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  • mr_mysterious123 1w

    Not enough?

    Was sacrificing my love for friendship not enough?
    Were the words you told about me all a bluff?
    Why did you make me believe in all those stuff?
    Only in your presence, I knew how to laugh,
    There was no need to be so rough,
    Because over the months even I haven't been any tough..
    I haven't been any tough...


  • mr_mysterious123 1w


    I cried everyday for the person who won't even shed a single drop of tear if I die!

  • mr_mysterious123 1w

    The Girl

    The girl doesn't dream,

    The girl is the dream!!

  • mr_mysterious123 2w


    I forgot how it feels to be broken
    I saw her broken heart again.

    I forgot how the pain feels like
    I heard her story all over again.

    I forgot what it's meant to be cared
    She started cheering me up again.

    I failed to remember what love feels like
    I looked into her eyes again...


  • mr_mysterious123 4w


    Everytime I look into her eyes,
    "Look for one more second", my heart cries,
    And I don't realize how the time flies,
    I wouldn't want to say any goodbyes,
    Even the smartest ones become not so wise,
    As they're all mesmerized,
    "Wish she was with me", my heart sighs,
    She's more prettier than the prettiest of skies,
    I want to be with her in her joys and agonies,
    Wish she knew that my heart tries,
    I Wish she knew that my heart cries.

  • mr_mysterious123 4w


    She talked to me after so many days,
    My heart thought it was in a race,
    The heartbeat started to increase it's pace,
    Later I realized to hear what she says.

    Though it was after a long time,
    It felt just like everytime.
    There was the same warmth and comfort,
    As she used to sleep peacefully on my shirt.

    Both were willing to make eye contact,
    Her eyes were designed to attract,
    Her elegance couldn't give him time to react,
    And that is a fact.

    He wanted her to stay for a bit longer,
    Without her, he hadn't been any stronger,
    Her presence gives him the strength to conquer,
    In her absence, he could just wander.

    And it was now time to say goodbye,
    Though he always wanted her nearby,
    And then he went to his room
    Waiting for her reply,
    Just waiting for her reply!

  • mr_mysterious123 15w


    People leave us easily but their memories don't ..

  • mr_mysterious123 19w


    They asked, "Do you still remember her!?"
    "Only if I could forget her!", I replied with a smile!

  • mr_mysterious123 24w


    My mind still floats in her memories,
    Seems like I'll never forget her in centuries.
    We would have been part of a beautiful story,
    Never hoped it would turn into such a dreary.
    Without her, my life has turned into a misery,
    Hope I'll get out of this by some mystery!

  • mr_mysterious123 30w


    If surviving without her is an art, then I can never be the Picasso of it!