I am trying to get better in my writing skills. I would love to know your opinions to flourish up. thank you ♥️

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  • mrigashree_b 2w

    To all my friends from India and abroad, wish you and your family a very happy Bhogali Bihu - a celebration of bountiful nature and abundance.

  • mrigashree_b 4w

    To the year awaited by all
    Ending the miseries mostly suffered in common.
    Wrapping up our remaining dreams
    In the sunflower decorated potlis,
    We set our route with trails of prolongation.
    The young night marks the arrival
    The bright sun sets the ground
    May our feet land in alignment
    With our wounds healed with some
    magical wand.


  • mrigashree_b 4w

    Why do we complicate life with a purpose?
    Isn't it supposed to be just a conscious form of energy in the human body to live?
    The man made configured purposes have trapped individuals in a net of confusions challenging to live and conclusions limit their minds while living.

  • mrigashree_b 5w

    I want to dance with you in the cassette of old love songs; in the rhythm of grace with our feet aligned with the music and our breath. The night is young, the stars are bright and sky is nostalgic; reminding the trails of my tears. You are a stain of beauty in the whitewashed cells of my prison, a spiral of secrecy uncoiling without gravity. Your warm hands on my hips feel like the warmth of the winter bonfire, our fingers tangled in love in Rumba and you; the young man in the tuxedo like a Latin American of Roman times. And if you and I are a dream, I wish even in the ten thousand hours I shall not open my eyes.

  • mrigashree_b 5w

    The experience of life is a mind set of ours. And the human mind is the most complex chemical factory. The body isn't a small prison nor the mind is subtle. We are the creation of the creator and the creator of the creations. We discovered light and we are light after our demise. We are the organism with the highest of all emotions.

  • mrigashree_b 5w

    The light in me is flickering.
    I am afraid Darkness won't surround.

  • mrigashree_b 10w

    My Sunflower's Birthday

    There you go to spend another new year; a new age; a new phase of life and a set of opportunities. New to the friendship zone and bad at expressing, yet my heart pours it's potion of love and love and love to you and for you. Back to the lines, wish you a very happy birthday dear. Back to the current time, I am sorry for being late. But to the moon and back my small heart's love stretches to you and shall remain till last. To the years to come, I know you will be a person with strong personality and would be immensely happy to witness the day when together we will gain power, peace and fame

  • mrigashree_b 13w

    And every beautiful thing eventually gets ruined

  • mrigashree_b 14w

    You are the most beautiful person i have ever seen.
    The depth of your voice, the eyes that stare at a fixed point, the innocency you carry; flashes in front of me. Your pain hits me, your ignorance bothers me, your smile curses my mortality and even your lies seem sweet in the cup of bitter tea. I don't know if I will ever be able to pick myself up from the bin of the memories spent staring at you with my inner voice crying to hold your hand; tigthening the grip of the bond and loosening over the teared skin on your palm and say that I will always support you. Even after knowing the secrets you have been hiding. Because, you are beautiful. And I love being with beautiful people.

  • mrigashree_b 15w

    I will remember that day when your face shone like a morning star at the hills surrounded with nature's love. You are an illustration of pin point serenity, where patience and silence prongs with grace, whose smiles spreads the utmost happiness, whose nature is blessed by the lords and his angels. I will remember the day I extended my Kleenex to you, when I took the chance of pouring water for you, when I sat infront of you, stealing glances when you were driving through.
    Shuttling my eyes like the lenses of a Polaroid camera, the photographs slipped out in words with hues, resonating the memories of that day I made through.