you'll find me in the most solace place wondering about the stars and places afar

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  • musings21 7w

    You watch the sky, mesmerizing it's beauty. At the bleak of five forty five you decide and let yourself free of all the worries you wore like a second skin; so close that anybody would barely notice.

    You open the box of feelings within you're heart, disputing over which to hold, you graze the sides of the coffee table, as you watch the flower wither more.

    The stench of guilt breaks you, you try to loosen the shackles yet decide to step a foot back in the battle, you're afraid. Afraid of wounds that would never heal.

    There is a growl of jealousy squirming in you chest weaving an evil deed. You try to cage it yet, you fail in the wish of someone's miseries.

    Your toe nails curl, revealing the places you stayed longer than it's purpose.

    You do what you cannot heal.

    You regret.

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  • musings21 8w

    For a moment I lost myself, in the darkness of the night as they sweeped up their way to my shadow, to find me nowhere, I was never there.

    For a moment I lost myself in the symphony of my heartbeat, slowly singing to me of crushed bones and ripped skins while I cry miseries.

    For a moment I lost myself in the waves of the sea as I submerged my body beneath with a slight wavering breeze, letting me go of every misery skin deep.

    For a moment I lost myself against the rain, stumbling across all kinds of pain, folded up in a paper boat and quickly let asail.

    For a moment I lost my self staring at the blue sky, drowning me in the vastness of dreamy birds, cooing unheard metaphors

    For a moment I lost my self as I stood in the balcony embracing the chaos within which I fleet.

    For a moment I lost myself in the shoes of those whose hands have scars, their stories scream plight, but how most of us don't care their palms asking for a blessing in sight.

    For a moment I lost myself, within all the voids searching for light when I could barely breathe.

    And then, I lost myself forever in the things of unknown, wandering among those who knew who they were and what they are. I just stood, believing I that ought to be perfect in this society to be accepted, change was something to be feared and meant to be flawed.

    But the truth is, losing yourself for the better, to be anew, and to not be afraid of what others have to say, is an achievement you need to believe.

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    I lost myself


  • musings21 11w

    Things we hesitate to believe:

    1. The vastness of the sky cannot be compared to the ocean, and the colour of the sky isn't blue

    2. There alot hidden in people's eyes/thoughts than their hearts

    3. How certain are you of a tomorrow?

    4. Time will never slow down for you, you have to walk at it's pace at all cost, or you'll be lost.

    5. there are so many thoughts we all think alike, yet we battle with each other on the ones we don't

    6. Forevers end. If there is a beginning, certainly there is an end as a tragedy or death.

    7. be kind. It is easier to break a heart than to mend one

    8. No one wants to lose things, but this is life and it isn't fair and eventually you'll lose things and people who mean the most

    9. sometimes the right things feel wrong, and the wrong things, they feel right

    10. Sometimes the happiest smile, could just be a facade to all the deep rooted sadness you never told anyone

    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • musings21 12w

    You don't wake up with a poem in your mind on a gloomy monday, while you're slowly sipping hot simmering tea, with you hands lazily swinging onto the arms of the balcony, with eyes slightly lit upon the thought that you've given birth to a poem that was stuck between your teeth and the guttural sound of your throat.

    You see a poem, slowly hums melody of old songs while you watch a raven fly past cotton candy skies, that bleed into a colour of pink with the sun dazzling half through as it bids good bye.

    You see a poem, is trapped within the space of skin and bones, heaving the weight of thoughts you'd never think of, untill you'd seen them in the eyes of a stranger looking for answers within the sleeves of shattered windows of places crushed now displaced from our shallow sight.

    You see a poem, breathes within me as I pass by a familiar person I've known, yet realise we have being strangers for far longer than I remember and those memories now rot to letters and dreadful miseries

    You see a poem, beats within my chest with all the secrets I've dug and buried, afraid enough to pass by their grave I murmur words quietly in a hurry.

    You see a poem is born, within the silence of a conversation dead, beneath the stars and canopies of humongous trees

    You see a poem, settles like the mist in an oddly empty winter, while I slowly gather myself to breathe

    As I slowly daze in the hurricane of deep sleep , I hear the whispers underneath my mind chanting echoes of words that spill out as poetry

    You don't wake up with a poem on your mind, tipped up on your tongue ready to spill and bleed. You live it, realise it and some days dig it beneath your clenched jaw as you slowly breathe in a burning city, painting a beautiful scenario in pity

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod @mirakeeworld

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    A poem is born


  • musings21 13w

    Sun drops.
    Wearwolves prance around in the dark.
    Glitter glows amidst the sky
    And there is a girl with eyes full of tragedy
    Painting this night.

    Slightly around the corner
    Lies a town
    Where white knuckles bleed
    Shades of horror
    This boy doesn't realise
    He holds pockets full of sorrow

    Slowly as the clock ticks five
    There is a melody so glee
    One would believe happiness lies thee
    But there cradles an old woman
    In her chest
    Pain, yet gracefully

    The lights blink off
    A young girl
    For the streets stay no longer safe
    Ploy their next prey

    Across the street
    Lives a man
    responsibilities he wears upon his chest
    Like a crown of miseries
    He struggles to keep his mind at rest

    And here we are
    Wrapped in layers of warmth of home
    Yet lamenting of extraneous things
    We don't have on hold.
    #pod #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • musings21 13w

    One day you'll wake up to unfamiliarity coated on your skin, your heart shall heave a thunder within and you'll gaze at the stars in the day.

    On a summer afternoon of May, you'll shut your eyes and lay,
    Lay still as the dead beneath the mud, brown and gray.

    Probably thinking of how furiously days just fell by and you're here today, strong with no fear.

    No fear of what had happened yesterday.

    You'll slowly tuck your poison filled veins, with sweet memories in a tray,
    You'll be lost in time craving to have it all back again.

    You'll watch the sky turn pink, purple and all the colours, beaming out through the prism in rays

    You'll breathe,
    Breathe deep enough to have your toxic thoughts
    Run over wild with nostalgia.

    You'll try to forgive yourself one last time.

    You'll fold up your sins neatly and kick them under your bed for no one to see.

    You'll carefully examine the coffee burns
    As you immerse yourself in thr shallow sea
    You'll get up and almost fall on your knees,
    Avoiding your eyes from threatening out all that you feel.

    You'll turn around just one last time to take a glimpse of this bread baked town.

    You'll shut your eyes
    And pretend that, when you'll be here the next time,
    You won't step a foot aside.

    Even for a mere dime.

    You'll never leave this tragic town
    For a city
    As all it will offer is a gold's mine.
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #pod #writerstolli

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    This town


  • musings21 13w

    Happiness seems to awake our senses in many ways, like a delighted child feeling the heavy rain drops, dripping carefully like the blooming of a flower at midnight.

    Untill two clouds are hit rumbling down streaks of envisioned fire, the peace falters and the storms arrives through the crevices of nature we still haven't found, but desire.

    We slowly crawl out of our comfortable beds to peek through the window, to witness the scattering of a thousand leaves gathered, now swimming through the small streams they've made, canoeing through rocks despite the difficulty they've now faced.

    Then we lie face down, bringing our knees to our chests feeling the thud, thinking about all the sorrows in depth
    Consuming ourselves with thoughts ,plunging our happy days to debt.

    How many times have we regreted the thought of our inability to do what our heart wants to, rather we blindly let it off without searching for a path we crave?

    The wind hustle by and crawls beneath the walls, echoes trembles yet we'd rather forget than try untill our hands feel raw.

    Trust, we have none on ourselves.
    How would we believe in a sunrise untill we'd try hard and wake up for it.

    How carelessly we expect of the things, we don't put our hearts at.

    Slowly, when we shall pave the clouds, cluttered on the path we're unaware of, it is then the sun shall glitter bright
    And the storm shall reside within the creaks of broken windows
    Untill the next time we face a plight
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #pod

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    Untill you try


  • musings21 14w

    Something within me is dead
    The soul that once dwelled
    Has struck down a knife
    And created an utter mess
    My mind's blank
    Neither the shadows rhyme
    There's a plot for a crime
    But no target in mind
    I'm clouded in here
    A thick forest of fog
    Clouding my thoughts
    I've being hopless now
    After an endless number of ealks
    I'm trying to figure
    To where have these words withered
    I'm trying so hard
    That my head and heart beg to differe
    I'd raise my pen above
    Every now and then
    But this stubbornness of words
    Just wouldn't listen
    But it's not something new I've heard
    It's a writer's block
    That strips your tongue of syllables
    Mind of rhythms
    Heart with no beat
    Tears fron eyes none the world can see
    It's just a loss of words for the obe's who ain't artists but mere spectators
    But for artists
    For the most of us
    It's like being choked
    In the hallowness of something
    We've neither seen
    Nor heard
    #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #mirakeeworld

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    Writers block


  • musings21 14w

    Stringed puppets
    Walks of perfection you see
    Fake smiles
    Dreading too many dreams
    But silently doesn't your mind scream?

    Aren't you oppressed
    By laws and non-acceptance of flaws
    how you're moulded by evil claws
    How they carve you,
    Make you,
    Force you,
    To portray as a shadow of yet another mistake
    Yet they call it perfection
    And we gaze in awe?

    Clamped voices
    Rumours as strange noises
    Bravery deemed as shame
    Hardwork put in vain

    They suppress you in a box
    And bound you within limits
    Because out of the box here
    Is called a mere hoax

    Ruining revelations, realisations
    In the name of god
    Society has choked us now
    Chained us
    With strings
    With all they want

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writernetwork

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  • musings21 14w

    This is not a poem
    About the hands ticking in the clock
    But hands touching you inappropriately at the bus stop
    This is not a poem
    About love at first sight
    But how you almost choked with anxiety
    And cried last night
    This is not a poem
    About a girl's or a woman's right
    But about how each of us have rights
    Rights we've being blinded from
    The ones under authority
    Slipping lies like,
    This money ain't black but white
    This is not a poem
    Where loneliness is a feeling I crave
    This is a poem where loneliness is a space
    Where I need to be brave
    I need to be brave in odd streets
    Past seven
    Slight carelessness could mark my soul
    In hell or heaven
    That's what you decide
    This is not a poem
    Where I shut my eyes
    To see nightmares
    This is a poem
    Where I fear them open eyed
    And they challenge me to dare
    By they I mean the society
    If you're confused
    Fetch a dictionary or google it
    Sink it, chew it and maybe swallow it
    And don't tell me
    Judging it wasn't fair
    This is not a poem
    Of a perfectly configured society
    And can such a thing exist
    when the perfect gas law in chemistry
    Is yet still a hypothesis?
    But this is a poem
    Of living upto all our differences
    This is not a poem
    About me, him or her
    This is a poem about you
    being you
    This is not a poem
    This is reality
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod

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