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  • my_ardour 1d

    Ishq khuda ka, samandar sa gehra,
    Fir bhi sare rooh hai pyase.

  • my_ardour 1w


    Zindagi, tum kavi itni buri to na thi
    Khwahishen kavi itni chubhti na thi
    Kyun rulate hai log in aankhon ko, jinme
    Khushi se aansu avi tak aai na thi

    Muskurae the jo chehre kavi,
    Aaj mukar jaate hai.
    Matlab se matlabiyon me mil jate hai
    Rachte hai, gadhhte hai kai baat ye
    Uthaun jo sir mai, aakar jhuka jate hai

    Zindagi tum kavi itni buri to na thi
    Baatein apni mai chupati nahi thi
    Aaj darti hun, logon se, unke imaan se
    Bik na jaun unki hathon se .Apni kimat ,
    kamjori, apni sharafat mai chupa leti hun

    Aega wo din meri zindagi me
    Karib rahungi jab mai apni khushiyon ke
    Halki raushni me, bhara hoga kamra mera
    Safeed log ,pile gulaab aur mithi khushbo se

  • my_ardour 1w

    Parinda mai apne jahan ki
    Kavi kavi khwahishon si lagti hun.

  • my_ardour 2w


    Jure hai kuch rishton se hum
    Kuch rishton se uljhe pade hai.
    Kuch rishton ko "na jane kab chhute"
    To kuch ko "na jaane kab kaam aa jae" Keh ke pukaarte hai
    Kuch rishton me keh ke,
    Kuch rishton ko seh ke chalate hai
    Kuch apni imaan se saste
    To kuch ko nibhane me imaan kho rhe
    Kuch rishte galtiyaan bhula kar bane
    Kuch bane maidan me ladd jhagar kar
    Kuch rishte sabhi mushkile asaan kar dete
    To kuch jeena hi mushkil kar de.
    Na chunn sakte ,na todd sake jo rishton ko hum
    "Safar lamba hai", keh kar inka hath thaam lete

  • my_ardour 10w

    Attention seekers!

    Let them judge you. Let them gossip about you. Let them misunderstand you.
    Shits happen everyday with everyone.
    It's good to tell people about your life, your struggles, your goals, your happiness.
    But stop telling people about your pain, stop telling them more than they need to know.
    Because there are people suffering from ASCD.
    They want attention, any attention they can get.
    They tell your secrets to get attention.
    They make your joke to get attention.
    They take your name to get attention.
    They talk about your sufferings to get attention.
    Dont feed them ! They can't survive without it
    Because they don't know the path you have come through.
    They don't know how tangled your life was to get through.
    And it's easier for them to judge you then to believe in you.

  • my_ardour 11w

    I heard raindrops falling in the green grass
    I heard the bell ringing from afar
    But I did not hear your voice
    Calling my name earnestly
    When i fall in love with you?
    I still don't understand my feelings.
    Only after you left, I feel that you are engraved in my heart deeply.
    Perhaps that time I was too busy smiling and crying.
    And too busy chasing those shooting stars in the sky.
    And now it turns out , as you are the fortune that I want to keep the most.
    As it turns out , we once came so close to being in love.
    Perhaps, I should be happy that I met you
    Or should I cry for not having you.

  • my_ardour 11w

    तरे यादों के तलाश में मैं यहाँ आ गई,
    चमकता सूरज है जहाँ मगर मेरी परछाई नहीं.

  • my_ardour 13w

    Koi purani tasveer, koi purani khat.
    Tanhaiyon me ki gai koi purani baat.
    Kuch to, kavi to
    Use bhi meri yaad dilati hogi.

  • my_ardour 15w

    How many times have you stood up after failure?
    How many times have you looked for uncertain directions?
    How many times have you loved yourself when everyone had got a shot on you?
    How many failures does it take to learn how to stay strong?
    It takes a little.
    A little means every falling leaves will bring spring.
    A little means every raindrop has a rainbow.
    A little means every dark cloud will fade.
    A little means every mediocre will shine bright.
    A little means every loser will start again with no fear
    Your dream belongs to yourself,
    As long as you are doing it and keep on
    No matter how lofty it is, you can achieve it.
    You are the first one to believe in your dreams
    And keep pushing yourself towards it.
    Because it's your dream, you have seen it.
    Don't let people tell you what kind of dreams to have.
    Remember, you are only judged by two people.
    A woman who is jealous of you and a man who cannot be like you.
    Love yourself.

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  • my_ardour 16w

    There i was, holding on truths and rights
    Denying their cast, leaving all fights
    People used to judge me & not believing me
    But i was on my way caz' I was dead right
    And today I died maintaining my rights,
    But i m just dead as if I was not right.