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  • mousami 10w

    Halloween party

    There is a dark and scary night
    And clouds are white
    Despite everything is right
    And I am inviting you tonight for delight
    Every children wear bright mask
    It become tight for kids
    Children enjoy Halloween party
    And they like it so much.

  • mousami 11w

    Several days before I was to die

    I were going to lie on bed
    My eyes is going to be close
    And I'm going to be die
    Before dying I want to eat pie
    Now my time has come to say goodbye.

  • mousami 11w

    Angel horses flap their wings

    Angel horses flap their wings
    There is a season of spring
    Angel horses flap their wings
    The king is going to sing
    Angel horses flap their wings
    The king is going to bring ring
    Angel horses flap their wings
    And they went to bring long
    Angel horses flap their wings

  • mousami 11w

    Poem of good night

    The stars are twinkling at night

    The birds are sleeping at night

    And see the dreams at night

    Good night

  • mousami 12w

    Dream poem

    As I were seeing a dream tonight
    It was horrible dream that night
    When I wake up at morning
    This dream become vanished.
    I am very happy that this dream become true .

  • mousami 12w

    My birthday poem

    You are having new life to start from today
    Your days are cheerful you are so cute
    You are so special when you are born
    You are looking so beautiful today
    And this is called your birthday poem

  • mousami 12w

    True love poem

    When I see your eyes
    It shine like stars

    When you ring my bell and come in
    front of me I were looking mad at you

    When you touch your finger in my face
    I become fully mad at you because I love you

    This is called true love

  • mousami 12w

    Happy women's day

    When you were kid you look so cute

    When you become girl you play with your friends

    When you become teenage you write decorative diaries

    When your marriage will happen you have to make variety of recipes

    When you become old hobbies will become timepass for you

  • mousami 13w

    Anniversary poem

    You are my love
    You are my sweetheart
    You are my life
    You are my heart
    That I have brought for you
    Happy anniversary to you.

  • mousami 13w

    Valentine's day

    When I come in college
    You look always at me in romantic way
    I just fall in love with you
    I will say words just few
    You know my seeing point of view
    I love you