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  • moss22 26w

    Prayer for the soul

    Oh chukwu (great one) please teach me to read those lines correctly for sometimes I do it with the feeling of awe, now it makes my eyes bleary and I can no longer comprehend.

  • moss22 27w

    Street love for anxiety

    She told him,
    She was made of Ale an
    Ale ingredients with a killer
    germ powerful enough to cause
    a (COPD) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in human

    But he told her
    He is a wild Deer
    He lives his entire life
    Around the mountain eating
    psychedelic mushrooms trying
    to get him self high it's only a pleasure
    that her germ's (the Ale ingredients)
    Can only get him intoxicated

  • moss22 28w

    All I ever wanted was to take a vacation right into your heart
    Then explore the horizon
    Smell the scent of talc on your wall
    Intoxicate my self with the flavor
    Walk out smiling with a happy colour of the rainbow on my face
    Then tell the whole world how I discovered my
    Displaced Piece in you

  • moss22 29w

    The girl I'll marry

    I'm going to get married in the spring,
    When sun and rain are mild,
    And birds fly around in varying colours,
    When countrysides smell of blossomed shrubs
    And the sky is clement enough-
    To talk about love.

    Momma, I promise my bride will come soon,
    I've found a girl down, down the town,
    Out of whom I'll pick a wife,
    She was made out of me:
    Formed out of my nine ribs
    While I was far asleep; dreaming. 

    Before the next yam festival,
    I'll be here with her, sitting next to the tripod stand,
    Fanning the embers to fire,
    Washing the old mortar and pestle.
    My eyes looking at her eyes
    As we pass the morsels inside the  buccal cavities.

    Tomorrow I'll bring my flower,
    Scents like petal from paradise
    Seeing her glowing under the luscious village night.
    She will have some 'laali' on her wrists,
    Her legs delicately tapping the ground-
    Like an egret on the rope.

    She'll have all that African girls have:
    Dark like an 'Ishin' seed,
    Or fair like newly cooked moin-moin in the leaves.
    Her voice like smooth song,
    Her hair long and weaved
    And her curves like that of an old Bentley.

    ©Bayo Akinnola

  • moss22 30w

    I d built my speed and pace
    Just to find you now that you're
    Here I can't live a single day without

  • moss22 30w

    Risking it all
    it's my future
    My attitude has strayed
    Me to a state of destitute,
    like a self destructive instinct
    Killing me from the inside, and I
    died over and over again trying to
    live with it I heard them say there is a
    chance to be set free but my freedom was interlock with Discipline my greatest enemy and am hunted
    I can't go to her because can't
    afford to lose my pleasure
    my long time Allie but I
    have to put an end to
    to this folly which
    has brought my
    feet deep into
    the gully,
    I want to be planted like the
    seed that grew out from
    the tree besides the
    sea shore I know
    it's not too late
    and the
    time is

  • moss22 32w

    he boast
    And again he was bragging
    Of himself I am the only man
    Who is capable of finishing a plate
    Of hot beans within tree minutes in tim

    Me: Oh yes Uncle,
    That is so true you are right.
    But remember the last time you
    Came visiting you littered our bed
    with sheets and watery pupu I guess
    You are so skillful in watering the bed
    As well.

    Laugh my love
    You don't have to
    Pay for it


  • moss22 32w

    Women are wonderfully made creatures
    When they want to bless you,
    They make your life twinkle in little Stars
    Mother's love

  • moss22 32w

    A letter to Shades_and_ spades

    Her words were purely curled with sexiness a bit of madness mixed-up with enthusiasm.

    As I take a glimpse at her lines I can feel my eyes sprawling into the wild searching for territories to conquer.

    I have never been more startled with such a magnificent beauty of an ink.

    Thou wish I was better,
    But my wish never had a motive to be mixed with envy never.

    Am So sorry I stopped, I stared, I d just rather continue to be in awe
    These are her words

    I smile

    I d hope you smile too

    Love to burn along in your fire, ready to be locked up faraway in your internal abyss of your imagination.

    Don't bother about the keys because am right were I want to be.

    Went to your bio new kid on the block Ink inprinted so well so prolific promising and unique

    I can see you have nurtured this feeling for ages

    While away in your time i found the love for my art

    I have seen many writers write with so much great intent but found solace within, your Craft.

    Your art can easily get to heaven through Revelation.

    Hope you know I write to you
    Hope one day or someday some one out there
    Will eventually give credit to my name inspiration shades_and_spades


  • moss22 33w

    We are cognizant
    of one thing in life,
    The day we will fall.

    Flawless becomes
    how many willing to rise
    and shine like the stars in the sky.