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  • msurvi18 13w

    From the core of my I thank every one who has read my writtings..liked them and reposted them....I even am grateful to my followers
    #writersnetwork #mirakeewritters#pod

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    Fetching out quiteness entombed underneath these exterior,
    Ink squirting calling for a better ''me'' in every word I use .. which declares itself as volumes .

    Me to ek bheej thi,
    logo ke samaa ne paid bana diya.
    (Dedicated to my followers)

  • msurvi18 17w

    Uss maazii ko yaad krke, kya rona??
     jo meri hokar bhi, kabhi meri thi hi nhi...

    (Maazii-memory )

  • msurvi18 19w

    A gaze,but,with,a lesson this time

    A gust like reminiscences flashed just in a single gaze....,
    Making every nerve freezed up for a while ....,
    Tears rolling down upto the heart....,
    Trying to Wipe every memory,and,Hiding myself beneath the curtains.....,
    Here occurs the reminder of the day !!!
    It was today's morning only when I learnt to spoke to myself...''let's just move on''....!!!
    And guess what...??
    God made me give a surprise test..(yeah!!)
    Making me realise, ''move on'',but,'' learn to be strong enough fight with ur weaknesses atleast!!!''


  • msurvi18 27w


    Ee zindagi,...tujhe ek karz ada krna hai..,
    N jaane,kitne, Kirdaar farmaye hai tune,
    Kuch Adaee, kuch khwaab, liye firti hu..,
    Shayad, isliye, har ek Kirdaar ka, hamiyaza chukaya hai...,
    Zindagi hai...,insaan hu!!!...isliye adakaariya krti hu...,
    Adakaariya krti hu!!,isliye,insaan nhi,
    Kirdaar nibhaaya, tb, smj aaya ki tera nirdeshak to koe or hi h....!!!!
    Or, usse, karz me ada kru..iss kaabil me kha????

  • msurvi18 44w

    Love-changing destinies of two

    Entering in his room like brothel every night like a prostitute,my glance, surprised. ..!!!!
    Coz today,his intoxication is me and not the alcohol;
    Gazing and stepping forward,with all the piousness and reverence,
    He adds- let's make this brothel of mine ur house,
    Let ur love engulf every pore of mine,
    So that,this rich spoil brat,
    Can stand along his own feets, and, to let you say from all the dignity that yes u are my PROSTITUTE !!!

  • msurvi18 46w

    Sometimes, beauty of the character lies in, gazing down, and, maintaining all obligations of ourselves as well as of others, rather, then, breaking the mountains by elicit words...

  • msurvi18 48w

    Taraaz-to curve
    Zarre-every little thing

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    Abhi uss har nafas se waakif hona baaki hai,
    Abhi to har khamoshi se didaar hona baaki hai,
    Ya allah!!,Tujhe har Lafz se taraaz na hai,
    To tere haatho ki dahleez banana hai,
    Thoda haq bhi, jatana hai, to, tere har zarre ko apna bhi, banana hai,
    Are janaab.....!!!
    Abhi to saikdon lamhe baaki hai,
    Isliye,Abhi mere ishq ke imtihaan or bhi baaki hai....

  • msurvi18 49w

    I RISE

    Out of the huts of history's shame,
    I RISE.....
    Up from the past, that, rooted in pain,
    I RISE
    I am the black ocean...,leaping and wide,
    Welling and swelling,
    I bear myself in tides..,
    leaving behind the nights of terror and fear,
    Bringing the gifts of my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of SLAVE ....
    (Words of Maya Angelou's poem)

  • msurvi18 51w

    My only love for you, sprung, from the hatred I had for the word 'LOVE'.,
    Unknown with you, too early, and, known to you, too late...

  • msurvi18 51w

    Tried for the first time.....#funny...girls plz ..pardon me today....!!!

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    A convo with mechanical engineer

    Ek ladhki apne BF se jagad ke canteen k bahar ek mechanical engineer se. ...

    Ladhki- tum engineers ki problem kya h???
    Ladhka- tum ladhkiya. ...
    Ladhki- what nonsense. ..??
    Ladhka- I min...look miss!!. ...oh sorry sista. .!!!....B.Tech ki degree handle krte-krte do cheeze Sikh li h. ..
    1.)hamare yha physics or maths me praticle applications hoti h..... or chemistry chalti nhi...
    2.)operational management jesse subjects ko alag trh se manage kiya Jata h. ...
    Or manufacturing ko alag trh se smja jata h...
    Ab ....dekh lo engineering hh..!!
    //- urvi pandya