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  • moutrisha 9w


    A word's “FOREVER" have a very deep meaning,...
    Which everyone doesn't like...

  • moutrisha 12w



  • moutrisha 25w

    Many people are there who laugh at me because I m depended girl ,
    I don't care, because I know the meaning of dependent and independent,
    Yes my parent never leave me alone,
    I also felt shy for this, but now I can clearly understand why ?
    Yes they care for me,
    Yes they love for me,
    Like others parents only
    They never leave me alone also like some others parents only,
    But the main reason is that our country is not a safe country there are so many peoples who don't know how to give respect to a lady...

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    First look at the water it's dirty or fresh, then drink it

  • moutrisha 29w

    Happy Independence Day ����

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    Thousands of pains can remove
    Thousands of expensive things get ignored
    Only a peaceful, beautiful smile come
    By seeing this tricolour flag...

  • moutrisha 29w

    My Real Hero

    Your hard work taught me many lessons,
    Your simple status always give me a rich smile,
    The knowledge which is given by you it's help me to make my life perfect,
    In my life you are my real hero,
    I can't express you in just few words
    Endless love for you my real hero, my dad, my everything....❤️

  • moutrisha 29w

    As I m human like others I don't know how I will be different from others, but I always try something different from everyone ��

    Actually I hate the sentence like - “you are like him/her”.
    But I like the sentence like - “you are like the real human"

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    I hate comparison_

    I hate comparison,
    I want to be different
    Each and everyone..

  • moutrisha 29w


    R E A L
    F E E L I N G S


  • moutrisha 30w

    Reflection of mine only

    Infront of mirror
    I thought I m with someone
    Later it's reminds me
    That's reflection is mine only ....

  • moutrisha 30w

    The lady_

    The lady _
    Who work for us,
    Who cook for us,
    Who care for us,
    Who cry for us,
    Who laugh for us,
    Who can do every things for us,
    Who always hide her pain infront of us with a smile,
    Whom I never can be describe in just few words,
    The lady is our MAA...
    Endless love for u MAA...

  • moutrisha 30w


    In education we can get knowledge
    But without money we can't get education

    But the main thing is that knowledge never be get from money