Follow God Your Path is Through Him

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  • mrgray 44w


    I hate being alone
    I miss the hugs and kisses through the phone
    I want to marry and grow old
    I need that love again that will never fold
    I love being in love
    I know through God nothing comes above
    I feel hearts should be together
    I forgot what that meant and cause stormy weathers
    I will open my heart again
    I promise to never let that go like a leaf in the wind

  • mrgray 44w

    Pray = Healing

    To help deal with the pain
    I get on my knees and pray
    To remove and heal me from everything
    For God is my Lord and savior in every way
    It's time to heal and let go
    To be strong physically mentally and emotionally
    To love you again harder than before
    Follow the path of truth destiny

  • mrgray 44w

    Learn From My Mistakes

    I admit I have hurt you
    I'm sorry can't take the pain away I cause you
    We only human but we'll ever learn
    To lose what you loved instead of earned
    I should up of just SHUT AND LISTEN
    But again I folded without a reason
    I did this to myself and I'm sorry
    I just hope my apologies win your heart like the lottery
    I won't lie I miss you
    Your voice and smile plus two
    Will I ever hear from you again
    Only God will tell from his judgement
    I admit I need time to heal
    To be stronger than a power drill
    I learned its not about me
    It's bout love that greater than the
    I don't know if you've move on or not
    I just pray since that the only thing I got
    I really need to love you again but TRUE
    If you don't want me then I know what I must do
    Just know I will love whoever comes my way
    It's just not you and that's a price I gotta pay
    Never give up or take your love for granted
    Practice what I preach what can be given can be taken

  • mrgray 46w

    Your Mines Forever More

    Compress by the energy
    I'm going show you love between you and me
    Giving up is false hope to reality
    Keep on loving you is my true destiny
    Hold me like I hold you
    Let me kiss you like you want me to
    Making love to you is my world
    Best me without a doubt your my number one girl
    Come back to me and feel my heart
    Baby your mines with your creative smarts

  • mrgray 46w

    Morning Love Prayer

    Good morning everyone from night to day
    Before you start your day let's pray
    Giving thanks to the Lord to be alive
    Happiness through him starts from inside
    Takeoff start the starting line with him by your side
    If anyone has a love one, tell them you love them that's why
    Appreciate the goodness in your life
    Spread your wings like an eagle and take flight
    Live life with humbleness and kindness everyday
    When you have a moment, just sit and pray

  • mrgray 46w

    Begone Devil

    God I need you now to make a move
    The devil is attack my heart to consume
    Me through wickedness and lies
    Lord I'm calling upon you to lift my spirits high
    God I need you now to intervene
    To pull away the lies and deceit in between
    Me that Devil is trying to ruin me
    I need your love and support to keep me clean
    Shield me away from all of the pain
    Through you Lord the devil can't stand
    Your powers are good in your Holy name
    Keep me focus and remain in my lane
    I love you Father and that's the truth
    You know my heart I can't do this without you
    Thank you God for hearing my prayer
    You touch my heart and soul with all of your care

  • mrgray 46w

    My Hearts Open

    I love you day and night
    A directional sign from left to right
    At night I wish I was holding you tight
    In my arms with all my might

    I tell you the truth that I need you
    Be stuck together like white is to glue
    Hurt you I must be a damn fool
    God bring us back together so we can rule

    No matter what I'm not giving up
    Like a high school student not ready to flunk
    Like an animal in the wild I'm ready to hunt
    Like a mountain assist in the valley that can never be sunk

    My heart cries for you and I
    Let pain go so you can fly
    I'm never stopping this a do or die
    I'm ready to be your husband and you be my wife

  • mrgray 46w

    Growing Liam

    You growing so big and tall
    Even though I'm working I'm not very far
    Listen to the voice deep down in your heart
    Liam Lee is crown King in this generation above all

  • mrgray 46w

    Prayer 1

    Dear Heavenly Father
    I asked that you watch over me at my new employment
    Lord I come before but you to ask for the strength and guidance
    Use to my mind body and soul to conquer the wickedness
    Through prayer sheild me from all evilness and violence

  • mrgray 46w


    I lost myself in the new age
    Trapped inside my mind like a dog cage
    Without you I go completely insane
    It's time to let go pain and turn the page

    I need you now and forever more
    My heart that was hidden is now come to pour
    My true feelings bleeding out like a open wound to the floor
    It was always you that wins every score

    No one could ever love me like you do
    My heart is beating with power of love ain't that the truth
    Through God I'm never giving up on you.
    I love you so much from my soul to the moon