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  • musingsatnight 8h

    She saw me and I was bare,all the hidden secrets of my soul flung out in the space and hung between us.

  • musingsatnight 1w


    Humare andar ek behrubiya hai
    Behrubia jo bahar nikal ke
    chupke se chale Jana chahta hai
    Par behrubiya Jo nikal aye
    To andar chuppi sachai ko bhi dar rehta hai
    Wo mil sakti hai Kya apne aap se kabhi
    Behrubiye ke bina to woh apne aap ko
    Ek jism jaisa mehsoos karne lagti hai
    Jism Kapde ke Bina
    Kya wo kabhi bhi tayaar hogi behrubiye
    Ko apne aap se alag karne ke liye
    Is se main sochta hun buri aadaton ka apna fayda hota hai
    Sachai saans le pa rhi hai
    Bina behrubiye ke toh shayad usse maut hin munasif hoti

  • musingsatnight 7w

    If only death alone feels like death, you can call it a good life

  • musingsatnight 9w

    Why not make the most of now than the promise of a future, of a thing that may not arrive?

  • musingsatnight 10w

    It's sad how sometimes a stranger you meet for the first time knows more about you than people who have known you for years.

  • musingsatnight 10w

    When people are themselves, they're usually weird and when they're weird, it allows you room to be weirdly you too.

  • musingsatnight 11w

    This is not the only place where you and I can exist together,nor are those other cities and towns. We will meet somewhere without boundaries, without bodies in dreams and awakenings.

  • musingsatnight 11w

    "Why don't I go into a deep sleep if I'm going to lose everybody I meet?", she asked.

    Even if you lose them, you will always have their memories. That's why you mustn't sleep.

  • musingsatnight 11w

    She sat with her book while the sun colored the sky autumn between the palm trees.

  • musingsatnight 12w

    I could spend all my days reading words that I might never be able to say in the same way.