Words are small. Deeds are giant

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  • mwebaze 2d

    Emotions always serve a purpose. Don't confuse yourself.

  • mwebaze 2d

    In the end, it was all for nothing...

  • mwebaze 5d

    At times you'll feel like taking a leave into a lonely box

  • mwebaze 5d

    Does it really matter?

  • mwebaze 5d

    We could all be better people...

  • mwebaze 1w

    Just begin..

  • mwebaze 1w

    There's a certain being always there to guide you through tough decisions. All you have to do is listen, listen closely, and follow the path.

  • mwebaze 2w

    What is this feeling that makes me so protective of her?

    I don't know how best to describe it, the feeling inside, the need to love her more and more every single day. It's just one of those deep feelings you can't describe to people. She looks so peaceful while sleeping, and I can't help but think, how lucky am I?

  • mwebaze 9w

    Save my soul

  • mwebaze 10w

    Do you ever stop to realize what's in your head is just in your head, no one else's but your head? Maybe if we all stopped thinking for others we'd have a better shot at understanding rather than wrong conclusions.