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    Nicholas' Story: Chpt 5

    Nicholas was surprised to find Simone and Carrie in the staff parking lot of the hospital. ‘You both are here.’

    ‘Yes,’ Simone spoke. ‘I was sent a message that we were to meet here.’

    Nicholas nodded. ‘From Robert.’

    Carrie frowned at the both of them as Nicholas put an arm around her shoulders. ‘Is that his name?’

    ‘Yes,’ a new voice interjected.

    They all turned to see Robert with an attractive, middle aged woman beside him.

    Simone smiled. ‘Robert, it is indeed you.’

    Robert returned the smile and bowed as he indicated his companion with his friend. ‘This is Mandy, a police officer.’

    ‘Hello,’ Simone said politely as Mandy smiled.

    ‘Is there any place where we can talk?’ Carrie asked.

    ‘How about our place?’ Mandy asked. ‘My shift is over, and the sun won’t be up for several hours. You can follow us in your vehicle. It’s not too far from here.’

    ‘That sounds fine.’

    Simone and Nicholas nodded in agreement as they entered Carrie’s vehicle. It wasn’t long before they were following Mandy and Robert.

    Amy was slower than usual with work tonight even though there were fewer than usual customers. She wasn’t too surprised to find that Kang had arrived there. She was beginning to believe he showed up there to watch after her, not stalk her.

    Why, though? She wondered. Why does he want to look after me? He doesn’t even know me.

    She then approached him. ‘Is there anything I can get for you?’

    Kang smiled. ‘How about I take you from here?’ His fangs were noticeable.

    ‘I meant for you to eat or drink. I’m on shift.’

    ‘That doesn’t have to be.’ Kang's smile faded. ‘You don’t need to be mistreated by that fool.’

    Amy didn’t know what to say to that statement.

    ‘I’ll have some rare stake.’ Kang said this as he looked at the menu. ‘When does your shift end?’

    ‘In about two hours.’

    ‘Perhaps we can talk then, yes?’

    Amy looked at him, unable to deny his handsomeness. ‘I don’t know if I can…my boss-.’

    ‘Is your boyfriend who mistreats you.’

    Amy stared at him. How did he know what she was thinking?

    Kang nodded. ‘Forgive me for keeping you. Some other time, perhaps?’

    Amy shrugged. ‘If I can.’

    She walked away, only to find Jake glaring at her.

    Mandy and the others were sitting comfortably in her living room. Nicholas was grateful for the coffee that was served to him as was Carrie. She leaned against him as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

    ‘First,’ Mandy told Nicholas. ‘Just let me say thank you for all that you’ve done for that high school a year ago. You saved a lot of lives.’

    Nicholas nodded.

    Mandy turned to Carrie. ‘I’m also very sorry about what happened to you that night. From one bullied victim to another, no one deserves to go through that. I know what it’s like to provoked that way.’

    Carrie then turned her gaze to the ground. ‘I don’t like to talk about that.’ The tone of her voice was sad and soft.

    Mandy nodded as she held up a hand. ‘Apologies, and fair enough.’

    Nicholas gave Carrie’s shoulders another squeeze as he mumbled something to her. She looked up at him and nodded.

    ‘So what can you tell us about our nemesis?’ This question came from Nicholas.

    ‘He’s a very evil and powerful vampire.’ This statement came from Simone.

    Half of the people turned to face her, stunned.

    ‘She would know,’ Robert said. ‘She was with me when he held us hostage.’

    Nicholas stared at her. ‘How long ago was this?’

    ‘Long before anyone of you mortals were born. That fellow in black was the one responsible. He may be good at coming off as pleasant, but he’s actually quite vile. More so than he appears.’

    Simone nodded, shuddering at the memory of Kang when he first approached her…so seductive and gentlemanly at first. Yet only to come off so evil not too long afterwards.

    ‘Forgive me for bringing up such memories, dear friend,’ Robert told Simone. ‘But these are things our human loved ones must know about.’

    ‘Grandma,’ Carrie said, softly. ‘Other than this man changing you…’

    Simone closed her eyes and shook her head, bloody tears moistening her eyes. ‘I'll only say he hurt me in more ways than one, my dear. That’s all.’

    Carrie was silent before she nodded. She knew better than to pressure her into talking about her transformation.

    Amy almost dropped the tray she was carrying when she heard the kitchen door swing open. She knew better than to turn around.

    ‘You weren’t supposed to talk to customers for too long.’ There was a note of impatience in Jake’s voice.

    ‘I was trying to be friendly. Most customers like us to chat with them,’ Amy explained.

    Jake grabbed and pulled a handful of her hair, causing her to gasp. ‘Don’t get smart,’ he growled.

    Amy only cringed in fear before nodding stiffly. He then released her hair before he left the kitchen.

    Shuddering, she reached into her pocket where she kept Robert’s address and phone number. She was grateful to find out that he didn’t live too far.


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    A Short Story

    Once Upon a Time, he was a part of her dreams.
    He smiled at her, and she didn't want to wake up.


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    Valentine's Day

    It's not for everyone,
    But for those
    Who are lucky in love.
    Happy Valentine's Day,
    And celebrate with romance!

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    Grew up in a harsh environment,
    Picked on by an older sister,
    Hassled by a mother's boyfriend,
    Only to be bullied in school.
    His rage finally builds
    To the point where it explodes;
    He then sees nothing but blood
    At the expense of the innocent.

    Dedicated to the makers of the movie to the Halloween series.


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    A lost Resident

    Fear of what one
    Might do;
    Feeling as though
    Living in solitude is
    The best way for
    Me to live.
    Constantly bullied,
    Even now at this day;
    I'm almost provoked
    To go back on my promise
    That I made to myself
    Many decades ago.
    How out of the question
    That would be


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    Nicholas' Story: chpt. 4

    Nicholas stared at Robert in shock, his eyes widening as he reached for the crucifix around his neck, holding it towards the vampire.

    ‘It’s alright,’ Robert said. ‘I didn’t mean to cause you fear, my friend. However, that won’t have much affect on me.’

    Nicholas continued to stare at Robert. ‘How is that possible?’

    ‘You should know that.’

    ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘Exactly what I said.’ Robert frowned at Nicholas’ silence. ‘I'm aware you know someone else who is also a vampire. She raised you. Why do you suppose that is?’

    Nicholas was silent in thought for a moment before he rolled his eyes, tucking his crucifix into the collar of his shirt. ‘Simone isn’t evil.’ He shook his head. ‘I'm sorry. I didn’t know she knew you.’

    ‘Of course she wouldn’t. That was something we discussed decades ago when we were…changed.’ Robert hesitated. ‘However, we will discuss this some other time. Please let Simone and your wife know it is important we meet. I will let my caretaker know as well.’

    Nicholas nodded. ‘Are you going to know the number of the hospital?’

    ‘No. I will know when your shift ends.’

    Nicholas wasn’t surprised-that's how it was for Simone as well. ‘Alright. I’ll see you.’

    Robert smiled and, right before Nicholas’ eyes, he disappeared.

    Nicholas slowly walked into the hospital, feeling in total shock. Another vampire, he thought. Simone, why didn’t you tell me?

    He sighed, going to his office to put on his doctor’s coat. He needed to shake off his meeting with Robert, their conversation, and his discovery. He had his patients to think about right now.

    * * *

    Carrie walked into the room, sighing in exhaustion.

    She was so grateful that she started going to college; she thought it would be an idea to update her education. Another thing she started doing was making clothes as a small business at home. It wasn’t much, but it helped as far making a little something on the side. Nicholas, Ralph, and Simone were proud of her for doing so.

    ‘Such an independent young lass,’ Simone said with a smile. ‘I’m so proud of you, luv.’

    Ralph was pleased with her as well. Carrie had made Simone’s dress and Ralph’s suit for attending her wedding, and they each gave her and Nicholas a generous check.


    Something was going on with him, and he hasn’t opened up to her about it. It started with his nightmares, then his working overtime, now it was his lack of eating. The one thing Carrie had noticed about him is these things didn’t occur unless something was going on with him.

    Most of the time, he was open enough to discuss the issue with her. This time, however, he had closed her off.

    Carrie sighed.

    There was a sudden knock on the door, causing her to jump.

    She shook her head. Ease up already, she told herself. All you have to do is talk to him. He won’t close you off completely.

    ‘Carrie, my dear, it’s me,’ Simone’s muffled voice said from the other side of the door.

    Carrie smiled as she opened the door. ‘It’s so good to see you, Grandma.’ She couldn’t help but hug her.

    ‘As it is to see you, Dear one.’ Simone stepped into the room when she saw the look on Carrie’s face. ‘You’re worried.’

    Carrie nodded. ‘About Nicholas.’

    Simone shrugged. ‘That’s no surprise, Carrietta.’

    She hesitated. ‘I don’t know if he’s told you-I doubt it because he has a busy night at the hospital-but I had a phone call from him-saying we need to meet with someone I had once known.’

    Carrie frowned. ‘Why? What’s going on?’

    ‘He wouldn’t give me very much information other than we need to defeat another creature .’

    ‘Another creature? How many are you?’

    ‘More than you think-than I think.’ Simone shook her head. ‘I never thought either of them would be here.’

    ‘When do we have to meet them?’

    ‘In about an hour. Nicholas wanted me to accompany you.’

    Carrie nodded. ‘Alright.’ She touched the cross she wore around her neck by instinct. ‘Let me get ready.’

    ‘Will do.’

    ‘What took you so long out back?’ Jake demanded Amy.

    Amy shrugged. ‘I was just doing what you told me. Taking out the trash.’

    ‘It doesn’t usually take that long to take the trash out.’ Jake glared at her.

    Amy stared at him, saying, ‘Some homeless people were hassling me for money, and I told them off.

    They wouldn’t listen at first, but they left.’

    Jake stared at her for a moment before he walked away.

    Amy shuddered. He believed me, she thought. Good.

    The last thing she needed was for him to beat her again. Then she reached into her pocket and remembered the piece of paper Robert had given her with his number on it, thinking, Why does he want to help me?

    It didn’t matter. Thank goodness he was there out back when he was.


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    A Great Distance

    A beautiful castle
    Which was once my home;
    While I have many lovely memories,
    I needed better ones.
    As much as I loved it there,
    I no longer miss being at the castle.

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    Nicholas's Story: Chpt. 3

    Chapter 3

    Robert watched as the mist cleared before he turned to Amy, whose eyes widened in fear. ‘I knew there was something weird about him! You’re like him, too, aren’t you?’

    Robert shook his head. ‘Creature, yes. Killer, far from it.’

    ‘You mean you’re a vampire…’

    ‘But I don’t feed on the blood of humans.’ Robert hesitated. ‘Not like the evil one that I just sent away.’

    Amy was trembling, her eyes wide.

    Robert wanted to rest a hand on her shoulder, but didn’t. He knew she didn’t trust him yet. ‘Are you alright?’

    ‘I’m…I’m just kind of freaked out. I don’t just mean about what I saw.’ Amy wiped away her tears.

    Robert handed her a handkerchief. ‘If my cohort has told you to leave that man, you best do well to listen to her. I can tell your husband abuses you.’

    ‘He’s a live in boyfriend. If I leave him, I leave my job and place.’ Amy shuddered. ‘I don’t know how or why, but he always manages to find me.’

    Robert handed her a small piece of paper. ‘You now have an alternative. I know Mandy, my caretaker, may have given you this paper, but my number, as well as my address, is on the back.’ He gave her a serious look. ‘Don’t be afraid to go there.’

    Amy looked at the address. ‘I don’t know where this address is.’

    ‘If you have to pay for a cab, I'll pay for your fare.’

    Amy smiled. ‘I don’t know how to thank you!’

    He merely acknowledged her with a nod and returned the grin as she went back to the bar.

    * * *


    Nicholas had gotten out of surgery when a nurse approached him. ‘Yes, Nurse Taylor?’

    ‘Um, Doc, I was in the back when a man approached me and said he needed you to take this.’ She handed him a yellow folded paper. ‘He wouldn’t give me his name.’

    Nicholas forced a smile as he took the sheet. ‘Thank you.’ He slowly opened the folded piece of paper as she walked away.

    The sheet said:

    I realize things have become awkward
    for us, but I needed to get a msg to you
    somehow. Meet me at the back. I need
    your help.

    Nicholas frowned as he put his note in his pocket before looking around. He reached up for the crucifix around his neck. He hoped his instincts were wrong, but he doubted they would be.

    He turned around and saw that he was close to the back, and stepped out. A familiar man approached him with a slight bow. ‘Dr. Nicholas Davis, I presume?’ He appeared friendly but serious.

    Nicholas merely eyed him suspiciously. ‘Yes, and you’re Robert?’

    ‘I am.’ The pale man stared at him.

    ‘What do you want?’ Nicholas became impatient. ‘I’ve noticed you’ve been following me around over the past few days around here.’

    Robert sighed. ‘I’m aware of all the lives you’ve saved that night of the fire. You've also cleared your wife of the murders she supposedly killed.’

    A feeling of anger came over Nicholas as he raised his fist. ‘Don’t you even think of mentioning my wife!’

    Robert held up his hands. ‘I meant no offense.’ He bowed courtly. ‘Please forgive me.’ He hesitated. ‘My intent is for the good. I promise you.’

    Nicholas nodded and lowered his fist. ‘Then why do I have this unshakable feeling about you?’

    ‘Because you know more about the supernatural than you’re willing to admit.’

    Nicholas frowned in curiosity as Robert looked down, only so that Nicholas’ dropped in shock to see that Robert was revealing his fangs and red eyes.

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    Winter Fun

    Such fun with five feet
    Of snow and very thick ice;
    Out of the back window,
    We went to enjoy
    The fun winter wonderland

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    In a river,
    Peacefully afloat.
    Feeling calm,
    My mind full of inspiring ideas,
    For many to love.