Even if the soul wither into thin air, it will always hold a pen��️��️. SURVIVOR, LEARNER.

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  • mori_yyah 9w


    Expressive art is for the writer
    Impressive art is for the audience

  • mori_yyah 9w


    Knowledge is limited

  • mori_yyah 9w

    By unknown writer

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    Learn to tell a story from a perspective that won't put you in a bad light.

  • mori_yyah 9w

    By unknown writer

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    3 Nuggets from Sir Grrraciano's class

  • mori_yyah 12w

    The Nigerian government is so angry at how citizens of Nigeria are United through this protest.
    All they ever wished for was a divided Nigeria.
    But No!
    You-all wishes weren't made on a Christmas morning.
    I can't be sorry about that.

  • mori_yyah 18w

    Few people see your EFFORTS before SUCCESS while few just want to see SUCCESS without EFFORTS.
    Keep moving and show them Happiness, Joy, Love and other good things of life as your greatest SUCCESS.

  • mori_yyah 19w

    Doubt is suspense filled with uncertainties.

  • mori_yyah 20w

    I've been struggling to get back my mirakee account.
    And I did!!!
    I'm sooo HAPPY

  • mori_yyah 35w

    Mom's birthday

    Do you know I've been a loving burden to an angel?
    Nine months living as a parasite in a human,
    Instead of getting rid of this parasite,
    The host nurtured and took care of this burdensome parasite that has made her life one with limits.

    Do you know I've been heartless to an angel?
    For a while I kicked my host,
    Never did this host think of getting rid of this parasite.

    Now, what can be said of this Loving angel?
    This is an angel of the high heavens,
    The one whose heart is made of a gold beaten by an Almighty power,
    This is an angel with an ever loving mind.

    What can be said of a mother so kind and enduring?, Humble and above all beautiful as the flowers watered from the fresh dew of heaven.
    What can be said of this angel who is my mom.
    Happy birthday to my mom.

  • mori_yyah 35w

    Only few view the world as I do cos I create mine with my ink and paper.