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  • mwaniyaa 2w


    As your breasts,
    Touched the wall.
    I could feel the intense ,
    Heartbeat of your soul.
    As we kissed,
    Through out the night.
    I could feel your warm orgasm,
    On my face.
    Breast on breast,
    Her on her.
    As the daybreak begun,
    You run to act as if things were normal

  • mwaniyaa 2w


    Obsessed with her love,
    Caressed by her arms.
    Take me by your hands,
    And tell me the sweet words.
    I know you are not enough,
    But I will share you to myself.
    When I'm wrong ,
    Just give me msamaha.

  • mwaniyaa 2w


    Taste of blood,
    In my heart.
    An open crack,
    Passing down..
    Hiding care,
    And fvcking love.
    Tried to bind,
    But it keeps to fight.
    Sweeter words ,
    Make matters worse.

  • mwaniyaa 2w

    :( –––––(:

    As I drowned ,
    I saw light.
    Like a star,
    It just shined.
    Breaking out ,
    In the wild
    All I felt,
    Was bitter sounds.
    All around ,
    Moving up.
    To my spine ,
    Down my heart.

  • mwaniyaa 2w


    Empty hearts,
    Make the most heartbreaks.
    Lonely enough,
    To imagine madness.
    Cried enough,
    Till my tears filled my bathtub.
    Broke my heart,
    Shattered my source of pureness.
    Then you send ,
    Me pics with your new friend

  • mwaniyaa 2w

    Heist broken

    As the clock ticked,
    I knew the time had come.
    Our love had clogged,
    Our souls to one.
    With all the money,
    I couldn't buy you.
    And with all the gold ,
    You couldn't fight me.
    As we held our lasts,
    I knew it was our last.
    To cities we would go,
    But only to hell we could reach

  • mwaniyaa 2w

    Heart break

    And suddenly ,
    It became a reality

  • mwaniyaa 2w


    You enclosed your heart with pain,
    Which ended up to your brain

  • mwaniyaa 2w


    What I'm I to you,
    A ball to press.
    When you heart gets stressed,
    Baby I'm in disgrace,
    With your problems on my face.
    Took a shower to relive
    All the trauma that's within.
    Fire I just feel ,
    With desire for more peace .
    Sorry I'm saying this,
    But your heart is just grilled.

  • mwaniyaa 2w

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    Thank you all of you