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  • moziescerlet 8w

    New year letter to myself

    Seems like you've forgotten how things are used to be.
    You had one lucky time and got addicted.
    You escape your reality cuz of one long dream.
    You even forgot your fate and look at yourself you are so pathetic. What are you trying to protect.
    You got hurt over your illusion. You've become so weak that others stepped on you and you can't do anything back.
    You left your world open and now you've got unwanted things.
    You got a cold for some stupid things.
    Steel up .
    Be sure to lock your world again. Don't let yourself fade away more than already it is.
    Reflect upon yourself.
    Try to learn past lessons.

  • moziescerlet 9w


    I have no one to share
    About my tears
    in the middle of the night
    My world is so quiet
    Such silent reminds me
    How lovely I am

  • moziescerlet 10w


    I'm not giving up on you
    From the start
    I don't get the chance to try

  • moziescerlet 10w


    Maybe I didn't really love you
    Maybe I loved the feeling of
    being in love
    Like a habit I loved you
    Like an addition
    I obsessed with you
    This love of mine maybe you afraid
    But rather than unrealistic
    faint hope of love you want
    My love are stronger

  • moziescerlet 14w

    Lessons learned

    Love and goodwill is like money.
    Don't spend it.
    Don't easily give it.
    Giving alot do anything good
    Saving for greater ones is better than
    wasting on unworthy ones

  • moziescerlet 15w

    Afterlife thoughts

    I live between life and death.
    Time stopped flowing for how long.
    I don't remember anymore.
    Maybe my last thought of life was "Ah... that's all I can live. This is the end"

    Since then my world went completely silent. I couldn't hear people whisperings my back anymore.
    I couldn't feel their gaze anymore.
    I really become alone yet I can't feel loneliness.

    I watched people slowly forget me, the love and hate I got became a memory, the place I desperately tried to protect replaced by others. My name, my voice, my form all disappear to the point I starting to doubt my existence.
    Though this feeling ain't any different from when I lived, I am a little sad. Maybe?

    I wondered through the streets forgetting days or nights. I watched people's love, greed, grief, happiness, sadness. I watched they trying the best to live as if all the time were on their side. Their strugglings as if they are to live forever. The lives born and burnt I saw it all yet people are so alike wherever and whenever. Funny I was once part of this though I stopped surviving for who knows how long.

    Now, I am just a soul stuck between life and death.

  • moziescerlet 15w


    I am a dandelion

    At every breeze, it floats with the breeze

    That Dandelion is me

    A flower of freedom and happiness

    A floating prayer who kept your whisper

    It's me, the dandelion

    It can collapse with the slightest breeze
    So fragile yet so strong

    It's a dandelion

    If you try, you will find yourself a tiny pale me beside you

    When you make a wish gently,
    I will carry it to the end of the world

    That flower,
    I am a Dandelion


  • moziescerlet 28w

    An old book

    I'm just a book.
    Somewhere i'm well known.
    Some aren't even heard of me.
    Some people interested . Some got bore.
    Some value every words of mine while
    some not even care.
    I'm just a plain book.
    No drama or adventure.
    Not a bible nor a poem.
    I'm more like a drawing book.
    People just draw as they please and color it.
    Some fill the bests in me but some just ruin.
    Whether they love or hate it,
    I'm just an old plain book.

  • moziescerlet 40w

    Peacock tree

    O' the graceful
    Royal poinciana
    Spread your flame through the sky
    Conquer the peaceful sky with your reddish confidence
    Till the royal violet

  • moziescerlet 42w


    If growing up means that
    I have to endure every single little things that irritate me or
    I have to do things without my heart consent,
    Then I prefer to stay immature little brat