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  • mr_x2267 8w


    In these hard time I cant help but to thank
    If it wasn't for my friends I'll stay feeling numb
    Even if we're apart or not together we can still have the rhythm to party
    Yes I'm glad to have them in my life it's quite what some say "gnarly"
    Yes we are idiots and are over protective of one another
    That's only to make sure no one fucks with our sister or brother
    Times are filled with joy and laughter
    Even during rough times like this disaster

  • mr_x2267 11w

    Waking each morning not knowing who I am
    Feeling emptiness inside my chest
    Waves of depression consume me again
    Dont know why or what makes me feel depressed
    Just the feeling of worthlessness plays in my mind
    I wish I can be happy like other just having that shine
    Like scars memories fade they're still there but never forgotten
    When I try to rest only thing that comes to my head is that I am rotten
    I don't expect to be helped when I never ask for it
    Because in the end I'm too scared to do anything and for that I feel like shit
    I'm honestly scared to ask for help
    I keep going closing and contemplating on killing myself

  • mr_x2267 12w

    That same empty and hopeless romantic feeling
    Tried to feel that hole inside with choices I would regret later on
    Again I ended up back on my old ways being the same condescending asshole I once was
    Seeing that I'm going backwards then forward I look back at someone seeing that maybe they can change who I am
    But like always once you do something can you actually really change

  • mr_x2267 12w

    Again that was my ego getting to me and well I kinda lost touch with my actual emotions
    Life changed and I couldn't be an egotistical child anymore, I'm not a young boy
    Meeting old exes and friends felt weird knowing how much of an condescending asshole I was beforehand
    And even well falling for another but there's consequences with your actions
    So there I was the one felt the pain I made others felt

  • mr_x2267 12w

    Condescending Asshole

    I once felt like I was capable of anything and that I was invincible
    However through the years that became inconsistent
    From dawn to dusk I wonder what the fuck am I actually good at
    Knowingly I go back to memories of what I did in the past
    From past experiences and relationships over the years
    I made a mistake in every single one
    I thought I was superior to people that as if I was above them all

  • mr_x2267 13w


    My feelings are all over to the place where I don't know what to feel anymore
    I cant expect you to understand what I mean by that
    Because you can interpret it anyway that dont match up
    I'm honestly just numb from all this shit I'm surprised no one snapped on me
    I'm truly toxic and it makes me sound edgy now

  • mr_x2267 19w

    Questionable results

    Maybe it just wasn't meant to be
    Yes its been years since we first met
    Again I apologize for the bullshit I did and all
    Yet you still stay to be my friend even tho I have a lot of mental problems
    Makes me question what good friends I actually have
    You obviously fall in that section I don't understand how you put up with me
    I dont expect you to see it because how distant I've been becoming

  • mr_x2267 20w


    You feel the same pain as you caused them
    Now you cant take it as it all sets in
    It caves in as you start to break down
    No tears appear but you want to let it out
    Again you're choked up from what you just went through
    So you keep quiet and stay there feeling blue
    Either way you feel you see that bottle on top of your medicine pantry
    Take some because no longer do you feel happy

  • mr_x2267 20w

    Know how it feels

    You could meet someone who you couldn't stop thinking about all the time
    Once after a while now you want to change and give what they actually want
    But soon as you get too comfortable you lose them
    What you did to them is now happening to you
    So you understand that pain and now you know how it feels

  • mr_x2267 24w


    I feel as if I'm losing my mind as these days past of being locked in
    I already was inside all the time just by myself
    Seeing how people can act and be over hygiene and toilet products can be stressful
    But interesting because sometimes it can be fun to be ready to go at it
    It really shows how alike we are to other animals to survive something
    Some may say that's not right to think about but I dont know really
    I'm not saying I'm losing my insanity but I might be losing something