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    Whales belong in oceans;
    Not in pools for
    Entertainment use.

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    Two Sides

    We all have a two sides.
    A dark side, like the MOON;
    A bright sight, like the sun.

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    My precious nephew frowned
    When he heard me call him
    His funny nickname: Pikachu.
    Especially since he dressed as such
    On Halloween.


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    I stand out in the dark,
    Loving the night.
    I look up at the sky,
    Staring at the bright stars.

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    Valentine's Day

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    To love
    Means to expect nothing
    In return,
    Except love.

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    Ghosts are those
    Who haunt
    When they have
    Something to say.

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    I look up at the
    Night stars; my mood
    Feeling calm and thoughtful.
    My mind is full thoughts
    For others; even though
    It might hurt some.


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    The view of the SEA,
    Is a beautiful sight.
    I look out the window
    To watch the deep blue color of the water.

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    Olav's Story: Chpt. 17

    Since Flora knew much about our kind, it wasn’t so difficult for her to know what it would be like to live as a night creature. As for myself, however, the new lifestyle, I found it to be strange.

         My vision excelled to the point where I was able to see things as plainly as during the day. My hearing had intensified by 10 times, however, I was able to control it. As for the scent of blood, it was hard to describe.

         Thank goodness we learned to feed off of animals. I didn’t know this about her, but unless it was in self-defense, I could never kill a mortal. After all, I was one myself. It was enough that Flora had changed me.

         We no longer worked at the moment; neither one of us were sure it would be ideal do so around the smell of mortal blood. The temptation was simply too strong.

         We walked about the night, amazed at how different everything was during the evening. However, there was something I had been curious about.

         ‘What was life like in Ireland?’ I had asked as we walked along a bridge one night.

         ‘Very simple…beautiful, actually,’ she said. ‘I had a wonderful childhood there. But my parents were alive…until my teen years, that is.’

         Clearly, she was referring to her mother. I didn’t press on that subject. ‘Have you ever thought about going back?’ I asked.

         She frowned. ‘Why?’

         ‘Merely curious since it’s your childhood home. It would also be great since it would give us an excuse to get away from Kane.’

         ‘That’s true.’

         ‘At least think about it. I believe it would be good for the both of us.’

          She was silent before she nodded in agreement. The idea seemed to frighten yet settle on her.
         It wasn’t long before I noticed the change in Flora. The thirst seemed to overwhelm her.

         At first it was just her feeding upon small animals which gradually turned into larger animals. Then I had seen her do something which frightened me.

         One evening I was startled to find her side of our bed empty.

         I quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed, knowing that I had to look for her.

         Fortunately, I didn’t have to go far. Unfortunately, I caught her doing something I never thought she would do.

         ‘Flora!’ I gasped.

         There she was, feeding on a young man, literally drinking his blood and chewing his throat. I shuddered at the way she was feeding off of him.

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    I feel myself floating,
    Moving away from all
    That's familiar to me;
    Seeing all that's brighter,
    Beautiful, and more serene.