm making myself vulnerable, something I swore to myself, many years ago, that I would never do.

    It's easy to take my clothes off and offer you my body. You know I am yours to hold, but it also comes with a price.

    The price to owning my body is now the raw sadness that I feel everyday. I need someone to cherish me and care for me, specially when I can't do it myself.

    I say I want to die, but my biggest wish is to feel alive. I don't want to feel like this anymore, I want to feel your love.

    But you will never love me, you just love my body. And my raw soul is too overwhelming for you.

  • moonxchild 75w


    I am starving myself to death. Not because I want to lose weight, but because depression keeps me from eating.

    It steals my appetite and keeps me awake at night, and I wonder "How have I survived this long?". But then I remember I just have been numbing myself for 6 years, blocking all the emotions inside and all the people on the outside.

    I put on a smiley mask and walk out the door. Everybody thinks I'm happy. Why not, though? What should a pretty girl be sad about?


  • moonxchild 76w

    Black Hound

    I feel like an empty vessel, a body without a soul.

    I can fake a smile and make you believe I'm fulfilled, but behind that smile there is a sea of self doubt where my issues swim around.
    However, the scariest thing isn't in the water, for the Black Hound surpassed them all. He took over what was left of me and made my body his home.

    Now I'm just another depressed child, wearing scars in my wrists like the ones in my heart and everytime I start to heal the Black Hound strikes, to remind me that I am his and depression is an endless pit.


  • moonxchild 77w


    I'm bleeding out.

    Falling for him was like being thrown down an endless staircase. I keep bumping on the steps and hurting myself but I just can't stop the fall. My wrists have been cut and I'm bruised all over the body I willingly gave to him.

    But he doesn't care. He never did. And I tell myself I'm closer to the end as I start to lose my senses. I hope I pass out soon enough and my body stops moving.

    I don't want to love you anymore. You used to make me feel safe but now I wonder "why did you push me down the stairs?"