����My beginnings are not edged in stone. I wil carve my own masterpiece.

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  • mseynti86 5d


    Typically me,
    I kiss n told,
    Told the reallest pieces of me
    But I fear shez private
    Her eyes told me so
    N yet she wants me to open up
    As she closes her closet behind
    Barriers of question marks
    N suggestions of insecurities,
    She lusts for me,
    My silence calms her,
    The erotic rage makes her speak
    In tongues.
    My body feels it,
    The darkness she fears to speak
    As all is left is the pillow
    As we cuddle in silence.
    Her secrets wonderous
    Will they in future haunt me

  • mseynti86 5d

    Dawn my heart with forgiveness this hatred weighs heavy within

  • mseynti86 3w

    4 am

    Twas 4am I woke up walked outside
    Saw a half moon and 4 stars bright
    thru the foggy sky I cudnt help myself
    but stare and wonderous nature.
    For persistance is wat makes you shine bright
    I thot
    This beautiful Winters morning. Change is the
    challenge. Acceptance is the belief,
    But it all stands
    You are unique
    Shine brightest child, stand as the clouds bury
    You. Wat a beautiful morning I see b4 me
    B4 us. Neva doubt ur existence,
    Ur purpose wil come to u in time, friend.

  • mseynti86 3w

    Thru the valley of death I walked
    Talked to the gatekeeper, he said
    to me its not ur time but ur time
    is coming
    The stridesu take now shud b
    Momentous n heroic.
    He saw all you've done in the
    name of the love but your term
    is not done theres still more to
    do in this life
    Walk tall
    Walk proud

  • mseynti86 6w


    One emotion I feel is greater
    Than the others,
    The loss of sum1,
    The loss of sumthin,
    The loss of urself as you
    Try to please others &
    Slowly you forget ur pupose.
    I lost sumthing precious,
    I lost a chance to be a dad again
    The anger, the pain, the numbness,
    The blank spaces I lose myself in.
    The loss to a future that cud hv been.

  • mseynti86 9w

    We were never ready
    We stood n watch
    N the numbers grew
    We welcomed it home
    N niw we r in that pool too
    Fear stands b4 us
    Death in numbers
    Overwhelms us
    We were never ready
    Coz I was born in a time
    Where breaking the rules
    Is the norm
    Suffer the great many
    The world on its knees
    As we still look to live
    Like this was a dream.
    The Great Pandemic

  • mseynti86 25w

    My sister gave me sum advise

    "Your choices should be respected by those who claim they love you and not dictated by them, they will put u in a hole"

  • mseynti86 25w


    Lessons everyday teach you the worst type of truth. Wat u r trying to save is not worth it, save urself b4 nothingness consumes you

  • mseynti86 25w

    The Journey Home

    A simple journey takes u on a route home, wat if dat was scripted differently. I hv grown up now n home is where my wife and kids r waiting for me and yet home is also the place I grew up in with my folks. So sumtyms my journey splits in two but my destination is the same. HOME!!©mseynti86

  • mseynti86 26w

    I am the schizophrenic
    Too many personalities to handle
    But the prominent always
    Show that m human enuff
    N she is bipolar
    Confuscious mo like it
    Her yeses r no's n vice versa
    She loves me alot for the nex
    But we both knew this love wud neva
    B normal.